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Our Mission is to Make Everyone a Better Photographer! 

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PhotoWorkout is a photography gear & software online magazine and has a growing readership from across the globe. We regularly publish photography tips & tricks, gear & software reviews.

Our Aim is to Help You During the Entire Photography Journey (from Beginner to Expert)

We want to be your “photo coach” and guide during your entire photography journey: from learning the basics of photography, to picking the best gear for your needs, and finally, to help you share your photos and awesomeness with the world!

For this reason, we have created content categories which will help you during your photography journey:

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About Our Contributors

Our writers and contributors are based out of different parts of the world ranging from the USA, UK, EU, India, and the Philippines.

Our contributors are all qualified photographers (either by education, many years of practical experience, or both) and they all love to write and share their knowledge with the world.

How We Finance What We Do

To keep the online magazine up and running and growing, we independently select what we believe are the best* products and services for photography enthusiasts.

* How We Determined “Best” Products:

Some blog posts are tagged as comparison posts where we compare the best photography products. All those products/services go through a strict validation process where we look at:

  • previous verified customer reviews and ratings on leading e-commerce sites,
  • third-party product tests/reviews (e.g. DPReview, DXOMARK), and in some cases
  • our own experience of using them (in which case we label the article as a review post).

In some cases, by linking to those products or services, PhotoWorkout earns from qualified purchases at the merchant’s site (for more details about the merchants, please read our affiliate disclosure).

Our priority is always to serve our readers first. We believe this approach will help us to grow in the long run and to become a trusted resource in the photography industry.

Privately Owned and Independent

PhotoWorkout OÜ is a Private Limited company registered in Estonia, EU and was founded by Andreas, who has a master’s degree in economics and a strong passion for everything photography. His mission for PhotoWorkout will always remain the same:

We Want To Make Our Readers Become Better Photographers and Help them to Share Their Awesomeness with the World!

Our top contributors, like Rajib (with over 300 published posts) and Meghan (50+ posts), as well as all our other long-term writers (see author boxes), keep the mission statement of PhotoWorkout at heart every day when they create, publish and share what we believe is useful and relevant photography content.

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Our Admin HQ

Our administrative headquarter is located in the beautiful city of Tallinn in Estonia (a fascinating part of Europe and one of the best-integrated regions of the European Union).

PhotoWorkout OÜ a trusted e-Residency Company and audited by LeapIn.Contact PhotoWorkout.comIf you would like to contribute as a photographer/writer on PhotoWorkout.com, please contact us at info@photoworkout.com or submit your general feedback here.