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Best Monitors for Photo Editing (2018 Update)

Best Monitors for Photo Editing (2018 Update)

Best Monitors for Photo Editing Very simply, if I need a monitor for editing photos, I will look for a high resolution display, something with a great viewing angle and the ability to represent true colors. Now, colors are something that is dependent on the fact that you calibrate you monitor from time to time. Even if the monitor comes well...

6 Best Desktops for Photo Editing (for 2018) 14

6 Best Desktops for Photo Editing (for 2018)

We reviewed the best desktops for photo editing again (and picked the best models for 2018). The iMac by Apple still goes strong, and also the HP Curved All-in-one Desktops are ideal for your photo editing tasks in 2018.

Best Compact Cameras Under $200 (Top 8 Models) 19

Best Compact Cameras Under $200 (Top 8 Models)

Choose amongst the best point and shoot cameras under $200. We have reviewed the best compact cameras for you (Canon, Nikon, Sony Fuji, GoPro, Kodak). These are all great cameras for less than $200 and relevant for 2017 and 2018. Find the best now.

11 Best Laptops for Photo Editing Compared

11 Best Laptops for Photo Editing Compared

Compare the Best Laptops for Photo Editing. Find the best notebook for your photo editing tasks in various price categories (from under $500 to $1,500+). The best processors, displays, memory, and graphic cards by Dell, Apple, ASUS, Acer, MSI, and HP.

The Best HDR Software Compared 4

The Best HDR Software Compared

If you want to make all parts of your photos shine to the maximum you need to use a High Dynamic Range (HDR) software. We have compared the best HDR Softwares in 2017 for you.

5 Great DSLR Backpacks

Best DSLR Backpacks 2017

We compared the five best DSLR backpacks in 2017 and found the best for you (they include the Tiopa, Everyday Messanger and 3 more backpacks models). Find out the best DSLR backpacks now.

ON1 RAW 2017 Review with Test Image

ON1 Photo RAW 2017.5 Review (Updated Version)

ON1 Photo RAW 2017 is a great new Photo Editing Software for both MAC and Windows. The editing and adjustment tools are great and browsing through pictures is super fast and easy. See our sample photo and edit, try this new editing software for free now and get 15% off when you buy with our discount code "PWO".

Best Camera for Vlogging Compare 6 Amazing Cameras

6 Best Cameras for Vlogging

We looked at the best cameras for Video Blogging (aka Vlogging) and here are the top 6: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 V, Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, Nikon D500, Canon EOS 80D & Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5. We covered the full tech specs of these great "Vlogging" Cameras.

Best Camera for Cruising Vacation

Best Camera for Cruising Vacation

If you about to head out for a cruise vacation you might want to check out these 8 best cameras for cruising. We reviewed Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Sony cameras ideal for shooting great pics on a cruise.

DSLR Video Tips: How to Make Great Videos with Your DSLR 8

How to Make Great Videos (with DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras)

Thinking of creating some videos with your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera? Then these DSLR Video Tips are for you: ✔ Focus, ✔ Stabilization, ✔ White Balance, ✔ Filter Tips and many more... Start shooting great vides now. Discover amazing picks created by our pro photographers.

Best TVs to View Photos

Best TVs to View Photos

Our photography experts reviewed the best TVs for viewing photos: Sony XBR-X850, Sony A1E, LG C7P, LG C7P, Samsung Q7F, Vizio E-Series, LG B7A; Find the best 4k smart tv with amazing picture quality now.

Best Street Photography Cameras of 2018 8

Best Street Photography Cameras of 2018

Discover the best street photography cameras in 2018: Compare: ✔ Sony, ✔ Canon, ✔ Nikon, ✔ Fuji, ✔ Panasonic, and ✔ Ricoh. Amazing, elegant and lightweight cameras. Find your perfect street photo camera for your next photography project now.

Aurora Review 2018 2

Aurora Review 2018 (Best HDR App for Mac and Windows)

Aurora HDR 2018 Review: ✔ Plenty of presets ✔ Easy to share to Lightroom, Luminar, Photoshop, etc. ✔ Possibility to add multiple layers for editing ✔ Plenty of editing filters ✔ New image transform tool ✔ Easy to share on Social. Use Coupon "PhotoWorkout" for $10 OFF!

Learn from Trey Ratcliff with a Stuck in Customs Membership!

Learn from Trey Ratcliff with a Stuck in Customs Membership!

Trey Ratcliff is a successful photographer and technician. He's even more successful as a teacher. Being the mind behind Aurora HDR, there's no better instructor out there on the editing software. However, there's a lot more you can learn from Trey. Join his Passport Membership Club Now to find out.

