Natural Lighting Tutorials

Reading these natural light tutorials will help you to:

  • The best natural light for different genres of photography
  • The types of natural light you should always avoid
  • How to create beautiful images using different types of light, including reflection images, shadow photography, and silhouette photography
  • How to shoot against the sun and control sun flare, and more…

Most Popular Tutorials

sun behind women portrait How to Take Photos with the Sun Behind a Subject Discover all the tips and tricks you need to take photos with the sun behind your subject. Capture beautiful photos when the sun is strong!
Indoor low light, woman sitting at table. Indoor Low Light Photography Discover how to capture beautiful indoor low light photography. Learn all about camera settings and gear choice for low light shooting.
Talking a full body portrait of a woman in a park with a big reflector. Reflectors in Photography How can you capture stunning results with reflectors in photography? Discover everything you need to know about choosing and using reflectors.
reflection of buildings in water Reflection Photography How do you capture stunning reflection photos using available light? Discover all the tips and tricks you need to know for beautiful results.
Shadow of a man walking. Shadow Photography Discover how to do incredible shadow photography. Everything you need to know for amazing shadow photos, including settings and composition.
Man with a mustache smiling while viewing an image on the back of an old or retro-style camera. The Best Outdoor Camera Settings to Capture Perfect Exposures Every Time Learn how to capture perfect exposures in any outdoor situation, from landscapes to action, with the best camera settings for outdoor photography.
women in natural light Light Direction in Photography Discover everything you need to know about light direction. Includes frontlight, backlight, sidelight, overhead light, upward light.
Portrait studio using both natural and artificial light. Natural Vs Artificial Light Should you use natural light or artificial light? Natural vs artificial light go head to head in this practical comparison of light sources.
Dark wooden wall with white curtains and a six-panel window showing a forested mountain. 8 Tips for Stunning Window Light Photography Capture breathtaking window light photography. Discover 8 practical tips for incredible window-lit results!
Wide angle shot of the Silhouette of a woman sitting on a bench looking at the tranquil sunset over the ocean. Silhouette Photography Discover how to capture gorgeous silhouette photography. Includes a step-by-step walkthrough, plus tips and tricks for amazing silhouettes.

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