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inPixio 11 Review: An In-Depth Look at inPixio’s Latest Editing Software

inPixio Photo Studio 11 is the latest version of this fantastic photo editing software from inPixio. The Photo Studio series is known for being an easy-to-use program with a decent range of features for advanced editing. inPixio Photo Studio 11 looks to improve on this with a host of performance upgrades, and exciting new features.

In this inPixio review, I dissect the features of the editing software, including photo management, RAW editing, presets, and more.

A simple and useful photo editing program

inPixio Photo Studio 11 has a great set of basic features and is fantastic for creative photo editing.

Simple and intuitive to use
Great performance with minimal system requirements
A comprehensive set of RAW editing tools
Limited photo management tools

inPixio Photo Studio 11: Overview

inPixio Photo Studio 11 is a program meant for intermediate photo editing and creative editing. It is not meant for professional editing – programs like Adobe Lightroom and ON1 Photo RAW 2021 are better suited for this due to their extensive features.

However, for intermediate-level photo editing, it has everything you need. The full complement of RAW editing tools gives you great control over the composition and look of your images. This is combined with an array of handy editing tools like sky replacement and cut-out tools.

One of the main downsides is the lack of photo management tools. If you have a large catalog of photos, you will not be able to use inPixio Photo Studio 11 to manage them effectively – a third-party program would be needed. Aside from that, it’s a well-rounded program with a good set of features!

inPixio 10 vs inPixio 11: What’s New?

inPixio Photo Studio 10 was a great program, but it did lack in terms of its overall utility and features. Version 11 looks to address this with a host of new features. What’s more, these features are actually useful. Oftentimes, software developers add in new features that look flashy, but serve no real purpose – this isn’t the case here. The features genuinely improve the editing process and make it easier to create high-quality photos.

The following are a list of new features added to inPixio Photo Studio 11:

  • Sky Replacement tool (Pro version only)
  • Improved eraser tool with a boosted AI algorithm
  • Photo-montage feature to add cut-outs to other photos
  • Background blur tool (Pro version only)
  • Improved interface and software layout
  • Improved cut-out tool and object erasing tool

As you can see, the emphasis is on an enhanced user experience, including offering tools that help you edit your photos quickly. Many of the new tools give you great versatility in your editing, without making the process too complex. There are also some cool features like the sky replacement tool that allows you to be creative and experiment with your photos.

It should be noted that some of the features are available in the pro version only. I discuss the pricing and differences in versions at the end of this inPixio review. Compared to inPixio Photo 10, version 11 is a great step in the right direction and certainly builds upon an already useful photo editing program.

inPixio Review – Features & Utility

To give you a clear idea of what to expect from this software, I have broken the inPixio review into separate sections. You can see below how it performs, its usability, the editing features, and pricing!


Software from inPixio is generally known for having great performance and not requiring high-spec computers. inPixio Photo Studio 11 follows this trend and generally has low requirements. I have listed the basic system requirements below:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
  • Memory: 8GB of RAM
  • HDD: 1.5GB of free HDD space
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×768

The processor, HDD space, and screen resolution are all relatively basic. The RAM is a little higher spec, but 8GB of memory is common for many basic computers today.

I spent time testing the software and its performance and found no issues. The interface is fantastic, and the different tools all worked without lag. It should be noted that my computer has an Intel i5 processor and 24GB of RAM. Therefore, I would expect the software to run smoothly. However, I do not foresee any performance issues, even on a computer or Mac that had the minimum system requirements.

It should also be noted that inPixio Photo Studio 11 is available in 11 other languages – fully translated and operational. This includes Danish, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

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Something I always look for is the usability of a program. Not everyone has advanced knowledge of photo editing software. Therefore, software should have great functionality and it should be easy to learn. inPixio Photo Studio 11 fits this description.

It has a minimalistic layout and an uncomplicated set of tools. For example, when you first open the software, you are taken to a simple screen where you can open files or look at tutorials.

The main editing screen is also easy to follow and use. There is a large preview of your photo, and you can change this to a before/after view. On the right-hand side, you can find the various editing tools and tabs. It really is a simple interface which is quite refreshing.

The individual tools are also easy to use and you can mainly change settings via sliders. There are also useful tooltips for each feature. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the heading, and a pop-up box is shown that explains the feature and shows a preview of what it can do.

Photo Management

This is the one area that inPixio Photo Studio 11 really falls down. Unfortunately, it does not have any photo management features. You can only open files and save files. There is no dedicated photo management tab or screen. Given this, there are no filters, search systems, or ranking systems for your photos.

This is one of the reasons why inPixio Photo Studio 11 is not suitable for professional photo editing. If you have a large number of photos, you will have to use a third-party program to manage and organize your collection.

Editing Features

Now that you understand the basic utility of inPixio Photo Studio 11, we can delve into its editing features. What can you do with the program? How can you edit your photos and what features does it have? To create this inPixio review, I spent time testing the program and editing photos – you can see the different features and my findings below.

RAW Editing

For RAW editing, inPixio Photo Studio 11 gives a full complement of tools. You can edit the basic parameters of your photos using simple sliders. These include exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, and saturation. You can also edit the temperature, hue, and clarity.

There is also a useful one-click automatic enhancement tool. If you select this, it automatically edits the photo using AI technology and greatly improves its basic quality.

Eraser Tool

Oftentimes you want to remove unwanted objects from your photos. The eraser tool allows you to do this. When you select this tool, it opens a new window. Here you can draw over different objects and then press the erase button to automatically remove them from your photo. The AI technology will remove the object and replace the background with a matching selection.

The tool is easy to use and it also appears to be effective. It is worth noting that it was most effective when erasing smaller objects. I did find that sometimes when trying to remove a large object, the background was not 100% perfect after the object was removed.

