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Tips & How-Tos

Bright portrait with dark background How to Brighten a Part of Your Image in Photoshop Most read in How To If you want to brighten a part of your image Photoshop offers great tools to do so. The Gaussian Blur and the Polygonal Lasso Tool help you brighten a spot.
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Software & Apps

removal.jpg?w=345&h=230&scale Best Apps to Change the Background of a Photo (Top 7 in 2022) Most read in Apps Here is our list of seven of the best apps to change the background of a photo, helping you swap that boring wall for a beautiful forest!
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Best Photo Scanning Apps in 2021 for Android and iOS 10 Best Photo Scanning Apps (for iOS and Android) Most read in Apps Preserve your treasured photos with these scanning apps. Discover our favorite 10 photo scanning apps in 2022.
Best Passport Photo App in 2022 Best Passport Photo Apps in 2022 Most read in Apps Find the best passport photo app so you can update your passport with a photo perfectly positioned and sized for your country's requirements!
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5 best object removal apps The 5 Best Object Remover Apps to Get Rid of Unwanted Objects Most read in Apps Whether you have snapshot or a professional image on your mobile device, this is our list of the 5 best object remover apps for Android!

Popular Travel Spots

Grand Canyon Best Photography Spots at the Grand Canyon There are so many amazing places for photography at the Grand Canyon that you could easily spend years trying to find them all. Here’s where to find the best photography spots at the Grand Canyon!
Hallstatt as seen from the village viewpoint Best Photo Spots in Hallstatt The scenery in this spot really does look as though it’s been pulled from the pages of a fairytale. If you’re planning a photography trip to this adorable European destination, here’s where to find all the best photo spots in Hallstatt!
Brisbane city skyline as viewed from Wilson Outlook Reserve 10 Best Photography Spots in Brisbane Brisbane has pretty modern bridges, leafy green spaces, old and new architecture, and an active river all within easy reach of the city centre. If you’re looking to find some stunning Brisbane photo locations, here’s my suggestions for all the best photography spots in Brisbane!
The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles The Best Photo Spots In LA — Our Favorite Locations In Los Angeles Our list of the 8 best photo spots in LA that you can't miss this summer if you're heading out to the sunny west coast of California.
Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai Best Photography Spots in Dubai Dubai is a unique place for photographers to capture the essence of the Middle East. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to the UAE, here are some of the best photography spots in Dubai!
The Colosseum in Rome Best Photography Spots in Rome For photographers, Rome has no shortage of subjects. The Italian capital is packed with historic artefacts, both grand and attractive. Here are all the best photography spots in Rome for you to check out!

Photography Business

magazine with photos How to Submit Photos to a Magazine and get Published Submitting your photos to a magazine is a superb way to get your work published, and your photography brand promoted to the public and potential clients. There is a host of fantastic photography-based magazines that accept submissions and publish photographers work.
The highest paying photography jobs Highest Paying Photography Jobs From commercial photography to real estate, here is our list of the highest paying photography jobs that tip the financial scale (as of 2022).
best online website portfolios Best Photo Portfolio Website Review: Comparing the Top 10 Sites We compared the top 10 photo portfolio websites and analyzed their features. See the pros and cons of these top-rated website builders!
photography name ideas 200+ Personal Photography Names (& Ways to Come Up with Your Own) If you're looking for personal photography names for your business, studio, or Instagram, then we have 200+ ideas here for your inspiration!
sports photographer on the field How to Become a Sports Photographer and Make Money (in 7 Steps) Want to be a successful sports photographer? We share tips on how to become a sports photographer (and make money along the way!).
Best Stock Video Websites The 12 Best Stock Video Websites (for Buyers and Sellers) Looking for the best stock video websites? We compare the best online options, including Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Pond 5, and Footage.net.

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