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Joshua Gharis, headshot photographer, standing with his Godox lighting setup. Perfecting Your Lighting Setup for Headshot Photography: Insider Tips Updated in Artificial Lighting 3 days ago Master the art of headshot photography lighting with expert tips and techniques. Elevate your portraits with this professional lighting setup.
Headshot of woman with blond hair laughing against dark backdrop. Building Rapport with Clients in Headshot Photography: A Personal Journey Updated in Photography Business 2 weeks ago Unlock the secrets of building rapport in headshot photography with tips to blend authenticity and humor for unforgettable sessions.
iphone filmmaking courses Best iPhone Filmmaking Courses in 2024: Unleash Your Creativity Updated in Online Courses 4 weeks ago Discover 2024's top iPhone filmmaking courses, from Simone Ferretti's comprehensive academy to Adi Singh's beginner series, designed for all skill levels.
Man holding a tripod and a camera. Best Beginner Tripods on a Budget: Top Picks for New Photographers Updated in Tripods & Gimbals January 22, 2024 Discover the best beginner tripods in 2024. These nine excellent models will keep your camera steady and your photos sharp!
Silver external hard drive on a gray surface next to a gray laptop. Best Hard Drives for Video Editing: Top Picks for Content Creators in 2024 Updated in Photo Storage January 21, 2024 Find the best external hard drives for video editing. Top choices for beginners and pros to store video files.
Telephoto lens Telephoto Lens Photography: Capturing Distance with Clarity and Precision Updated in Lenses 1 day ago Explore telephoto lens photography: Capture distant scenes with clarity, master focal lengths, and create stunning images with beautiful background blur.


Canvas print of architecture of Nimes City, France The Best Canvas Prints Compared (Top 12 Online Canvas Printing Companies in 2024) Updated in Printing Services January 10, 2024 Looking for professional online canvas printing services? We compare the best canvas prints out there to help you find the right one for your needs!
Close-up of a black Sony full-frame mirrorless camera with a short lens sitting on a dark table against a black background. The Smallest Full-Frame Cameras in 2024: Top 11 Picks Updated in Best in Class Cameras May 9, 2023 Find the smallest full-frame camera so you can take beautiful photos on the go. We share pro-level and enthusiast options!
Flattering Poses for Women 20 Easy Photoshoot Poses for Women Updated in Photography Ideas February 4, 2023 Worried about posing? Don't you fret! Our guide features plenty of tips and ideas for top-notch women's poses.
Lightroom library of photo thumbnails on a PC monitor Best Photo Organizer Software for Windows PCs (10 Picks) Updated in Best in Class Software January 26, 2023 We share the best software to organize your photos on a Windows PC. Find the program that will revolutionize your editing!
Mac Photo Organizer Software Best Photo Organizing Software for Mac (11 Paid and Free Programs) Updated in Best in Class Software 1 day ago The 13 best photo organizing programs for Mac users (including free options). Effectively file, categorize, and manage your digital assets.
Photography Equipment Photography Equipment List for Beginners: 11 Essential Items Updated in Accessories July 13, 2023 What equipment does every photographer need? Discover the key lenses, accessories, storage devices, and more to improve your setup.