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Whilst most photo editing software has presets or filters, inPixio Photo Studio 11 offers textures. These are different style overlays that you can quickly apply to your photos. The textures are split into different categories like light-leaks, grain, double exposure, material, and film.

I found the textures to be of high quality. They also look great when applied to your photos. You are also given a decent degree of control. For example, you can change the opacity, and blend mode of the overlay. As a result, you can create some fantastic effects. For social media and marketing content, this is an excellent feature.


In this inPixio review, I also looked at the frames the software had to offer. These are essentially different style borders that you can add to your photos. I thoroughly enjoyed using these! There is a range of different categories like retro, adornment, sport, and travel. Also, the frames themselves are high-quality and are created as an overlay to your photo.

You can even change the scale of the frame and the color. As you can see from the below photo, you can combine the frames with different textures to create artistic versions of your photos. This is a fantastic tool for those who want to create stylish social media images or website content.

inPixio Photo Studio 11 Pricing

There are two versions of inPixio Photo Studio 11 available – standard and professional. There are some major differences between the two versions and this is important to understand. The following features are only available in the professional version:

  • Sky replacement
  • One-click image correction
  • 100+ extra filters and effects
  • 100+ frames
  • 50+ textures

This is a decent list of extra features and I believe that investing in the professional version is certainly worth it. It helps that the professional version only costs $10.00 more. For an extra $10.00 (for an already inexpensive program), you get great value for money. The following are the price plans for the two versions of inPixio Photo Studio 11:

  • Standard: $49.99
  • Professional: $59.99 (Standard non-discount price is $79.99)

Overall, this is an inexpensive piece of photo editing software. It is certainly one of the better-priced photo editing software programs on the market.

inPixio Photo Studio 11 Alternatives

Although inPixio Photo Studio 11 is a great product, there is no harm in looking at alternatives too. There is a great range of photo editing software available that offers similar functionality. The following are some of the notable alternatives to inPixio Photo Studio 11 and our reviews of each:

For basic editing, programs like Luminar 4, and Affinity Photo are incredibly similar to inPixio Photo Studio 11. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more advanced, software like Lightroom, Photo RAW 2021, and Capture One are fantastic choices.

Who Should Purchase inPixio Photo Studio 11?

From this inPixio review, it is clear this photo editing software is suitable for beginners and intermediate users. As mentioned above, this photo editing software is not quite suitable for professional photo editing – for a professional photographer, or graphic designer, for example. Although it does offer excellent RAW editing tools, it doesn’t quite have the flexibility, and depth of features. Also, the lack of advanced photo management tools is a big loss.

However, for basic to intermediate photo editing, it’s an excellent program. For example, if you are a photography hobbyist and simply want to edit your photos and experiment with creative styles – inPixio Photo Studio 11 would be a great choice. You can do this easily, and the software is also easy to learn and use – it doesn’t require advanced knowledge of photo editing software to use effectively.

inPixio Photo Studio 11 Review

Name: inPixio Photo Studio 11

Description: inPixio is a digital photo editing software. It allows you to delete or cut out objects, create photomontages and optimize images. The photo editor is easy to use and the pro version allows you to add filters and textures.

Offer price: 49.99

Currency: inPixio

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Application Category: Multimedia

Author: Avanquest

  • Price
  • Usability
  • Quality
  • Performance


Overall, it’s a great product. For beginners and hobbyists, inPixio Photo Studio 11 offers a superb introduction into the world of photo editing.


  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Great performance with minimal system requirements
  • A comprehensive set of RAW editing tools


  • Limited photo management tools
How much free hard drive space do you need to install inPixio Photo Studio 11?

1.5GB is needed for full installation – you will also obviously need additional storage space for your photo collection.

Is inPixio Photo Studio 11 Pro worth it over the basic version?

Yes! It costs only $10.00 more, and for this you get a decent range of extra tools and features like sky replacement, one-click image correction, and a host of extra textures, features, and filters.

Does inPixio Photo Studio 11 have any photo management features?

You can only open and save files. When using the open menu, you can also create new folders and manage your photo folder hierarchy somewhat.

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  1. When I downloaded to my Mac it does not give you all of the toolbar features , anyone else have this problem??

  2. I’m confused by different info I got from these people. I simply wanted to purchase editing software and was informed I needed to spend $99 for license for 5 computers. I only will be using on one and I was told it was an annual license. I immediately cancelled

  3. As always it’s very unclear what you get for your payment.

    So apperantly it’s an annual payment.
    After the year you do not get any updates anymore.
    That makes sence.

    But what if you purchase the Lifetime 5 pc addition?
    Will you get updates for all new versions?
    Or is it fixed to the version you bought, so basically will do nothing more than the one year license?

  4. So, based on previous comments. The special price is for one year only and will probably renew at regular price after that in order to use the software. I guess, I will not be buying.

  5. I purchased 1 license for 1 yr for 1 windows laptop. I signed in and downloaded the software but everytime I try to use it I get a message saying I’m in demo mode. Tonight I uninstalled and re-installed, logged in and uploaded a picture. I didn’t even do anything to the picture and I got a message at bottom of the screen saying my picture will have watermarks until I upgrade!!! Wth.

  6. I think that it is time for “inPixio” to tell the WHOLE TRUTH about the Long-Term pricing policy (both the initial price and the price for renewing) without any fine print. In the meantime, I’ll wait! The program has potential, but it’s the overall pricing issue that is holding me back. What are you hiding, inPixio?

  7. I’m impressed with the capabilities, but I’m not impressed with the wishy-washy pricing. I’ve been burned a few times, so I will hold off on purchasing anything. I would be willing to pay $120 for lifetime use, provided InPixio provides updates for as long as they are in business.

    For some reason, I think this company is greedy. I wouldn’t look for this company to be in business too long.

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