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Landscape photography involves photographing natural scenes such as oceans, water bodies, trees, forests and mountains among many other natural formations.

Landscape photography is all about capturing the beauty of the natural world within the physical boundaries of a small sensor.

Landscape photography requires sharp lenses and a very good understanding of light. Any good DSLR or mirrorless system would be able to capture enough resolution. But a sharp lens will accentuate it. A cheaper lens with softer performance is unacceptable.

This is because

  • A: you need to capture detail and sharp lenses help in that aspect and
  • B: you will hardly ever be able to use artificial lights.

You have to rely on your understanding of natural light, the right time of the day to shoot in to be able to produce excellent landscape photos.

Post processing is also important because it brings out the colors, the details and the mood-enhancing the final quality of the images.

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