14 Amazing Gift Ideas for Photographers

14 Amazing Gift Ideas for Photographers (December 2017)

Gift Ideas for the Photographer in the Family Consider this as a suggestion for gifts to the photographer in the family or friend circle. … Or you could even consider this as a bucket list for your yourself 😉 1. Apple 9.7″ iPad (2017 Wi-Fi 128 GB) at () For many, the Apple iPad is the ultimate flexibility when it comes to editing your...

Best Inkjet Photo Paper

Best Inkjet Photo Paper

Review of the best photo paper. Print your pictures from the comfort of your home. Find out which paper is best (Canon, Hp, Epson, Paper).

Best Professional Photo Printers (at different price points)

Best Professional Photo Printers (at different price points)

We reviewed the best high-end/large format photo printers for 2018. Compare the top 10 professional photo printers (at various price points, size, speed, etc.). If you are looking to venture into professional printing, you can now discover the best printers (by Epson, Canon, etc.) in our review post.

Luminar 2018 Review 7

Luminar 2018 Review

Luminar 2018 by Macphun has become even better. Luminar has a very competitive price and few features Lightroom does not have. Only the digital asset management is missing, but even that is coming during 2018. Check out our new review post on the Luminar 2018 photo editing software (now also for Windows!)

Best Black Friday Photography Deals

2017’s Best Black Friday Photography Deals

Best Black Friday Photography Deals Find the Best Black Friday Photography Deals Offered by Industry Leaders! BLACK FRDIAY IS TODAY!!! … and it's time to think about gifts for the people that mean most to you … or the perfect time to upgrade your personal photography gadgets and software arsenal. Here are a few vendors worth taking a...

Classic vs. CC – Which Lightroom is Right for You?

Lightroom Classic CC vs. vs Lightroom CC …the times are a'changing The end of an era is upon us. A decade after its initial release, standalone versions of Lightroom are slated to come to an end at the end of 2017. But don't fret – the death of the standalone does not mean the demise of the popular image editing software as a whole. What...

Best Gimbals for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Best Gimbals for Mirrorless and DSLR Videographers

Finding the Best DSLR Gimbal for 2018 If you haven't already experimented with one, a stabilizer can be a filmmaker's best friend. So, for aspiring videographers entering the new year, we've assembled the candidates worthy of being named the best DSLR gimbal for 2018. Put simply, a gimbal is a pivoted support system that uses motors, sensors, and...

Best Canon 80D Lenses

Best Lenses for Canon 80D

The Best Lenses for Canon 80D For Shooting Stills and Videos A lens that is good for shooting both stills and videos with the Canon EOS 80D has to be a wide angle zoom. You could opt for a tele-lens but they would be great for shooting wildlife, sports and those sort of things. A mid-range tele like the 85mm or even the 105mm would be great for...

Best Drones under $200

Best Drones under $200

Looking for the Best Drones under $200? Drones came out of nowhere and became one of the most sought after products in 2016. Despite the growing restrictions on their usage, they continue to capture the imagination of the photographic and especially the video community. While professional drones capable of carrying a heavy payload (read: camera...

Most Gifted DSLR Cameras

The Most Gifted DSLR Cameras

Christmas Gifting Ideas For the Photographer in the Family With Christmas just a few weeks away, it is about time that you sit down and start making that list of gifts that you need to buy. While you do that you cannot ignore the individual preferences of each of the loved ones in the family. And if there is a photographer in the family, then it...

PhotoPlus Expo 2017: What to Expect

Time's running out to make your plans for PhotoPlus Expo 2017! Starting Wednesday, October 25th, the Javits Convention Center in the heart of Manhattan will host the photo industry's single largest annual gathering: the PhotoPlus Expo 2017 Approximately 20,000 individuals from around the world are expected to attend as the event is designed to...

20 Ways to Become a Better Photographer

20 Ways to Become a Better Photographer

Ever wonder what goes into becoming a better photographer? Of course, the answer varies between individuals, as each photographer has strong points and weak points. However, you may be surprised that a lot of what it takes to improve as an image maker doesn't involve having the fanciest gear or the best technical prowess. Sourced from a number of...

Photography Equipment

Photography Starter Kit (What You Need to Succeed)

Looking for the best photography equipment for beginners? For all photography beginners, taking the leap from a basic point-and-shoot to a full-blown professional-grade camera? As you may already know, a serious plunge into photography isn't as easy as it may initially seem.

camera on the road

The Best Vacation Camera Choices of 2017

Searching for the best vacation camera? We've gone through the trouble of researching eight of the best vacation camera options from a variety of manufacturers and determining which vacation scenarios they'd fare best in.

BlueMelon Vs PhotoShelter

BlueMelon vs PhotoShelter

BlueMelon vs PhotoShelter. We compared two great photo hosting, sharing and selling platforms. BlueMelon is easy, customizable & affordable. PhotoShelter works great if you want to sell prints and SEO is important to you.