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A name that is synonymous with action cameras and action videos, GoPro has single-handedly revolutionized the whole action camera industry. Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, GoPro originally started by selling 35mm film cameras.

The first digital action camera did not come out until 2006 when the first GoPro with a maximum of 10 seconds worth of video recording was launched.

Over the years GoPro launched a number of new cameras. The latest being the Hero 2018; a new entry-level action camera GoPro also dabbled unsuccessfully at launching drones.

A majority of their cameras come with built-in water resistance and can record 4K in-camera footages with stereo sound. The GoPro Karma generated much interest but sales failed to take-off. The drone had problems with power. No new drones were launched by GoPro after the failure of the Karma. GoPro went back to their core business of action cams and accessories.

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