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The term HDR is the short form for High Dynamic Range. It refers to images which have a much wider number of stops between pure black and pure white (the extreme points where there is no discernable detail left).

Usually, it is difficult for a single frame to achieve that, especially in a mixed lighting situation. Photographers use different techniques to incorporate that in their photos. One of the techniques is to blend multiple exposures into one.

Bracketing (or auto exposure bracketing) is a technique that is used for that. Multiple exposures (a minimum of two) are taken of the shot. Each one a stop or more (sometimes less) different in terms of exposure. Usually, these exposures are one for the highlights, one for the shadows and one for the mid-tones.

The exposures are then blended together in some photo editing application (e.g. Photomatix Pro or Aurora HDR) to produce a single image with a wider dynamic range than any single image can produce.

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