Focus in Photography Tutorials: Sharp Shots Every Time!

Reading these focus tutorials will help you to:

  • Consistently acquire focus on your subject
  • Keep fast-moving subjects in focus, no matter the situation
  • Know instantly whether you should be using autofocus or manual focus
  • Get sharp photo after sharp photo!

Most Popular Focus Tutorials

focus bracketing example Focus Bracketing and Focus Stacking Do you want to know how to do focus bracketing for perfectly sharp images? Discover everything you need to know to maximize depth of field.
Shallow Depth of Field Depth of Field: Shallow vs Deep DoF What is shallow vs deep depth of field and why does it matter? Discover everything you need to know about DoF!
camera focus points Camera Focus Points Explained Discover everything you need to know about camera focus points--including the different settings you need to control them.
manual vs autofocus Manual Focus Vs Autofocus Discover the difference between manual focus vs autofocus--and when it makes sense to focus manually versus automatically.
zone focusing example What is Zone Focusing and How to Use it? Discover the secret to consistently capturing sharp photos, even without focusing. Zone focusing is a great technique for all photographers!
phase vs contrast detection Phase Detection Vs Contrast Detection Autofocus What's the difference between phase detection vs contrast detection autofocus? Discover everything you need to know!
Photographer taking photos adjusting focus manually in a park. Manual Focus Mode Explained What is manual focus mode? How should you use it in your photography? Discover the times when you should use autofocusing for sharp images.

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