Photography Composition Tutorials

Reading these composition tutorials will help you to:

  • Create beautiful exposures using artificial light
  • Expertly position studio strobes or speedlights for gorgeous results
  • Easily use reflectors, softboxes, and other modifiers to shape light
  • Create dramatic portraits that will stun the viewer

Most Popular Composition Tutorials

Woman composing a photograph The Ultimate Guide to Composition in Photography An in-depth guide to composition in photography. Learn how to transform your images using careful arrangement techniques.
Close-up of a spiral shell fossil in black and white. The Golden Ratio in Photography: A Comprehensive Guide Use the golden ratio to create harmonious photo compositions. Learn all about the golden grid, the golden spiral, and much more!
Aerial landscape of a forest of green trees in the upper left and a sea of turquoise water in the lower right. Simplicity in Photography: Why Simple Photos Are Usually Best If you're after stunning compositions, then simplicity is your best friend. Here's how to keep your photos simple (and beautiful).
Moving train at train standing, two guys standing with a skateboard. Movement in Photography Movement in photography isn't easy to capture--but once you've read this article, you'll know how to work with movement for great results!
Stones on the road in random patterns. Textures in Photography: The Ultimate Guide What are textures in photography? And how can you use them for great results? Discover everything you need to know!
Rule of odds: 5 shells on white background. Rule of Odds: What Is It, and How Can It Enhance Your Compositions? The rule of odds is a compositional technique that can quickly improve your compositions. Discover how to use it for great results!
symmetry in photography plant 1.jpg?w=345&h=230&scale The Ultimate Guide to Symmetry in Photography Symmetry makes for bold compositions. Discover how to use symmetry in photography for the best results!
A gridded brown window overlooking a busy city with a warm sunset and wispy clouds. A Comprehensive Guide to Frame Within a Frame Photography Level up your compositions with frame within a frame photography. Discover how to use this powerful technique like a pro!
Pattern of a patch of green fields shot from above. Patterns in Photography Patterns in photography can easily take your images to the next level. Discover how patterns can instantly enhance your compositions!
Cron field and green grass cut by a diagonal line. Diagonals in Photography: A Comprehensive Guide Everything you need to know about using diagonals in compositional arrangements. Learn how to make your photos dynamic and unique!
Kite surfer and a dog in the sea. Golden Triangle Photography How can you use the golden triangle photography technique for stunning photos? Discover everything you need to know!
Landscape shot of a lonely dried-up tree out in the field covered entirely with snow on a cold winter morning. Negative Space in Photography If you want to capture beautiful images, then you've got to understand the importance of negative space in photography.
Yellow and light pink colored wall. Colors in Photography How can colors in photography improve your images? Once you understand how to use color, you'll be on your way to becoming an image master!
Triangles in photography - triangle shaped rooftops. Triangles in Photography: Quickly Improve Your Compositions Triangles are stable shapes that can improve nearly every photo. Learn to enhance your compositions with some triangular magic.
rule of thirds in photography shown by flowers in the field and a 2/3 sky above. The Rule of Thirds Photography Explained What is the rule of thirds in photography? Discover everything you need to know about this helpful composition guideline!
Fibonacci Sequence (Golden Ratio) in a wall. A common photography rule. Breaking Photography Rules (10 Rules to Break) Breaking photography rules may seem scary, but it's a key step in any photographer's development! Learn when breaking the rules makes sense.
Bird full in frame Fill the Frame to Improve Your Compositions If you want to improve your compositions, fast, then here's an easy tip: fill the frame. How should you do this? It's all in this article!
Working wih Lines in Photography Using Lines in Photography: 5 Tips How do you capture amazing photos using lines? Discover the secrets to using lines in photography (for gorgeous images)!

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