Software Comparisons

Our Software Comparisons category covers the latest and best photo editing software you can buy in 2023.


Canva vs Picsart Canva vs Picsart: Which Online Graphics Editor Is Best? 11 months ago Find the perfect platform to create graphics for social media, website banners, and more. An in-depth comparison of Canva and Picsart.
Aurora HDR vs Photomatix Pro 6.3 Aurora HDR vs Photomatix Pro: Which HDR Program Is Best? 1 year ago Which is better, Aurora HDR or Photomatix Pro 6.3? Pick the right HDR software with our comprehensive comparison.
ON1 Photo RAW vs Luminar AI ON1 Photo RAW vs Luminar AI: Which Is Best in 2022? 1 year ago Which AI-powered editing program should you buy, ON1 Photo RAW or Luminar AI? We break it down for you in this head-to-head comparison.
Apple devices lumafusion vs adobe rush LumaFusion vs Premiere Rush: Which Mobile Video Editor Is Best? 2 years ago Which video editor should you buy, LumaFusion versus Premiere Rush? Discover the pros and cons of both mobile video editing apps.
Luminar 4 vs Lightroom Luminar 4 vs Lightroom 11 months ago Luminar 4 and Adobe Lightroom are two of the most popular photo editing programs available. You can use either to edit your RAW images to a professional standard, but is there a better option or clear winner?
difference between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic The Difference Between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic Explained (2021) 2 years ago Which should you choose, Lightroom or Lightroom Classic? Discover the key differences between these powerful editing programs.
canva vs adobe spark Canva vs Adobe Express 12 months ago Are you struggling to decide between Canva vs. Adobe Spark? Find out which of these options is the best graphic creation tool for your needs.
Lightroom vs Aurora HDR for Creating HDR (Bracketed Photos) Images Aurora HDR vs Lightroom to Merge Bracketed Photos 2 years ago A comparative and contrasting review of merging bracketed HDR images using the software programs of Aurora HDR 2019 versus Lightroom Classic CC.
Luminar AI vs Luminar 4 Luminar 4 vs Luminar AI: Which Editing Program Is Best for You? 2 years ago Which should you choose, Luminar 4 vs Luminar AI? Determine the best editing program for you in this comprehensive Luminar comparison.
affinity photo - how does it compare to Lightroom? Affinity Photo vs Lightroom 2 years ago Affinity Photo and Lightroom are two similar photo editing programs. Both programs allow you to fully edit RAW photos and apply presets. In this review we compare both programs and see if there is a clear winner.

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