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Golden retriever in black and white with a flash burst in the background. The 4 Best Camera Settings for Indoor Photography Most read in Photography Tips The best shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focusing mode for indoor photos. Capture crisp, clean, well-exposed images indoors.
photoshoot themes 22 Photoshoot Theme Ideas for 2024 Most read in Photography Ideas Looking to stay artistically inspired in 2024? Check out our list of 22 photoshoot theme ideas. Have fun with plants, space, deserts, and more!
Baby sleeping with a book photo prop. 30 Newborn Photoshoot Ideas at Home Most read in Photography Ideas We share 30 ideas for newborn photoshoots you can do at home. Create beautiful images using poses, props, and more!
Bright portrait with dark background How to Brighten a Part of Your Image in Photoshop Most read in How To If you want to brighten a part of your image Photoshop offers great tools to do so. The Gaussian Blur and the Polygonal Lasso Tool help you brighten a spot.
Photoshoot in a colorful Spanish village road 13 Photoshoot Location Ideas for Jaw-Dropping Portrait Photography Most read in Photography Ideas Discover some of the best places to do portrait photography with our 13 photoshoot location ideas. Find inspiration and level up your photographs today!
Dry Cabinet Camera and Lens Storage How to Store Cameras and Lenses at Home (Top 10 Tips) Most read in How To From ensuring you don’t visit the repair shop to keeping the resale value, here is our guide on how to store cameras and lenses at home!
Common Photo Print Sizes Common Photo Print Sizes Most read in How to Print What are common photo print sizes? And what size is best for your photos? Discover everything you need to know about sizing your prints!
An iphone held up to take a photo of the sunset over a beach. 10 Best iPhone Photography Courses in 2024 Most read in Online Courses Level up your iPhone photography game this year with 10 amazing courses on capturing and editing iPhone snaps.
Photo Printing Paper Types Photo Printing Paper Types Most read in How to Print Discover the perfect photo printing paper types for your needs. Determine the best paper for the look and feel that you're after for your photos!
Headshot of a man How to Take a Good Headshot (Simple DIY Steps for Non-Pros) Most read in How To Need a good, professional-looking headshot? Learn a simple process for capturing beautiful headshots (no experience necessary!).
A magnifying glass checking print resolution Print Resolution Guide: What’s the Best Resolution for Printing Photos? Most read in How to Print What is print resolution? And what resolution do you need for great results? Discover everything you need to know about print resolution.
iphone photography school class iPhone Photography School Review: Great Courses for Beginners Most read in Online Courses A hands-on review of iPhone Photography School products. Find out if the company's iPhone photography courses are worth the money!
iPhone Real Estate Photography How to Take Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone: 10 Easy Tips Most read in How To Discover 10 simple tips to capture beautiful iPhone real estate photography. Create jaw-dropping photos for your house listing!
man photoshoot 20 Photoshoot Ideas for Men Most read in Photography Ideas Need some ideas for a men's photoshoot? Here are 20 great photoshoot ideas for men that you can use!
printing in lightoom How to Print in Lightroom Most read in How to Print Printing in Lightroom doesn't have to be difficult. Discover a step-by-step plan for producing high-quality prints from Lightroom!
viewfinder tool 15 Fun Photography Lessons for Kids Most read in Photography Tips Do you want to get your child started in photography? These 15 photography lessons for kids are a great way of showing them the ropes!
Images of flowers, dogs, and waves displaying in Grid view in Lightroom Desktop. How to Organize Photos: A Step-By-Step Guide Most read in Editing How to organize photos for a clean, efficient workflow. Step-by-step instructions to sort, order, and back up your images.
Hard Disk for Photo Storage The Best Way to Store Digital Photos: The Ultimate Guide Most read in How To Keeping your digital photos safe is a tricky task. Find out the best way to store digital photos so you don't have to worry about losing your photos.


sandisk pro vs sandisk extreme SanDisk Extreme vs Extreme Pro – Which One to Buy? Most read in Photo Storage Should you buy the SanDisk Extreme or the Extreme Pro version? We compared the two SanDisk SD cards for you so you can pick the right one.
Person's hands typing on keyboard of an Apple MacBook in a dark room. Best Laptop for Storing Photos: 9 Top Picks for Every Budget Most read in Computers Need a laptop capable of storing lots of photos? We've got you covered! View the 9 best laptops for photo storage in 2024.
Man taking photo with smartphone by a fence with red bokeh in background. The Best iPhone Tele Lenses: 6 Amazing Picks in 2024 Most read in Smartphone Lenses We compare the best telephoto lenses for iPhone users, including the perfect tele lenses for portrait, wildlife, street, and sports photography.
Focus stacked image Best Camera for Focus Stacking: Top Models in 2024 Most read in Best in Class Cameras What's the best camera with built-in focus stacking? Create highly detailed shots with these stellar picks!
Trees silhouetted in the foreground against the Milky Way at night. The Best Phones for Astrophotography: 10 Stellar Picks in 2024 Most read in Cameras Find the best phones for astrophotography in 2024. Capture amazing photos of the night sky with only your smartphone!
Best Lenses for Sony ZV-E10 11 Best Lenses for the Sony ZV-E10 (in 2024) Most read in Best in Class Lenses Find the best lenses for the Sony ZV-E10. We include a range of wide-angle, standard, and telephoto options.
Best Minolta Film Cameras The 5 Best Minolta Film Cameras You Can Buy in 2024 Most read in Best in Class Cameras Capture beautiful images with one of our five favorite Minolta models. Find the best Minolta film camera for your needs.
Canon R5 Full Frame Camera 6 Best Canon Full-Frame Cameras (in 2024) Most read in Best in Class Cameras Explore the best Canon full-frame cameras on the market today. Find the perfect model for sports, landscapes, wildlife, and more.
photo stick 10 Best Photo Sticks for Android Phones (in 2024) Most read in Photo Storage Looking for the best photo sticks to use with your Android phone? View our top picks. Keep your photos safe and secure!
Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $300 in 2022 Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $300 (Top 10 Picks in 2024) Most read in Compact Cameras Find the best point and shoot cameras under $300. Discover the perfect camera for travel photography, street photography, and more!
Computer workstation with a desktop computer, headphones, and a plant against a white wall. Best PC for Photo Editing (11 Desktops & AIOs in 2024) Most read in Computers Find the best PC for photo editing. We share AIOs, desktops, and specialized gaming computers so you can smoothly run processing software.
Woman with a camera backpack and a camera on the railway station. Best Budget Camera Backpack: Top Picks for 2024 Most read in Bags & Straps We've handpicked the top six budget-conscious camera backpacks for you, and impressively, the finest choice costs less than $50 USD.
Canon 50mm Lens Canon 50mm 1.4 vs 1.8 Comparison Most read in Lenses for Canon Cameras Canon 50mm 1.4 vs 1.8 Comparison – What are the differences between these two popular Canon prime lenses and which is the better choice?
Close-up of a red ladybug with a black and white head walking atop tiny green leaves against a blurry green background. The Best Macro Lenses for Sony: Our Top 6 Picks Most read in Lenses for Sony Cameras We compare the six best macro lenses for Sony cameras. Capture beautiful close-up shots of flowers, insects, and more!
Youth baseball player sliding Best Cameras for Sports Photography Beginners on a Budget Most read in Best in Class Cameras Beginners and experts alike should know the best cameras for sports photography. So, here are our top 10 picks to give you a great headstart.
Vintage Minolta MD Rokoko Lens The Best Minolta Lenses You Can Buy in 2024 Most read in Best in Class Lenses Are you looking for a Minolta lens? Whether it's for an old camera or one of Sony's mirrorless systems, discover the best Minolta lenses now!
Nikkor 105 Macro Lens Best Macro Lenses for Nikon (10 Top Picks in 2024) Most read in Lenses for Nikon Cameras The 10 best macro lenses for Nikon cameras in 2024. Options for all budgets and experience levels.
iPhone Photo Stick next to iPhone Best Photo Stick for iPhone in 2024: Top Picks and Reviews Most read in Photo Storage Looking for the best photo sticks for your iPhone? Here are your 7 top options, featuring up to 1 TB of storage.


