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Adobe Spark Review: How Does This Graphics Platform Perform?

Adobe Spark
adobe spark

Name: Spark

Description: A comprehensive graphics design platform with a large library of templates.

Offer price: 9.99

Currency: USD

Operating System: Web, iOS, Android

Application Category: Multimedia

Author: Adobe

  • Pricing
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Templates

Adobe Spark Review Summary

Adobe Spark is a well-rounded and highly usable platform. It has one of the largest template libraries we have seen which is perfect if you have minimal design knowledge, or are seeking inspiration.

Adobe Spark is a graphics design platform similar to Canva and Easil. It allows you to create a wide range of graphics and social media content for personal or business use. In this Adobe Spark review, we look at what the platform has to offer in terms of features, usability, and design capabilities.

Adobe Spark Overview

Adobe Spark is a standalone product but part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Single users or businesses can utilize this platform to produce a variety of designs including web pages, videos, graphics, and social media posts. The following are the main features of this platform:

Main Features

  • A large library of pre-made templates
  • Project management to easily create and edit designs
  • A branding section to create a cohesive brand
  • Web-based editor for creating designs
  • Collage maker
  • A learning center with articles and tutorials

Essentially, Adobe Spark has everything you need to create a vast array of web and print media. It’s a comprehensive platform that gives the user good creative freedom.

Has a simple and easy to use interface
Great customization options for all elements
A good selection of templates for inspiration
Simple tutorials for the different functions
Fantastic sharing ability for projects
Some may find the video editing section limited
The free version has limited utility

Adobe Spark Review – Features & Usability

To fully review Adobe Spark, we extensively tested the platform and its features. With a Creative Cloud subscription, we had full access to all the features offered by Adobe Spark.


The pricing is structured in three tiers – starter, individual, and business:

  • Starter Plan – Free
  • Individual – $9.99/month
  • Business – $19.99/month

The free version just requires you to create an Adobe ID which is a simple process. However, the features and utility are limited compared to a paid subscription.

For sole usage, if you are a solo entrepreneur or just a single user, the Individual plan is the best choice. This is a little expensive at $10.10/month, especially compared to some other graphic design platforms.

If you have a small business with multiple users, the Business plan is the best option. This is more reasonably priced and the price doesn’t inflate based on multiple users. The business plan also gives greater flexibility concerning licenses, and changes in staff.

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Finally, it is important to note that you gain access to all of Adobe Spark’s features if you already have a monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. For example, the “Photography” plan is $9.99/month and gives access to Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as complete access to use Adobe Spark.

Main Interface and Management

We like the layout and interface of Adobe Spark. The main screen before you use the editor is easy to understand. As you can see below, it has a main menu on the left-hand side for the different features like your projects and brands.

From this first section, you can essentially manage all of your content, quickly move to the editor, or browse through the template library. We also like how it shows the most recent projects you have worked on.


If you are struggling for inspiration, or simply want ideas for your designs, Adobe Spark has a large library of templates. The template library is easy to use – it has a simple interface and a large search bar at the top. You can search for keywords, and it has several categories too.

You certainly can’t complain at the volume of templates either. There are literally tens of thousands of designs. They also span multiple categories and types including – Instagram stories, Facebook cover photos, Pinterest boards, animated, social media stories, and more.

If you find a template you like, simply click on it, and you can then open it in the editor to customize and make it your own.

Brand Management

We also looked at the brand section. This is an essential feature for businesses that want to maintain a consistent brand image in their content. You can create new brands and the basic selection includes the company logo, color palette, and fonts.

Once you have chosen these brand themes, you can then easily apply them to new projects that you create. You can also create brand templates which are great if you create regular social media posts of a certain style.

Project Management

Adobe Spark has a dedicated project tab. We really like this as it provides one location where all your content is stored. You can filter this section by your projects, or projects that others have shared with you. It’s simple, it’s minimalistic, and it’s easy to use.

