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Meghan is an artist and writer based out of Boston, MA. With an interest in everything from instant film to experimental videography, her work has been featured internationally in dozens of photographic exhibitions and publications. As a regular contributor, she uses her broad background in fine art and varied professional experiences to inform her articles.
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Printique Paper Print Review

If you’re looking for some stunning paper photo prints, Printique has you covered with an impressive range of print options. Check out our Printique review!

print iphone photos

How to Print iPhone Photos from Home

Do you want physical photo prints of the photos you have on your iPhone? This guide on how to print iPhone photos is just what you need!

How to Capture the Perfect Pet Photo

If you’re looking to capture the perfect pet photo, there’s no better way to learn than by example. We’ve broken down some key tips to get you started!

What Can Shutterstock Photography Do For You? – A Shutterstock Review

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of stock photography, you’ve no doubt heard of Shutterstock. As one of the largest microstock sources around, they sell vector illustrations, video clips, and photographs. Currently, the database houses more than 40 million clips, files, graphics, and images. Each week, about 100,000 uploads are added to the

Best Street Photography Cameras Compared (and How to Choose the Best Option for Your Budget).

Best Street Photography Cameras for any Budget

The principles of capturing street photography, how to choose the proper camera for your images and our list of affordable to mid-level to more expensive street photography cameras.

Getting started in Levitation photography

Levitation Photography Tips and Tricks: 20 Ideas to Spark Your Creativity!

Seeing an object defy gravity forces any audience to stop and stare for obvious reasons. So, it shouldn’t come as much of surprise to learn that levitation photography has garnered a strong following. But how, exactly, is this illusion possible? What goes into creating levitation photography? To answer your questions, let’s talk about how to

CyberMonday Photography Deals

Best Cyber Monday Photography Deals

The Best Cyber Monday Photography Deals in one place. Find deals and coupons on gear, photo prints, and photo software. GEt up to 83% OFF today only!

HDRtist edited image

HDRtist Review: What We Thought of Ohanaware’s HDR Software

HDR editing is becoming increasingly popular, and with dedicated HDR software on the market, you might be considering investing in some of the software. HDRtist is Ohanaware’s specialist HDR software and today, we’re going to put it to the test to give you an HDRtist review! HDRtist Review: Some Important Things to Note As a

portrait pro comparison

Our Review of PortraitPro 18 – Is This Software Worth It?

Portrait photography can be a pretty demanding genre of photography. With clients that have high expectations, it can be hard to produce images that please. Thankfully, specialist editing software for portrait photographers has been produced. One of these types of software is PortraitPro 18. In this article, we’re going to give you a full PortraitPro

parabo press photo prints

Parabo Press Review: Why We Loved Their Printing Service So Much

parabo press review If you’ve been shopping around for some new prints, you might have come across Parabo Press. They have an impressive range of printing options. When we reviewed Parabo Press, we especially liked their square prints. For this article, we take a close look at the design-forward print service, Parabo Press. We were

large canvas prints

Preparing Your Photos for Large Canvas Prints: A Step-By-Step Guide

large canvas prints It’s no secret that large canvas prints can make or break a space. So often, our images are relegated to iPhone archives and LCD screens barely measuring 3 inches. Therefore, when a photo is allowed the freedom to spread out, it naturally attracts attention. What many people do not realize is that

canvaspop triptych

Our Thoughts on the CanvasPop Triptych Set: A Review

canvaspop triptych review We’ve ordered from CanvasPop before. They have a fantastic set of print items available in their store, from standard prints to magnets and pillows. But this time around, we’re testing out the CanvasPop triptych set. As the title suggests, the CanvasPop triptych set offers not one, but three panels of photo goodness

anti-theft backpacks

5 Worry-Free Anti-Theft Camera Bags To Keep Your Gear Safe

best anti theft backpacks Travel photographers already know the value of protecting their gear with one of the best anti-theft camera bags they can find. And even if you’re not a travel photographer, keeping your equipment safe around town and on short outings is totally worth upgrading your backpack to the best. The good news

dog photograph

9 Dog Photography Tips To Shoot Pawfect Pics Every Time

dog photography tips Everyone wants an awesome picture of their furry friends, but the task is more challenging than one might expect. Not every animal is eager to cooperate for the camera. But, fear not, I’ve come equipped with my very best dog photography tips.  Top 9 Dog Photography Tips Follow along and you’ll be

canvases on a wall

Common Canvas Size & How to Pick One

Best Canvas Size Nothing beats the feeling of making a photograph you’re proud of. Between fiddling with cameras and meticulously adjusting sliders, print-worthy photographs aren’t simple feats. For your best work, you’ll probably want to show it off on a canvas print. But, before you can proudly display your finished piece, there’s an important question


Triptych Photography Ideas

Triptych Photography Ideas Triptych photography is a great way of showcasing multiple photos or even adding a creative touch to a singular photo. There are many different ways you can produce triptychs, to help you out, we’re sharing some of our ideas of how to make stunning triptych photographs. A triptych is a set of

baseball best camera for sports photography

What We Love About The 6 Best Camera Bodies For Sports Photography

Ready to snap into action? News flash! Not all cameras are created equally, and some camera bodies for sports photography are better suited for the work than others. And, whether you’re at 100,000 occupancy football stadium or a high school lacrosse game, having a reliable base is the first step toward stunning sports photography. So,

Best Coolpix Cameras (Top 14 Models Compared)

Nikon Coolpix Cameras Overview

What’s the perfect Nikon Coolpix camera for your needs? Discover the BEST Nikon Coolpix cameras out there (and which one is right for you!).

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