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If you are a photography beginner, you must read:

Also, make sure to browse the content below covering tips and tricks for beginning photographers. If you are looking for new year jump over to our photography beginner gear review section.

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Your First DSLR: What to Consider When Making Your DSLR Purchase

When picking your first DSLR there are many factors to consider. We've produced a useful guide to help you pick the right DSLR for your needs.

9 Dog Photography Tips To Shoot Pawfect Pics Every Time

dog photography tips Everyone wants an awesome picture of their furry friends, but the task is more challenging than...
Master aperture priority - flowers

Master Aperture Priority To Take Your Photography To The Next Level

Aperture priority mode on a DSLR camera is a superb setting that gives you great control. Using aperture priority mode you can control the depth of field of a photo, but also inversely the shutter speed too. Aside from full manual mode, aperture priority is one of the best DSLR camera settings to choose. Using this setting you can create superb photos with varying depths of field - this can create some fantastic end results and professional looking shots.

15 Photography Lessons for Kids

15 photography lessons for kids In today’s modern world, it is difficult to teach your children new skills. It...

How to Capture Sharp Images: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to capture sharp images every single time you take out your camera? You can.

How to Plan a Photoshoot

Whether you're shooting a professional campaign, wedding, or a personal project, knowing how to plan a photoshoot is essential. Being fully prepared...

Triptych Photography Ideas

Triptych Photography Ideas Triptych photography is a great way of showcasing multiple photos or even adding a creative touch...
photography tips for beginners - featured image: dog photo

20 Tips for Photography Beginners

How do you capture stunning photos? Discover the secrets to amazing photography with these 20 photography tips for beginners!
how to take memorial pictures holocaust memorial stones

How To Photograph Memorials – Useful Tips, Tricks, and Considerations

Memorials are structures that commemorate a certain event or action. War memorials, for example, commemorate those who lost their lives during particular battles or war theatres. Photographing these places can be extremely tricky – there are many considerations to look at. In this guide, we provide information on how to photograph memorials including composition, respect, and post-processing.

Autumn Photography Ideas and Tips

autumn photography tips and ideas Fall is just around the corner, which makes it the perfect time for some...

Smartphone Photography Composition: A Guide to Stunning Photos

Discover the secrets to gorgeous smartphone compositions! Capture amazing smartphone photography compositions, instantly.

The Best Photography Courses in 2019: The Ultimate Guide

What's the best photography courses in 2019? Discover the perfect photography course for your needs: beginner, expert, or post-processing.
shot of girl jumping

How to Shoot Sharp Portraits: A Step-By-Step Guide

Discover how to shoot sharp portraits! Includes step-by-step walkthroughs. Learn to never take a blurry portrait again!

Macro Photography Lighting: How to Take Your Macro Photos to the...

In this article, you’re going to discover the secrets to macro photography lighting. You’ll come away with the ability to get photos like this: And this: Because...
black and white photography

Black And White Photography Tips (With Inspiring Images)

The top 5 tips you need to know for creating better black and white photography along with images to inspire your work.
poppy abstract macro

20 Macro Photography Ideas for Stunning Photos (Right Now!)

Do you need some macro photography ideas? Discover 20 amazing macro ideas that you can shoot today! You're guaranteed to be inspired.
Golden Hour Autmn Directional Natural Light

The Golden Ratio in Photography

Understanding the golden ratio in photography and how it can achieved through utilzing the tools of the Fibonacci spiral and Phi Grid.
Portrait Photography Tips

Stunning Portrait Photography: The Ultimate Guide (in 2019)

Do you want to capture stunning portrait photography? Discover tips, tricks, and secrets for amazing portrait photos (in 2019). Your portrait photos will never be the same again.
Getting Started with Photography

How to Get into Photography and Start a Career

How to get started in the photography industry including which camera you should purchase, where you can learn and grow as a photographer and which career path is most suitable for you.
Best DSLR Cameras under $1000

Best Canon DSLR Camera under $1,000

Here are the top 5 Canon DSLRs under $1,000 in 2019: Find out which DSLR is right for you & compare the best entry-level DSLRs ($300-$1,000).
20 Ways to Become a Better Photographer

20 Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Ever wonder what goes into becoming a better photographer? Of course, the answer varies between individuals, as each photographer has strong points and weak points....
FroKnowsPhoto Guide of Getting out of Auto makes Photographers happy!

A Review of the Complete FroKnowsPhoto 3-Hour Video Guide

Getting Out of the DSLR Auto Mode: the FroKnowsPhoto Guide Makes it Easy Beginner photographers have a difficult time trying to negotiate the steps to...