Camera Basics

Reading these camera basics tutorials will help you to:

  • Confidently select the right camera mode for the job
  • Take control of every photo by making artistic choices regarding sharpness and depth of field
  • Ensure that every photo you take is bright and full of detail
  • Take gorgeous images that stand the test of time
exposure triangle Exposure Triangle Explained: ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture 8 months ago Learn how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work and when you to shoot photographs in aperture or shutter speed priority mode.
Analog Megapixel - What is a Megapixel? What Is a Megapixel? 8 months ago Megapixels refer to a cluster of pixels. How many exactly? Well one million. So one megapixel is one million tiny individual pixels. Find out how many pixels you need (hint: it depends on how large you want your prints to be).
Orange light strips against a silvery foil background with blue reflections. Color Temperature in Photography: The Ultimate Guide 2 weeks ago Understand color temperature so you can create images with natural, accurate colors. Discover how to get rid of color casts in seconds!
Metering Modes Metering Modes: The Ultimate Guide 8 months ago What are the best metering modes for photography? How do you choose a metering mode? Discover how to meter for great exposures!
Camera Manual Mode Manual Mode in Photography 8 months ago What is Manual mode, and how do you use it to improve your photos? Discover everything you need to know--for amazing images!
Aperture Priority Aperture Priority Mode 8 months ago What is Aperture Priority mode, and how can you use it for beautiful photos? Discover everything you need to know about Aperture Priority.
camera histogram Histogram in Photography 8 months ago How can you use the histogram in your photography? Discover everything you need to know about histograms--and how they can boost your photos.
Exposure Compensation Exposure Compensation Guide 8 months ago Discover all the ins-and-outs of exposure compensation--and how you can use it for perfectly exposed images!
Camera Controls Camera Controls: Camera Buttons, Dials, and Viewfinder 8 months ago What do all those little buttons and dials mean? Discover everything you need to know about camera anatomy, right away.
Program Mode Program Mode in Photography 8 months ago Discover everything you need to know about Program mode: What it is, who it's for, and how you can use it to capture gorgeous photos.
Shutter Priority Explained Shutter Priority Mode 6 months ago Shutter priority is a mode which allows you to change the shutter speed of the camera while the aperture value is automatically selected.
raw vs jpeg RAW vs JPEG: Why RAW Is Better 2 years ago Is RAW better than JPEG? Why should you shoot one format over the other? Discover the answer to the RAW vs JPEG debate.
camera settings Basic Camera Settings: An Overview 6 months ago Discover the basic camera settings for amazing photography. Take your photos to the next level with aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

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