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Best Slow Motion Camera

Slow motion recording technology has evolved greatly. You can now buy a range of cameras that can record slow motion, and even super slow motion footage. Some smartphones can also record small snippets of slow motion! In this guide, we delve into this type of videography and show to you the best slow motion camera.

If you want to experiment with this type of video recording, you need a suitable camera. Not all cameras have slow motion capabilities. Also, different cameras have different degrees of slow motion functionality.

If this all sounds confusing, fear not – we have gathered 10 slow motion cameras for your benefit. This includes basic models for beginners, action cameras, and some high-end DSLR models for professional usage.

To give you a broad spectrum of choice, we have listed 10 of the best slow motion camera models. This includes small portable action cameras, simple point and shoot devices, and multi-functional DSLR/mirrorless cameras.

1. Canon EOS R5

Canon’s Best Slo-Mo Camera

Canon’s new flagship mirrorless full-frame camera and has some of the best video recording capabilities available.


  • Camera resolution – 45MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 8K HD
  • Slow Motion – 4K at 120fps
  • Size – 138.5×97.5x88mm
  • Weight – 650g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Canon EOS R5 is Canon’s new flagship mirrorless full-frame camera and has some of the best video recording capabilities available. It can record video at 8K and has one of the most advanced autofocus systems to date. This includes automatic real-time tracking for animals and eyes.

This is the best slow motion camera model that Canon has. The quality of the footage you can achieve is phenomenal. Combined with the autofocus system, and the range of L-series RF lenses, and you have a serious piece of kit for professional slow motion recording.

The downside is that this is a pro-level camera and would have a steep learning curve for beginners. It also has a hefty pro-grade price tag for the body only – not including a Canon lens.

Brilliant slow motion recording quality
45MP CMOS sensor
Excellent autofocus system
Could overheat when recording 8K

2. Sony a7R III

A High-Quality Mirrorless Camera

The Sony a7R III is an elite camera with great slow motion capabilities


  • Camera resolution – 42.4MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps
  • Size – 126.9×95.6×73.7mm
  • Weight – 657g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Sony aR7 III is a pro-level full-frame DSLR that performs well in multiple areas. It has an impressive 42.4MP image sensor. It also has a high-level autofocus system like the Canon EOS R5 complete with animal eye-tracking and other useful settings.

This camera looks fantastic and offers great control for advanced users. For low light video and photography, it also has a maximum ISO of 32,000. Its slow motion capabilities are also great, and it can record 4K at 30fps, and 1080p at 120fps. This gives you improved control over movie speed.

Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera: 42.4MP Full Frame High Resolution Interchangeable...
Sony a7R III

To improve your slow motion recording, it also has image stabilization. This is quite advanced, and it has 5-axis optical in-body stabilization. The IS compensates for up to 5.5 stops of camera shake.

Powerful CMOS sensor and image processor
Brilliant autofocus system
Quite heavy and bulky
Limited slow motion capabilities at 4K

Check out the Sony a7R III on Amazon

3. GoPro HERO8 Black

The best action camera for slow mo

The HERO8 remains a fantastic action camera with good slow mo features


  • Camera resolution – 12MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 60fps, 1440p at 120fps
  • Size – 66.3×48.6×28.4mm
  • Weight – 126g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

GoPro produce some of the best action cameras in the world. The GoPro HERO8 BLACK is also one of the best slow motion camera models available, too. This incredibly compact action camera is robust and well-built, it can also be housed in a waterproof casing for slow motion underwater footage.

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP...

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For slow motion footage, it has various options including a maximum of 120fps at 1440p. To improve the quality of the slow motion recordings, it also has HyperSmooth 2.0 image stabilization. This means your videos will be smooth, even if you are doing high-intensity activity, like extreme sports. You can also create smooth video transitions using the TimeWarp 2.0 feature.

Built-in image stabilization for smooth video
TimeWarp 2.0 for fluid speed transitions
Only has a 12MP resolution camera
Not the best autofocusing system

4. Insta360 ONE X Action Camera

A great action camera for no-fuss slow motion video


  • Camera resolution – 18MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 5.7K HD
  • Slow Motion – 4k at 50fps, 3k at 100fps
  • Size – 115x48x28mm
  • Weight – 115g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Insta360 One X has brought a new spin on action cameras and has some innovative technology. It is incredibly small and lightweight and makes a great device for capturing slow motion action footage of extreme sports like mountain biking and snowboarding.

Insta360 ONE X Action Camera 360 Degree 5.7K 18MP Stabilization Real Time WiFi...
Insta360 ONE X

It can record limited 4K slow motion footage at 50fps, but it really shines at 3k where you can record footage at 100fps. The video footage can be edited using the companion app, and you can also automatically remove items like a selfie stick from your recordings.

We also like the TimeShift feature – this allows you to adjust video speeds in sections. For example, you can have one section at normal speed, whilst another section is reduced to slow motion. This gives excellent creative possibilities for the video-making process.

