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The original Hewlett-Packard Corporation that was split into two gave birth to the computer and printer division i.e., the HP Inc. and the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise which assumed the business of the enterprise products and services.

The original company, as well as the new one, are one of the most recognizable companies in the world. HP Inc. produces some of the best laptops for the consumer, enthusiast, and gaming segments. No wonder HP makes its majority of turnover from the sales of laptops. They have a well-established gaming laptop segment as well – namely the OMEN series. These laptops are also suitable for photo and video editing purposes.

The sales of printer supplies interestingly make the second highest amount. The combined sales figures of commercial and consumer printers come third.

HP turnover from the sale of commercial printers is much higher than that of the sales of consumer printers. This is partly because of the higher MSRP of these heavy duty printers.

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