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Man with a mustache smiling while viewing an image on the back of an old or retro-style camera. The Best Outdoor Camera Settings to Capture Perfect Exposures Every Time Published in Natural Lighting 5 months ago Learn how to capture perfect exposures in any outdoor situation, from landscapes to action, with the best camera settings for outdoor photography.
A B&W headshot of a woman with short hair and a slight smile standing against a dark background. Loop Lighting in Photography: Master This Lighting Technique for Striking Portraits Published in Artificial Lighting 5 months ago Loop lighting is a flattering technique that every photographer should know. Learn how to use it to create stunning portraits!
A gridded brown window overlooking a busy city with a warm sunset and wispy clouds. A Comprehensive Guide to Frame Within a Frame Photography Published in Composition 6 months ago Level up your compositions with frame within a frame photography. Discover how to use this powerful technique like a pro!
Split Lighting Portrait Split Lighting in Photography: The Ultimate Guide Published in Artificial Lighting 6 months ago Level up your portrait photography with the power of split lighting. Learn how to produce gorgeous images with only one light!
Hard light portrait Hard vs Soft Light: A Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful Lighting Published in Natural Lighting 7 months ago The ultimate guide to hard vs soft light. Learn how these types of lighting are produced and how they affect your images.
Dark wooden wall with white curtains and a six-panel window showing a forested mountain. 8 Tips for Stunning Window Light Photography Published in Natural Lighting 7 months ago Capture breathtaking window light photography. Discover 8 practical tips for incredible window-lit results!
Triangles in photography - triangle shaped rooftops. Triangles in Photography: Quickly Improve Your Compositions Published in Composition 8 months ago Triangles are stable shapes that can improve nearly every photo. Learn to enhance your compositions with some triangular magic.
Woman with dark hair, red lipstick, and a black top looking at the camera with a faint blue light in the background. Butterfly Lighting: An Easy Way to Create Dramatic Portraits Published in Artificial Lighting 8 months ago Everything you need to know about butterfly lighting. Learn how to produce refined portraits with this simple technique.
Man sitting at a table by a window with a laptop and a camera lens. Photography Editing Styles: Popular Approaches Published in Editing 9 months ago Learn how to process your photos using a variety of popular editing styles. Refine your portfolio with a signature look!

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Common Photo Print Sizes Common Photo Print Sizes Updated in How to Print 10 months ago What are common photo print sizes? And what size is best for your photos? Discover everything you need to know about sizing your prints!
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sun behind women portrait How to Take Photos with the Sun Behind a Subject Updated in Natural Lighting 1 year ago Discover all the tips and tricks you need to take photos with the sun behind your subject. Capture beautiful photos when the sun is strong!
printing in lightoom How to Print in Lightroom Updated in How to Print 11 months ago Printing in Lightroom doesn't have to be difficult. Discover a step-by-step plan for producing high-quality prints from Lightroom!
Images of flowers, dogs, and waves displaying in Grid view in Lightroom Desktop. How to Organize Photos: A Step-By-Step Guide Updated in Editing 11 months ago How to organize photos for a clean, efficient workflow. Step-by-step instructions to sort, order, and back up your images.
snapseed photo editing process screenshot How to Edit Photos in Snapseed Updated in Editing 1 year ago Do you want to know how to edit photos in Snapseed? This Snapseed editing guide will teach you everything you need to get started with stunning edits!
output sharpening in Lightroom Output Sharpening in Lightroom and Photoshop Updated in How to Print 1 year ago If you want to create high-quality prints or files for the web, you need to master output sharpening. Here's a step-by-step plan!
viewfinder on camera EVF Vs OVF Explained Updated in Gear 1 year ago EVFs vs OVFs is a battle that rages on today. But what are the key differences between these two viewfinder types?
Man carrying a camera and a tripod without a bag. How to Carry a Camera Without a Bag Updated in Gear 1 year ago If you prefer to work without a camera bag, that's okay. Discover how to carry a camera without a bag in this useful article!
Installing Adobe Creative Cloud on a laptop. How to Install Adobe Lightroom Updated in Editing 2 years ago Are you looking for how to install Adobe Lightroom, fast? This step-by-step guide will tell you everything you need to know!
exposure triangle Exposure Triangle Explained: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture Updated in Camera Basics 1 year ago Learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work and when you to shoot photographs in aperture or shutter speed priority mode.
Rim light of a woman at night. Rim Light Photography Updated in Artificial Lighting 1 year ago Rim light photography gives your subject a gorgeous, backlit glow--and it looks extremely professional. Discover how to create it, ASAP!
focus bracketing example Focus Bracketing and Focus Stacking Updated in Focus in Photography 1 year ago Do you want to know how to do focus bracketing for perfectly sharp images? Discover everything you need to know to maximize depth of field.
Photoshop printing screenshot. How to Print in Photoshop Updated in How to Print 1 year ago Printing in Photoshop can seem complex, but it doesn't have to be. Discover an easy process for creating great prints in Photoshop!

Master the Art of Photography

Photography 101 is your comprehensive guide to mastering the art of photography. This category page is a treasure trove of knowledge for both novice and seasoned photographers. The topics covered include ‘Camera Basics,’ which offers fundamental insights into the operation of a camera, and ‘Artificial and Natural Lighting,’ where you’ll learn how light impacts your photos and how to make the best use of it. ‘Focus in Photography‘ will help you understand the mechanics of sharpness and depth of field.

You’ll also find valuable advice in ‘Editing Photos,’ from basic corrections to advanced creative editing techniques, and ‘Choosing Gear,’ which helps you identify the best equipment for your needs. ‘Composition‘ offers guidance on how to arrange elements within your frame for maximum impact. We also provide practical tips on ‘Printing Photos,’ a guide to getting high-quality prints of your work.

Our most recent articles dive into various photography techniques, including outdoor settings for perfect exposures, loop lighting for portraits, and unique composition methods like ‘frame within a frame‘ and ‘triangular composition.’

The ‘Most Popular‘ section features reader-favorite articles covering a variety of topics from print resolution, photo organization, and different editing styles to the comparison of electronic viewfinder vs. optical viewfinder, and the use of popular editing software like Lightroom and Snapseed.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or a pro wishing to refine your skills, Photography 101 is the perfect place to expand your photographic knowledge and abilities. Explore now and start capturing the world through your lens.

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