Compact and lightweight design
Has a host of useful shooting modes
Limited control over slow motion settings

Check the latest GoPro HERO8 Black Prices

5. DJI Osmo Action

A top action camera for slow motion sports video


  • Camera resolution – 12MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 1080p at 120fps and 240fps
  • Size – 65x42x35mm
  • Weight – 124g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The DJI Osmo Action is another great compact action camera with slow motion capabilities. DJI is best known for its drones, but the Osmo Action is a surprisingly good find. The 4K video recording quality is excellent, and the Osmo Action also has a decent host of features to make the video recording process easier.

DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera with 2 Displays 36ft Underwater...
DJI Osmo Action

It is also robust and is waterproof up to 11m. Also, the actual lens element and internal elements are protected by three thick layers of protective casing. For slow motion recording, it has an auto 8x slow motion feature, but it can also record at 1080p at 120fps and 240fps for super slow motion. For improved quality, it also has “Rock Steady” image stabilization which helps keep your slow motion footage smooth.

Rock Steady image stabilization
Incredibly durable and weather-resistant
Doesn’t have a fantastic autofocus system
Only has a limited recording time for 4K movies

Check the latest DJI Osmo Action Prices on Amazon

6. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

A decent point and shoot camera with DSLR-like features


  • Camera resolution – 20.1MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 1080p at 120fps
  • Size – 105.5×60.9×41.4mm
  • Weight – 304g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The G7X MKIII is a top model within the Canon PowerShot range and has an excellent set of features. For slow motion, it has various recording options including 120, 60, and 50fps at 1080p HD recording quality. This is complemented by the powerful 20.1MP CMOS image sensor and the DIGIC 8 processor.

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Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III Digital 4K Vlogging Camera, Vertical 4K Video Support...
Canon PowerShot G7X MKIII

Aside from features, this camera also has a decent design and is ergonomic to use. It is built like a traditional DSLR but is much smaller and lighter. It has a high-quality lens with a 4.2x optical zoom and an equivalent focal distance of 24-100mm.

Has a good selection of slow motion recording settings
Easy to use and has an ergonomic design
Only has the DIGIC 8 image processor

Check out the Canon PowerShot G7X MKIII on Amazon

7. Sony Alpha a6400

One of the best Sony cameras for slow motion videov


  • Camera resolution – 24.2MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 1080p at 120fps
  • Size – 120×66.9×59.7mm
  • Weight – 403g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Sony Alpha series of cameras is a reliable range and has some solid models for shooting video, like the a6400. This mid-range camera has a sleek and stylish design. It has a solid 24.2MP image processor and can record videos at 4K. You can also capture video at 120fps at 1080p. It cannot record 4K slow motion, but the 1080p slow motion quality is still excellent.

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera: Compact APS-C Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera...
Sony A6400

To improve the video quality, it has a good ISO range of 100-32,000 and an Exmor image processor. It also has an advanced autofocus system so you can quickly focus on moving objects whilst recording. The AF system also includes real-time tracking.

To provide greater control and flexibility, the camera also has a rotatable LCD touchscreen. It is also compatible with the wide range of Sony E-Mount lenses. This is one of the best slow motion camera models and could be suitable for hobbyists or professionals.

Advanced autofocus tracking
Has a good ISO range for low light recording
180-degree rotatable LCD touchscreen
No in-camera image stabilization

Check out the latest Sony A6400 Prices

8. Panasonic LUMIX GH5

A powerful DSLR with decent video recording functions


  • Camera resolution – 20.3MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 4K at 60p, 1080p at 60p
  • Size – 138.5×98.1×87.4mm
  • Weight – 725g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a powerful camera with excellent video recording capabilities. It has a 20.3MP CMOS sensor and can record full 4K videos. It is also capable of recording 4K at 60fps which gives decent slow motion footage.

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K Digital Camera, 20.3 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera with Digital...
Panasonic GH5

While this may not compare to some of the other cameras on this list, it is still a powerful device. You will easily be able to record and process slow motion footage. It also has a micro four-thirds lens mount so you can use a good selection of Panasonic and third-party lenses.

For usability, the Panasonic GH5 has image stabilization which corrects for up to 5-stops of camera shake. It also has a decent autofocus system, and WiFi connectivity.

Can record slow motion footage in 4K
In-camera image stabilization
Is the heaviest camera on this list

Check out the Panasonic GH5 on Amazon

9. Sony ZV-1

The best slow motion camera for travel


  • Camera resolution – 20.1MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 1080p at 120fps
  • Size – 105.5×60.9×41.4mm
  • Weight – 304g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Sony ZV-1 is the best slow motion camera for vlogging. It is incredibly small and lightweight and has a simple design.

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera for Content Creators, Vlogging and YouTube with Flip Screen,...
Sony ZV-1

For usability, it has an LCD touchscreen that can be rotated backward so you can easily record selfie footage or watch your recordings live. It has a simple menu that allows you to quickly change the slow motion settings. For slow motion recording, it has a diverse range of qualities including 1080p at 120fps.

If you want a portable camera for vlogging and primarily for video recording, the Sony ZV-1 is a great choice.

