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Adobe Lightroom is one of the more popular photo editing applications and is often considered as the enthusiast’s choice for processing and retouching their images. We are referring to the Classic version of Lightroom CC and not the Cloud version. The professional’s choice is Photoshop.

Lightroom is a dual purpose application. Besides photo editing, it also works as a photo organizer. You can create collections and organize your photos. In as much as post-processing is concerned, you can do light to semi-intensive adjustments.

There are a bunch of global adjustments and a few local adjustment options. Presets take the functionality of Lightroom a step forward. Presets are designed to quicken up post-processing chores which, especially when you have to do repetitive tasks for a batch of photos.

Lightroom’s photo organizing prowess, however, is not excellent and there are some better solutions for it. E.g. you can check out the article covering the best Lightroom alternatives.

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