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Jaymes Dempsey is a professional macro and nature photographer; his work is published across the web, from Digital Photography School to PetaPixel. If you want to capture amazing nature photos, grab his free eBook, Mastering Nature Photography: 7 Secrets for Incredible Nature Photos. And to learn more about nature and macro photography, take a look at his website.
Metering Modes Dial on a Digital Camera

Metering Modes: An Ultimate Guide to Your Camera’s Meter in 2020

What are the best metering modes for photography? How do you choose a metering mode? Discover how to meter for great exposures!

The Best iPhone Macro Lens in 2019: An Ultimate Guide

What's the best iPhone macro lens for your needs? This guide features five great macro lenses, and will help you determine which one is best.

The Nikon D6: What You Can Expect From Nikon’s Future Flagship DSLR

Just last month, Nikon officially announced the development of its latest flagship DSLR: the Nikon D6.

The Canon 1D X Mark III: What We Know So Far

The Canon 1D X Mark III should debut in early 2020. But what do we know about it? Who is it for? Learn what to expect in the flagship DSLR.
photo studio

The DIY Photo Studio Ultimate Guide: Make a Studio in Your Home

Discover how to make a DIY photo studio in your own home. Step-by-step, budget-friendly directions. For portrait and product photography!

How to Capture Sharp Images: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to capture sharp images every single time you take out your camera?You can.

The Best Neutral Density Filters: 5 ND Filters Compared

What are the best neutral density filters for your needs? We compare the best ND filters out there. Discover which give you great results!
photography tips for beginners - featured image: dog photo

20 Tips for Photography Beginners

How do you capture stunning photos? Discover the secrets to amazing photography with these 20 photography tips for beginners!

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019: Finalists Revealed!

The Comedy Wildife Photography Awards have just announced the 2019 finalists. Take a look at the funniest wildlife photos on the planet!
Best Cameras for Instagram

The 10 Best Cameras for Instagram in 2019: The Ultimate Guide

What are the best cameras for Instagram? Discover which camera should you buy if you want amazing Instagram photos.

Smartphone Photography Composition: A Guide to Stunning Photos

Discover the secrets to gorgeous smartphone compositions! Capture amazing smartphone photography compositions, instantly.

Light and Exposure in Smartphone Photography: A Complete Guide

Discover the secrets to smartphone exposure and lighting. Tips and tricks to take incredible photos--with only your smartphone!
Snapseed Post-Processing App

The 9 Best Post-Processing Apps for Smartphone Photography

Discover the best post-processing apps for smartphone photography out there. Create amazing edits! For both Apple and Android.

The Ultimate Guide to Sharp Smartphone Photography

Do you want to capture consistently sharp smartphone photos? Discover tricks for tack-sharp smartphone photography (no matter your model!)

The Best Photography Courses in 2019: The Ultimate Guide

What's the best photography courses in 2019? Discover the perfect photography course for your needs: beginner, expert, or post-processing.
shot of girl jumping

How to Shoot Sharp Portraits: A Step-By-Step Guide

Discover how to shoot sharp portraits! Includes step-by-step walkthroughs. Learn to never take a blurry portrait again!

5 Best Polarizing Filters in 2019 (For Incredible Landscape Images)

Are you looking to get the best polarizing filter for your photography, but you just don't know...

The Top 10 Best Ring Lights for Studio and Macro Photography (in 2019)

What's the best ring light for your photography needs? Discover the best ring lights for studio and macro photography.
Sigma 24-105mm

Best Lens for Product Photography: 10 Amazing Picks in 2019

What's the best product photography lens out there? Discover the best lenses for your product needs. Capture amazing product photos!

How to Quickly Open Your Smartphone Camera (On Any Model)

Discover how to quickly open your smartphone camera. Never miss a photo opportunity again! Pixel, iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung.
Landscape zoom lenses professional photography equipment

The Best Professional Photography Equipment You Can Buy (in 2019)

As a professional photographer, you need a range of gear to make sure you're equipped for every event.
Canon 6D vs 7D

Canon 6D Mark II vs. Canon 7D Mark II: Which Is Right For You?

How does the Canon 6D Mark II compare to the Canon 7D Mark II? Learn about the features. Discover which is right for you. Canon 6D vs 7D.

Macro Photography Lighting: How to Take Your Macro Photos to the Next Level

In this article, you’re going to discover the secrets to macro photography lighting.You’ll come away with the ability to get photos like this:And this:Because...
poppy abstract macro

20 Macro Photography Ideas for Stunning Photos (Right Now!)

Do you need some macro photography ideas? Discover 20 amazing macro ideas that you can shoot today! You're guaranteed to be inspired.

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