Artificial Lighting Mastery: Illuminate Like a Pro

Reading these artificial light tutorials will help you to:

  • Create beautiful exposures using artificial light
  • Expertly position studio strobes or speedlights for gorgeous results
  • Easily use reflectors, softboxes, and other modifiers to shape light
  • Create dramatic portraits that will stun the viewer

Most Popular Artificial Light Tutorials

Rembrandt Lighting Portrait of a Woman Rembrandt Lighting: What Is It, and How to Use It Rembrandt lighting is flattering, dramatic, and all-around gorgeous. Discover how it works and how you can use it for stunning portraits.
Rim light of a woman at night. Rim Light Photography Rim light photography gives your subject a gorgeous, backlit glow--and it looks extremely professional. Discover how to create it, ASAP!
Light meter How to Use a Light Meter Light meters may seem intimidating, but don't worry. Discover how to use a light meter for consistently spot-on exposures.
Joshua Gharis, headshot photographer, standing with his Godox lighting setup. Perfecting Your Lighting Setup for Headshot Photography: Insider Tips Master the art of headshot photography lighting with expert tips and techniques. Elevate your portraits with this professional lighting setup.
Direct flash portrait of a man. Direct Flash Photography Direct flash may not be pretty, but it has its place. Discover how you can use direct flash for eye-popping, original results.
A B&W headshot of a woman with short hair and a slight smile standing against a dark background. Loop Lighting in Photography: Master This Lighting Technique for Striking Portraits Loop lighting is a flattering technique that every photographer should know. Learn how to use it to create stunning portraits!
Closeup headshot of man with gel colored flashlights. How to Use Flash Gels in Photography Flash gels allow you to create accurate colors--and can also help you capture stunning, unique results. Discover how to use flash gels, fast.
Artificial light, a softbox light equipment Artificial Light in Photography Artificial light in photography is an intimidating subject, but don't worry; this article will take you through all its ins-and-outs.
High contrast lighting High Contrast Lighting in Photography High contrast photography is striking and dramatic--but how do you create it? Master high contrast photography, fast!
Portrait of a woman using clamshell lighting. Clamshell Lighting in Photography What is clamshell lighting in photography? And how can you use it for amazing results? Discover everything you need to know!
Split Lighting Portrait Split Lighting in Photography: The Ultimate Guide Level up your portrait photography with the power of split lighting. Learn how to produce gorgeous images with only one light!
Broad light portrait photography of a man Broad Lighting: What Is It, and How Does It Work? Broad lighting is a common lighting technique, and one that every photographer should know. Discover how to use it for great results!
bounce flash photography Bounce Flash in Photography Bounce flash is a fantastic technique for soft, flattering portraits. Discover how you can use bounce flash for consistently gorgeous photos!
Woman with dark hair, red lipstick, and a black top looking at the camera with a faint blue light in the background. Butterfly Lighting: An Easy Way to Create Dramatic Portraits Everything you need to know about butterfly lighting. Learn how to produce refined portraits with this simple technique.
Portrait of man using artificial light in a studio. Lighting Patterns in Photography Lighting patterns are a key part of any great portrait, still life, or product photography workflow. Discover everything you need to know!
Short Lighting Portrait of a Woman Short Lighting: What Is It and How Does It Work? Short lighting offers the potential for striking, dramatic portraits. But how does it work? And how do you create it?

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