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Professional and Advanced Photography Gear

In this section, you can read our latest posts about more advanced/professional photography gear. This section is of special interest to the pro photographer or the ones wanting to make the jump from an enthusiast photographer to a pro.

Latest Pro Gear Comparisons and Reviews

Read our advanced and pro photo gear article. Or, if you are looking for cheaper gear, you can check out our beginner gear reviews and our enthusiast gear reviews section.

Comparing The Best Monopods On The Market – Here Are The Top Picks

Like most things, the design and usability of the best monopods have improved over recent years. There are new, excellent options popping up on Amazon all the time! Which is exactly why we’re taking another look and compiling a list of the best monopods available.  What Do The Best Monopods Have In Common? Before we …

Comparing The Best Monopods On The Market – Here Are The Top Picks Read More »

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Sirui SR tripods

Announcing the SIRUI SR Series

The New Sirui SR Tripod Models (Sirui SUSR 3203, SUSR 3204 and the Sirui SUSR-3004) are now available at, Amazon and B&H. They were specially designed for the photographer/videographer who needs maximum stability and versatility. Read what’s new with this premium line of tripods.

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Best Professional Camcorders 2

Best Professional Camcorders (at Various Price Points)

Rajib looked at the best professional camcorders in 2018 (as an alternative to DSLRs) and picked the to 9 from ✓ Sony, ✓ Canon, ✓ Panasonic; If you want to take your videos to the next level you should consider a pro camcorder. Check out our comparison and find the best camcorder now!

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Manfrotto Geared head 405

Geared Head Review: Manfrotto 405

The Manfrotto 405 Geared Head is not a cheap piece of photography equipment. It is, however, worth the investment and better than the Manfrotto 410 Junior or even more price Swiss Made Arca options.

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Best Cameras for Astrology

Best Cameras for Astrophotography (6 Top Choices)

Did you ever want to make a great shot of the stars at night?
Or even the milky way or the northern lights when traveling to Scandinavia, Canada or Alaska? In this case, you need a pro camera. If the light is great, the camera doesn’t really matter that much.
You can still get an amazing shot. But at night and low light camera sensor size, ISO sensitivity etc. do matter! Find out the best cameras for astrophotography in our new blog post.

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Olympus E-M1 Mark II

The Olympus E-M1 Mark II

The Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II, a high-end mirrorless camera, competing against Fujifilm, Sony, and Panasonic. This micro four-thirds mirrorless is the successor of the Olympus E-M1 and it is not is not cheap! Let us look at what you get for $2k, plus $1k for the lens.

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The New Leica M10 Full Frame 4

The New Leica M10 Full Frame

Leica M10: Film Meets Digital Leica announced the launch of their latest digital rangefinder camera – the Leica M10. Available at Leica dealer stores since January 19th, 2017 the Leica M10 is designed around a new 24-megapixel sensor. The new Leica has a redesigned frame, and the new digital rangefinder promises to be “the perfect …

The New Leica M10 Full Frame Read More »

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Nikon D500

Nikon D500 Review

The New DX-Format DSLR by Nikon CES 2016 in Las Vegas saw the announcement of two new Nikon cameras, the Nikon D5, and the Nikon D500. We decided to review both of them! Here below is the Nikon D500 review and the Nikon D5 review you can find here. While the wait for a worthy successor to …

Nikon D500 Review Read More »

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The Best Extreme Wide Angle Lenses For Your DSLR 1

The Best Extreme Wide Angle Lenses For Your DSLR

5 Best DSLR Super Wide-Angle Lenses Extreme wide angle lenses immediately arise visions of an extreme circular fisheye perspective. But that extreme vision is not always what is signified by extreme wide angle lenses. True fish-eye lenses give 180 ° field of vision. Those lenses have very limited application in serious photography. You can take …

The Best Extreme Wide Angle Lenses For Your DSLR Read More »

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