Selphy Canon CP1300 and other portable photo printers on a table The Best Portable Photo Printers in 2024 – Tested & Reviewed Most read in Printers & Scanners We've tested and reviewed the best photo printers in 2024. This in-depth comparison is complete with specs, photos, and test prints.
Photo tiles of a young girl doing various activities hung on a white wall. The Best Photo Tiles You Can Buy in 2024 (Top 12 Picks) Most read in Printing Services Want to create a removable gallery wall? These 12 best photo tile products offer a quick and beautiful way to display your images.
Hands holding photograph of woman in white dress above pile of photos on table The 10 Best Professional Photo Printing Services in 2024 Most read in Printing Services We've reviewed the best professional photo printing services in 2024, including Canvaspop, Printique, Bay Photo, Mpix, Nations Photo Lab & ProDPI.
Photo slides spread out on a table next to a box of neatly organized slides. Best Slide Scanners in 2024: Top 7 Picks to Preserve Slides and Film Most read in Printers & Scanners Don't let old memories fade. Digitize your old slides and film by scanning and saving them using the best slide scanners available in 2024.
Comparing Shutterfly vs Mixbook Photo books covers and thickness. Shutterfly vs. Mixbook: Comparing 2 Great Photo Books Most read in Printing Services In this comparison between Shutterfly and Mixbook, Meghan reviews two of the best photo book printing options available online. Find out which one is the best for your needs.
Blue and white HP color laser printer in corner of a room on a glass table with printer tray open The Best Color Laser Printer for Photos: Top 7 Picks in 2024 Most read in Printers & Scanners Find the best color laser printer for photos. Print out your works of art so they can be admired, framed, and even sold.
Canva sample print Canva Print Review: How Do Canva’s Printing Services Compare? Most read in Printing Services Whether you already use Canva or you're exploring printing options, discover how Canva's printing services perform in this Canva print review!
Fine art image in black & white. Best Printer for Black and White Photos in 2024 – Our Top 8 Picks Most read in Printers & Scanners Find the best printer for black and white photos that can effectively grayscale color and show your artistic shots in all their glory.
Photo print on blanket The 10 Best Photo Blankets You Can Buy in 2024 Most read in Printing Services Looking for the perfect gift? Need a unique blanket to keep you cozy on colder days? We share the best photo blankets available in 2024!
Canon Pro Graph 300 Canon Pixma Pro-200 vs ImagePROGRAF PRO-300: Which Printer Should You Get? Most read in Printers & Scanners Should you buy the Pixma Pro-200 or the ImagePROGRAF PRO-300? Discover which printer is best - and which is right for your needs.
Metal print with bare trees above an orange forest floor hanging on concrete wall in front of table with two orange chairs 10 Best Metal Prints (Top Picks in 2024) Most read in Printing Services Showcase your favorite photos as gorgeous metal prints. We share the best metal print options in 2024 (including picks for all budgets).
Two art prints with geometric figures hanging on a wall above a table with a sound system, a candle, and a plant. Best Online Printing Services for Artists (10 Picks in 2024) Most read in Printing Services The best online printing services for artists. Create stunning prints of your photos, paintings, illustrations, and more!

