A computer monitor or simply monitor is used as a display device for output of the data that is processed by a computer system. The display shows up in pictorial form. Display devices have gone through a sea change over the course of history.

Modern display devices are majorly created using a technology known as thin film transistor – liquid crystal display or TFT-LCD, with LED (Light emitting diode) based technology. This technology has completely swept the market.

Monitors come in an array of display aspect ratios. The most popular being 16:9, which is the current favorite. Though wider perspective ratios are being developed such as 21:9 and even 32:9.

For practical purposes, though 16:9 is suitable for all computing, editing, gaming and entertainment purposes and 21:9 is ideal for gaming and video editing purposes. Apart from resolution, there are several other parameters to buying a monitor.

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Benq pd3220u review

BenQ PD3220U Review (a Great High-Res Monitor for Photographers)

BenQ is a premier manufacturer of monitors and other computer peripherals including projectors, and accessories. Their range of high-quality monitors is hugely popular and renowned for display quality, and ease of use. The BenQ PD3220U is a top-rated model and perfect for photo editing. In this BenQ PD3220U review, we dissect this exceptional monitor and

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The Best Monitors for Video Editing: Top Picks for All Skill Levels

The best monitors for video editing offer a combination of brightness, support for HDR content, 4K resolution, and a high-quality display panel among a few other parameters. In this article, we look at whether the monitor has HDR support and whether it supports 100% of the Adobe and sRGB color gamut. Without further ado, let’s

Yoga A940 vs Surface Studio 2

Yoga A940 vs Surface Studio – Battle for the Best AIO

Two exciting new All-in-Ones have recently arrived in the digital content creation horizon. And photographers are asking which is best for their needs. So, we’re having a face-off between the Lenovo Yoga A940 vs Surface Studio 2. Microsoft Surface Studio 2 It’s never been a better time to be a digital content creator. Computer manufacturers

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5 Best Field Monitors for Your DSLR

What is the best DSLR field monitor in 2020? Discover the perfect field monitor for your videography needs. We present our 5 top picks!

Fieldworld Master MA7 Review

Feelworld Master MA7 Review

The Freeworld Master MA7 is a must have if you want to take your photography skills to the next level and monitor more in detail how your photos/videos look while shooting them. The settings and functions can initially be a bit overwhelming, but once you have played around for a while you will discover that the MA7 is actually quite easy to use.

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