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Camcorders are professional video camera systems designed to record movies pictures. Originally they were designed to record the footages on to a cassette (Sony Handycams). But modern camcorders have moved away from that archaic storage option. They have now incorporated memory card systems which are faster and more reliable.

Camcorders have a smaller sensor which makes them unsuitable for anything beyond HD video recording.

Additionally, camcorders produce a larger depth of field which means shooting bokeh becomes a bit of a challenge. Camcorders have a data processing architecture that is geared to record HD videos (or 4K in some higher-end cameras) continuously.

Additionally, the best of camcorders come with built-in ND filters. The reason for that is the shutter speed is matched with the frame rate. In bright daylight conditions, this becomes a problem because slower shutter speed will overexpose the footages.

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