Has a small and lightweight design
Good control over slow motion settings
No 4K slow motion capabilities

Check out the latest Sony ZV-1 Price

10. Nikon COOLPIX P1000

A decent slow motion camera for beginners


  • Camera resolution – 16.0MP
  • Video resolution – Up to 4K HD
  • Slow Motion – 1080p at 50fps, 720p at 60fps
  • Size – 146.3×118.8×181.3mm
  • Weight – 1415g

Why Is This a Great Slow Motion Camera?

The Nikon COOLPIX P1000 is a decent camera that is a good option for beginners. It has a DSLR design, but as it is a COOLPIX camera, it still has relatively basic features.

Nikon COOLPIX P1000 16.7 Digital Camera with 3.2' LCD, Black
Nikon COOLPIX P1000

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For video recording, it can record slow motion at 50fps for both 1080p HD and 720p HD. It also has a powerful lens that features a 125x optical zoom.

Has a decent range of slow motion settings
Relatively easy to use for beginners
Not the best autofocus system
Incredibly heavy and bulky

Check out the Nikon COOLPIX P1000 on Amazon

What to Look for When Choosing a Slow Motion Camera

Now that we have covered the best slow motion camera options, uou should now have a clear idea of the different types of cameras available. You should also be clear on the features they have and the expected price range. But how do you choose the best slow motion camera?

It can be difficult to know which camera is suitable for you. We understand this. To help, we have created a buying guide. This includes important features you should look for when choosing a slow motion camera:


First and foremost, what framerates can the camera record at? Cameras record footage at a set fps (frames per second). The standard fps a camera records at is 24fps. Slow motion footage is recorded at higher framerates like 60fps, 120fps, 240fps. It is then slowed-down afterward to a standard framerate like 24fps or 30fps, creating the slow motion effect.

Check the maximum framerate the camera can record at. This will dictate the degree of slow motion you can capture.

Video Resolution and Bit Rate at Different Framerates

The basic framerate is not the only quality consideration. You should also check the resolution and the bit rate. These have a large impact on the overall quality of the slow motion footage.

For example, a camera may offer 120fps recording, but only at 1080p. Whereas another camera could offer 120fps at 4K. Obviously, these cameras have the same framerate, but the latter offers a better overall quality slow-mo resolution.

Similarly, a camera may offer 120fps at 4K, at 60 Mb/s. Another camera could offer 120fps at 4K, but at 100 Mb/s. These specs look incredibly similar, but the second camera has a better bit rate at 100 Mb/s. This means the video quality would be slightly better.

Ease of Use for Slow Motion Recording

The basic ergonomics of the camera are also important. It should be easy to use with a versatile LCD screen. Ideally, the LCD screen should have a swivel and tilt feature. This is so you can position it to watch as you record.

It should also have clear controls for slow motion, and a dedicated menu for the slow motion settings. The ease of use also depends on your level of confidence and skill with a camera.

Crop Factor at Different Framerates

You should also consider any crop-factors involved at the different framerates. There is first the crop-factor of the camera’s sensor.

In addition to this, different cameras may apply different crop factors to different framerates. This depends on the camera’s capabilities. It is important to understand the exact slow motion settings so you can determine what your end footage will look like.

Built-in Slow Motion Shooting Modes

Lastly, you should also look at how the camera records slow motion. Different cameras have different options. Some cameras have built-in slow motion modes. These record at a higher framerate, and then convert to a slow motion speed within the camera. This is better if you are not as experienced at using video editing software.

Alternatively, some cameras give you greater control. In these instances, you may simply get to choose the framerate setting like 60fps, or 120fps. You would then convert the video file afterward in editing software. This is preferable if you want greater control. You can then choose how you slow-down the file and what end-result you create.

Take Your Video Skills to the Next Level With the Best Slow Motion Camera

We hope you have found this guide beneficial. Slow motion photography is so much fun to create, and it can help push your video-making skills to new heights. You can incorporate slow motion footage in various ways, and it provides a host of new creative possibilities.

This is why choosing the best slow motion camera is important. A quality camera from the above list with slow motion capabilities will improve the quality of the footage you can capture.


Which is better – 120fps or 240fps?

120fps and 240fps both have their uses, and both provide excellent slow motion footage. 240fps should be used for things that move incredibly fast like water splashes, fast-paced sports, or fast-moving wildlife. 120fps is not as adept at shooting these ultra-fast moving objects, but can still be used for general sports, pets, and people movement, etc.

What is the maximum fps the human eye can see?

There is contention on this subject, but it is commonly agreed that 60fps is the maximum the naked human eye is capable of seeing in real-time.

How do you shoot slow motion on a camera?

Some cameras have built-in slow motion shooting modes which are simple to use. Others may have more advanced slow motion control where you can choose the fps setting such as 60fps, 120fps, or 240fps.

How much does a slow motion camera cost?

This depends on the slow motion capabilities you want. You can get a relatively cheap action camera with slow-mo capabilities like the GoPro HERO 8 Black for around $400. Alternatively, you can spend thousands on expensive DSLR or mirrorless cameras like the Canon EOS R5 if you want ultimate performance.

What is the best fps for slow motion?

60fps, 120fps, and 240fps are the common settings used for slow motion footage. Each of these recording rates can then be slowed down afterward to 24fps or 30fps to create that fluid slow motion video.

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