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Boudoir Photography History and Tips

Boudoir Photography History

Want to create beautiful boudoir images? We share plenty of tips, techniques, and posing ideas for amazing results.

cebu city

Finding the Perfect Picture Spots in Cebu City

Don’t know what pictures to take in Cebu city, then this is the topic for you! Here, we share with you some places you can take pictures within and outside the city, as well as a short description of the places so you come prepared and what to expect.

Bali Photo Ideas – Mount Batur, Bali

What to Photograph in Bali: 8 Best Photo Ideas

Bali is a magnificent tropical island located in the heart of Indonesia. What to photograph in Bali presents you with many challenges and options – you can shoot temples, waterfalls, volcanoes and golden beaches for example.

Blurb vs Mixbook

Blurb vs Mixbook Photo Books

Compare Blurb vs Mixbook and find out which one is better. Both printers are fantastic, but they cater to 2 different audiences.

Blood Moon Milky Way Astrophotoraphy

Milky Way Photography Tips

Night sky photography guide on how to capture the milky way. The best gear for shooting the stars and easy-to-use milky way photography tips.