Camera Basics

Reading these camera basics tutorials will help you to:

  • Confidently select the right camera mode for the job
  • Take control of every photo by making artistic choices regarding sharpness and depth of field
  • Ensure that every photo you take is bright and full of detail
  • Take gorgeous images that stand the test of time
exposure triangle Exposure Triangle Explained: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture 12 months ago Learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work and when you to shoot photographs in aperture or shutter speed priority mode.
Analog Megapixel - What is a Megapixel? What Is a Megapixel? 1 year ago Megapixels refer to a cluster of pixels. How many exactly? Well one million. So one megapixel is one million tiny individual pixels. Find out how many pixels you need (hint: it depends on how large you want your prints to be).
Orange light strips against a silvery foil background with blue reflections. Color Temperature in Photography: The Ultimate Guide 5 months ago Understand color temperature so you can create images with natural, accurate colors. Discover how to get rid of color casts in seconds!
Metering Modes Metering Modes: The Ultimate Guide 12 months ago What are the best metering modes for photography? How do you choose a metering mode? Discover how to meter for great exposures!
Exposure Compensation Exposure Compensation Guide 12 months ago Discover all the ins-and-outs of exposure compensation--and how you can use it for perfectly exposed images!
Aperture Priority Aperture Priority Mode 12 months ago What is Aperture Priority mode, and how can you use it for beautiful photos? Discover everything you need to know about Aperture Priority.
Camera Manual Mode Manual Mode in Photography 12 months ago What is Manual mode, and how do you use it to improve your photos? Discover everything you need to know--for amazing images!
Shutter Priority Explained Shutter Priority Mode 10 months ago Shutter priority is a mode which allows you to change the shutter speed of the camera while the aperture value is automatically selected.
Camera Controls Camera Controls: Camera Buttons, Dials, and Viewfinder 12 months ago What do all those little buttons and dials mean? Discover everything you need to know about camera anatomy, right away.
Program Mode Program Mode in Photography 12 months ago Discover everything you need to know about Program mode: What it is, who it's for, and how you can use it to capture gorgeous photos.
raw vs jpeg RAW vs JPEG: Why RAW Is Better 2 years ago Is RAW better than JPEG? Why should you shoot one format over the other? Discover the answer to the RAW vs JPEG debate.
camera settings Basic Camera Settings: An Overview 10 months ago Discover the basic camera settings for amazing photography. Take your photos to the next level with aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.
camera histogram Histogram in Photography 12 months ago How can you use the histogram in your photography? Discover everything you need to know about histograms--and how they can boost your photos.

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