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Hand holding smartphone with lights in the background The Best Light Meter Apps in 2024 (7 Picks) Most read in Apps Grab a light meter app and make your life easier. We share our top Android and iOS picks. Accurately set the exposure for photos and videos.
best photo recovery apps 7 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2024 Most read in Apps Deleted a photo (or multiple photos) that you need? These are the 9 best photo recovery apps for Android devices.
Photo Resizer App 10 Best Photo Resizer Apps (for Android and iOS) Most read in Apps Want to resize your images? Here are the best photo resizer apps for Android and iOS devices.
Photoshop Express App 10 Best Photo Border Apps (for iOS and Android) Most read in Apps Adding a border to your photos has never been easier. Check out our list of the 10 best photo border apps in 2024!
Best Photo Scanning Apps in 2021 for Android and iOS 10 Best Photo Scanning Apps (for iOS and Android) Most read in Apps Preserve your treasured photographs with these digital scanning apps. We compare our top10 favorite photo scanning apps in 2024.
Photo prints and a photo printing software on a computer. The Best Photo Printing Software in 2024: Top 12 Picks Most read in Best in Class Software Want to create beautiful prints? We share the best photo printing software for standard prints, canvas prints, and more.

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Hallstatt as seen from the village viewpoint Best Photo Spots in Hallstatt The scenery in this spot really does look as though it’s been pulled from the pages of a fairytale. If you’re planning a photography trip to this adorable European destination, here’s where to find all the best photo spots in Hallstatt!
The best places to take pictures in Houston Texas 11 Best Places to Take Pictures in Houston Discover the best places to photograph in Houston. Capture beautiful cityscapes, flower shots, wildlife images, and much more!
Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan 12 Best Photography Spots in Kyoto Kyoto is one of those cities that often gets talked about as a good destination for travel photography. If you're looking for some Japan photography inspiration, here are the best photography spots in Kyoto!
Atlantis, The Palm Hotel in Dubai Best Photography Spots in Dubai Dubai is a unique place for photographers to capture the essence of the Middle East. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to the UAE, here are some of the best photography spots in Dubai!
Chinese garden Architecture in Cebu City Finding the Perfect Picture Spots in Cebu City Don't know what pictures to take in Cebu city, then this is the topic for you! Here, we share with you some places you can take pictures within and outside the city, as well as a short description of the places so you come prepared and what to expect.
Brisbane city skyline as viewed from Wilson Outlook Reserve 10 Best Photography Spots in Brisbane Brisbane has pretty modern bridges, leafy green spaces, old and new architecture, and an active river all within easy reach of the city centre. If you’re looking to find some stunning Brisbane photo locations, here’s my suggestions for all the best photography spots in Brisbane!

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photography name ideas 200+ Personal Photography Names (& Ways to Come Up with Your Own) If you're looking for personal photography names for your business, studio, or Instagram, then we have 200+ ideas here for your inspiration!
Working with Lightroom on a Laptop Selling Lightroom Presets: A Step-By-Step Guide (Plus Tips) How can you successfully sell Lightroom presets? We share the step-by-step process to make, set up, and market a preset pack.
Pixieset photo gallery on Mac screen Pic Time vs Pixieset – Comparing Two Popular Online Galleries for Pro Photographers Here is our comparison of Pic Time vs Pixieset, reviewing two popular online galleries for pro photographers!
Indoor Real Estate HDR Photo (Bedroom with Window View) The Best Software for Real Estate Photographers The best Real Estate Software for photographers (HDR software fro Mac, PC). Our top 3 picks are Photomatix Pro 6, Aurora HDR & Photoshop
Best Stock Video Websites The 12 Best Stock Video Websites (for Buyers and Sellers) Looking for the best stock video websites? We compare the best online options, including Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Pond 5, and
magazine with photos How to Submit Photos to a Magazine and Get Published Submitting your photos to a magazine is a superb way to get your work published, and your photography brand promoted to the public and potential clients. There is a host of fantastic photography-based magazines that accept submissions and publish photographers work.

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