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The Focus in Photography Course: Overview

Do you want to capture consistently sharp images?

Then you must master focusing.

But while focusing may seem complex to beginners, it’s actually pretty easy–once you get the hang of a few basic concepts. 

In this course, you’ll discover everything you need to know about focusing. In 12 lessons, you’ll learn:

  • What focusing is and how it works
  • When it makes sense to use autofocus and when you should choose to use manual
  • How to choose the perfect autofocus mode for a high success rate
  • The power of back-button autofocus
  • The importance of hyperfocal distance (it’s not as complex as it sounds!)
  • And so much more!

So if you’re ready to take your focusing skills to the next level, this is the course for you.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with intermediate-level camera focusing. If you’re not sure of the difference between autofocus modes and autofocus area modes, if you don’t know how to calculate hyperfocal distance in under five seconds, or if you’re not sure what zone focusing is and how it can help your photography, then this course is for you. I don’t assume any prior photography knowledge–but even if you already know the basics, you’ll learn a lot.

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Learning Path

Discover everything you need to know about autofocus modes, including back-button AF, AF-ON, and AF area modes.

LESSON 1: Autofocus Modes

What is manual focus mode? How should you use it in your photography? Discover the times when you should use autofocusing for sharp images.

LESSON 2: Manual Focus Mode

Discover the difference between manual focus vs autofocus–and when it makes sense to focus manually versus automatically.

LESSON 3: Manual Focus Vs Autofocus

What is depth of field, and why does it matter? Discover everything you need to know about DOF–and how it can enhance your images.

LESSON 4: Depth of Field

Discover everything you need to know about camera focus points–including the different settings you need to control them.

LESSON 5: Camera Focus Points

Discover everything you need to know about hyperfocal distance–including how to calculate it, as well as how to use it for stunning photos.

LESSON 6: What Is Hyperfocal Distance?

Discover the secret to consistently capturing sharp photos, even without focusing. Zone focusing is a great technique for all photographers!

LESSON 7: Zone Focusing

What’s the difference between phase detection vs contrast detection autofocus? Discover everything you need to know!

LESSON 8: Phase Detection vs Contrast Detection

Discover how to read lens MTF charts in this comprehensive guide. Find out what they test, and whether they actually matter for lenses!

LESSON 9: Lens MTF Charts

Discover everything you need to know about tilt-shift lenses. Find out which photographers require a tilt-shift lens, and why!

LESSON 10: Tilt-Shift Lens

Focus peaking is very useful for many photographers. Discover what it is and how it works–so you can capture sharp photos all the time!

LESSON 11: Focus Peaking

Do you want to know how to do focus bracketing for perfectly sharp images? Discover everything you need to know to maximize depth of field.

LESSON 12: Focus Bracketing and Focus Stacking

Are You Ready to Master Focus in Your Photography?

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