We also like the invite and sharing features. It uses a similar system to Google Drive in which you can share your projects with other people via email. You can also set sharing permissions such as whether the user can view or edit the project. This is great for joint projects, or even for sharing work with clients.

The Graphics Editor

The final part of this review is to look at the Adobe Spark editor. Overall, the editor is easy to use. It has a simple and minimalistic layout. The main screen area is taken up with your design which is great as it means it is not cluttered and filled with unnecessary tools.

Everything is either click operated, or drag and drop, and you can easily edit, move, and insert different elements into your designs. The main menu on the right-hand side has the main elements such as colors, background, and templates.

We also like how if you click on an element – like a logo, for example, it opens a new toolbar with all the relevant editing features. This means you can quickly edit individual elements of your design without affecting the whole image.

For positioning, elements all snap into position and it has an intelligent alignment system. This means your designs can be precise, and you can center different elements with accuracy.


The colors tool is a great feature offered by Adobe Spark. It allows you to change the color palette of the design. You can use your brand palette, but there is also a large choice of subtle color palettes, too. If you select a palette, it will automatically apply the colors to the different elements in your design.


For different layouts, Adobe Spark also provides a host of background designs and layouts. This is a really useful feature as it allows you to quickly create layouts for your designs. It also gives suggestions and shows different designs that you may not have considered before providing you with lots of creative insights that might help achieve the design you’ve been looking for.

Image Editing

Adobe Spark also includes a basic photo editor. If you insert a photo into your design and click on it the image editing toolbar opens. Here you can change the scale and rotation of your images. You can also apply a small selection of filters.

There is also a basic editing section where you can change parameters like contrast, brightness, saturation, and shadows. If you don’t have access to a photo editor, you can at least still improve the basic quality of your photos for your designs.


If you want to create animated content, Adobe Spark also has a basic animation tool. This section of Adobe Spark is still in development and eventually will be expanded on. As it stands, there is only a minimal number of animation styles to choose from, and it doesn’t provide much flexibility.

Adobe Spark Alternatives

We hope you have found this review of Adobe Spark beneficial. It is not the only platform of its kind, however. The following are some great alternatives to Adobe Spark that provide similar functionality:

  • Canva
  • Stencil
  • PicMonkey
  • FotoJet
  • Desygner
  • BeFunky
  • Easil
  • Crello

Canva, for example, is a graphic design platform much like Adobe Spark that allows users to create anything from slideshows and social media content, to print media and presentations. You can check out our list of graphic design platform alternatives for an in-depth look at how the above websites differ from Adobe Spark.

Is Adobe Spark Right for You?

Adobe Spark is a well-rounded and highly usable platform. It has one of the largest template libraries we have seen which is perfect if you have minimal design knowledge, or are seeking inspiration.

Also, the editor and tools are easy to use. It has a clean interface, and everything is non-destructible so you can easily undo any changes. The editor also has a solid selection of pre-made features, whilst not restricting your creativity either.

But is this the right graphics design platform for you? We personally think the monthly price plan is a little expensive. For example, Canva’s Pro plan is also $10.99/month, but this can be used for up to five people, whereas Adobe Spark’s basic plan is just for one user.

In reality, if you wanted a graphics design platform like this, the most cost-effective method would be to purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud plan – something like the Photography plan. For the same price as a basic Spark subscription, you get access to Spark, but also a host of other useful Adobe software.

If you just wanted to use a graphic design platform however, Adobe Spark is a great choice, but there are other viable options too.

Adobe Spark FAQ

Can you use Adobe Spark for free?

There is a free version of Adobe Spark, but it has limited usability and you do not have access to the full features and templates.

Do you get access to Adobe Spark from any other Adobe subscription?

Yes – Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions also give full access to Adobe Spark.

Can you print from Adobe Spark?

Yes, there is a print option for any of the designs you create. Selecting the print option either opens a print dialogue box or allows you to save the design as a PDF.

Is there a mobile version of Adobe Spark?

Yes but it’s split into three separate apps. Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Video, and Adobe Spark Page – these are available on Android and iOS.

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