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The term frame rate is used in relation to video shooting. Frame rate denotes the number of frames that are recorded per second of video recording. It is pertinent to note that higher the frame rate the smoother is the quality of the videos it would be.

A lower frame rate (anything below 24 frames per second, fps) will create a jittery video which will appear like stop and go traffic.

A bare minimum of 24 fps is necessary for good results. For natural look 60 fps is what is best. Higher frame rates such as 120 fps are also used. But these are for high-speed action. These footages are recorded in higher frame rate and then played back in low speed to create a slow motion effect.

The higher the resolution of the individual frames, the lower is going to be the frame rate. This is because it takes that much processing power to record UHD at a higher frame rate.

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