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The term HDR is the short form for High Dynamic Range. It refers to images which have a much wider number of stops between pure black and pure white (the extreme points where there is no discernable detail left).

Usually, it is difficult for a single frame to achieve that, especially in a mixed lighting situation. Photographers use different techniques to incorporate that in their photos. One of the techniques is to blend multiple exposures into one.

Bracketing (or auto exposure bracketing) is a technique that is used for that. Multiple exposures (a minimum of two) are taken of the shot. Each one a stop or more (sometimes less) different in terms of exposure. Usually, these exposures are one for the highlights, one for the shadows and one for the mid-tones.

The exposures are then blended together in some photo editing application (e.g. Photomatix Pro or Aurora HDR) to produce a single image with a wider dynamic range than any single image can produce.

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HDRtist edited image

HDRtist Review: What We Thought of Ohanaware’s HDR Software

HDR editing is becoming increasingly popular, and with dedicated HDR software on the market, you might be considering investing in some of the software. HDRtist is Ohanaware’s specialist HDR software and today, we’re going to put it to the test to give you an HDRtist review! HDRtist Review: Some Important Things to Note As a

Photo RAW 2020 by ON1

ON1 Review: The Latest Photo RAW 2020 Release (Plus: 20% OFF)

In this On1 Photo Raw Review, our contributor and photographer Paul Skidmore reviews the new features of the On1 Photo Editor and looks at the upcoming On1 photo RAW 2019. See sample images, screenshots, get a free trial and if you like to buy the software we got an exclusive 20% off with coupon code “PHOTOWORKOUT” for you!

how to take memorial pictures holocaust memorial stones

How To Photograph Memorials – Useful Tips, Tricks, and Considerations

Memorials are structures that commemorate a certain event or action. War memorials, for example, commemorate those who lost their lives during particular battles or war theatres. Photographing these places can be extremely tricky – there are many considerations to look at. In this guide, we provide information on how to photograph memorials including composition, respect, and post-processing.

HDR Batched Processed Image with Photomatix and the New Lightroom Plugin by HDRSoft

HDR Batch Plugin by HDRSoft

Back in May 2019, HDRsoft released the new Photomatix HDR Batch Plugin for Lightroom. This Lightroom plugin automates High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing of bracketed photos in Adobe Lightroom, with the ability to preview the HDR effect. The plugin lets users merge multiple stacks of bracketed exposures, and process them with HDR presets in a

Aurora HDR 2019 vs Photomatix Pro 6.1 - Aurora HDR Layout

Aurora HDR vs Photomatix Pro 6.1

Aurora HDR 2019 and Photomatix Pro 6.1 are two of the main HDR processing programs available on the market today. We take a close comparative look at these two pieces of software and see what they both have to offer.

aurora hdr review

Aurora HDR 2019 Review

In the latest Aurora HDR 2019 review (November 2019), we examine this HDR editor in detail, as well as the latest features, including new filters and presets.

Real Estate Photo - Get Natural Looking Real Estate Photos

How to get Natural Looking Interior Photos

Read our latest tips on how to get natural looking real estate photos by taking multiple photos (with different exposure) and then merging them with the Photomatix HDR software. Plus, get 15% off on the latest Photomatix Pro version with our coupon code “PHOTOWORKOUT”.

Comparing the best cameras for HDR Photography.

Best HDR Cameras [5 Top Picks]

Best Cameras to Take Stunning HDR Photographs There are many different types of photograph we can take – this is part of what makes photography such a fun and exciting activity. As a photographer, you can try out a myriad of different techniques and create some truly magnificent shots – black and white, long exposure,

Explanation of the Histogram (Underexposed vs. Overexposed)

Exposure Bracketing for High Dynamic Range Photos

Learn how to use (auto) exposure bracketing to take high dynamic range (HDR) images. Once you master the basics, you should switch into the aperture priority mode, keep the aperture value stable, and take at least 3 shots at different shutter speeds, while keeping the ISO low and the focus in manual mode.

Photomatix Pro 6 Review

Photomatix Pro 6 Review (Detailed Analysis) – Get 15% Off

Photomatix Pro 6.1 Review: We tested this High Dynamic Range (HDR) Software. It’s ideal for photographers (beginner to pro) who want to combine multiples exposure shots. Use it to apply stunning presets and fine-tune important image settings. Find out why we love it, see sample images, and get 15% off!

Indoor Real Estate HDR Photo (Bedroom with Window View)

The Best Software for Real Estate Photographers

We looked at the best real estate software for photographers (HDR capable software). Our top 3 picks are ✓ Photomatix Pro 6, ✓ Aurora HDR 2018 and ✓ Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photographer Plan (incl. Lightroom and Adobe). All 3 these pro software programs offer free trials (Mac & Windows).

The Best HDR Software Compared 1

The Best HDR Software Compared

If you want to make all parts of your photos shine to the maximum you need to use a High Dynamic Range (HDR) software. We have compared the best HDR Softwares in 2019 for you.

Real Estate Exterior

The Real Estate Photography Checklist

Real Estate Photography Checklist: 12 Amazing Must-Dos before You take on an Assignment: What you need to keep in mind ✓ before, ✓ during, and ✓ after your photo shoot). Get Your ✓ FREE PDF download now to master all the important tasks when shooting real estate images.

What we can Learn from Trey Ratcliff

What we can Learn from Trey Ratcliff

Learning from Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff is a renowned photographer who specializes in stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. He is not only a reliable source of information on how to use HDR to capture the moment in all its glory: he is a master at capturing it in all its meaning as well. By

Landscape Photography Camera Settings

Best Landscape Photo Camera Settings (with Example Photos)

There is nothing like a beautifully composed sharp landscape photo. I have been a windows user for many years (I guess I am one of those loyal users who has just not been able to switch to a Mac). One of the things I have always liked about Windows is their excellent wallpaper images. There

HDR Photography

HDR Photography Explained

How to achieve Dynamic Range in your Photos? The word HDR means High Dynamic Range. While the definition seems a bit too easy, the elaboration may need a few more words to make sense. You see, HDR photos tend to capture a very high dynamic range, meaning, they tend to capture a lot more detail

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