Make Videos Like a Pro: The Ultimate DSLR Video Guide

DSLR Video Guide: FroKnowsPhoto

FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video
FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video

Jared Polin, from the extremely popular YouTube channel FroKnowsPhoto, has come up with a series of DSLR video guides for photographers and DSLR videographers.

Earlier we reviewed the 3-Hour Video Guide on DSLR photography basics. In this review, we shall be looking at the FroKnowsPhoto guide to DSLR Video.

The challenges to DSLR video making are completely different from shooting stills. Thus, it needs a professional guide specific to DSLR video shooting in order to overcome.
To prepare this video Polin has teamed up with the professional filmmaker, Todd Wolfe, in order to find solutions to some of the challenges faced by beginner videographers.
Getting started is the biggest problem in shooting videos with your DSLR. There are so many things to consider. Often, beginner videographers are not sure where to begin. This FroKnowsPhoto guide on DSLR video is an excellent stepping stone.

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So What’s Included in the DSLR Video Tutorial?

Polin and Wolfe take the viewer through 4 real-world video shoots to demonstrate some of the most fundamental aspects of DSLR video making.

Why you need the Guide to DSLR Video: Reading how things are done can never be comprehensive and conclusive unless you actually work with a pro.

FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video Trailer from Jared Polin.

Working with a pro, with him taking you through the paces is probably the best way to learn how to make professional quality videos. However, affording a one-on-one session can be time-consuming and pricey. Consider this 6-hour guide as the next best thing.

Preview Episode: DSLR Video Frame Rates

One of the most challenging decisions to make is what frame rate to use when shooting videos. The frame rate is an important factor that affects your DSLR videos. The standard frame rates available on most cameras is 24, 30 and 60. At 24 frames you get 24 individual frames that make up a second of video. At 30 frames that becomes 30 individual frames, making up a second and so on.

FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video Preview Video (covering Frame Rates):

24 frames per second (fps) is widely considered as the standard as that is what has been a standard with filmmakers. It is often referred to as the ‘cinematic effect’. You can always shoot at a higher 30 fps if you want to. Frame rate depends on the kind of effect that you want in your video. Apart from frame rates, you can also experiment with the shutter speed.

Guide to DSLR Video: Covered Topics

1. Introduction to Lighting

Lighting is the key to any type of photography and of course videography. Many of the techniques that are used in still photography are also used in videography (ok, some challenges are the same).

So, starting with a single-light setup and then gradually going up to a three point set-up and more there is a lot that you can do with your lights. This video tutorial demonstrates a number of techniques that you can use in your video production.

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2. Adjusting Audio Levels

Adjusting and monitoring the audio levels while recording your videos is an important task. Most beginner photographers set their audio levels to auto. Auto is never the right technique to adjust your audio levels. You get lots of ‘spikes’.

Lulls in sound level followed by sudden conversations or noise. You also get a lot of ‘hissing’ noise when the camera tries to ‘listen to’ a non-existent sound. This tutorial teaches you how to adjust the sound manually and precisely.

And that’s not all. You get critical advice on framing, white balance, camera angles and so much more. The FroKnowsPhoto guide to DSLR video is a one-stop comprehensive guide for anybody interested in getting started in DSLR video making to go from zero to hero in just six hours.

3. Many More DSLR Video Shooting Tips!

The DSLR Video Guide Also Covers:

  • Camera Basics For Video
  • What is the BEST Resolution?
  • The Mystery of the Video Exposure Triangle Revealed
  • How Shutter Speed Is Different For Video
  • The Importance of Aperture & ISO when Shooting Video with Your DSLR
  • Why Are Picture Styles Important?
  • How to Stabilize Your Camera (Camera Supports)
  • How To Get That Smooth Movement?
  • And much more…See the Entire Content of the DSLR Video Guide here.
FroKnowsPhoto DSLR Video Guide
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