Introducing the Benro Theta Smart Tripod for Photo and Video Enthusiasts

If your goal is to capture sharp images in tough lighting conditions or you want to create a stable setup for vlogging, live streaming, and time-lapse photography, then a tripod is an essential accessory.

Unfortunately, today’s tripods come with a host of problems. Some are big and bulky, while others are flimsy or difficult to set up. Finding a tripod that’s portable, easy to use, and robust often feels like an impossible task, which is why we’re so impressed by the Benro Theta.

The Benro Theta tripod standing upright on a gray surface with its legs fully compacted.
The Theta is the world’s first auto-leveling travel tripod.

The Theta is compact and sturdy. It also boasts an array of eye-catching features, including four electronic modules that allow you to control your camera via an app, create seamless time-lapses, produce live streams, and more. We’re especially big fans of the auto-leveling technology, which is a game changer for photographers who want to capture consistently straight horizons.

In this article, we take you through the features of the Benro Theta tripod, and we explain why it’s such a powerful option for photography and videography enthusiasts. Note that the Theta system is currently in its presale phase, and you can lock one down for yourself on the Benro website for a significantly discounted price.

Full disclosure: This article is brought to you in collaboration with Benro.

Exclusive Presale Offers

Before diving into the specifics of the Benro Theta tripod, we’d like to highlight several exceptional offers for early birds:

  1. Benro is offering discounts of up to $250 for those who preorder the tripod. Once the product has been officially released (likely in October of 2023), these incredible discounts will no longer be available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your very own Theta tripod at a fraction of the cost!
  2. Benro Theta smart modules – which dramatically enhance the functionality of the tripod – are also available for significantly discounted prices. If you want to take advantage of the Theta’s innovative technology, including the eye-catching auto-leveling feature, be sure to check out the array of options.

The Benro Theta: A Smart Tripod for Today’s Creators

A revolutionary travel tripod

The Benro Theta is compact, it’s sturdy, and it offers a host of innovative features for photographers and videographers, including auto-leveling.

Great presale discount
Ball head is included
Amazing features
Won’t ship until October

Benro has truly outdone itself with the Theta tripod, incorporating a range of intelligent features that cater to the needs of modern photographers and filmmakers.

Benro Theta tripod carried on the shoulder by a man walking in the park.
The Theta tripod is effortlessly portable thanks to a compact, lightweight design.

Here’s What Sets the Benro Theta Apart

Innovative Design: The Theta boasts a sleek, lightweight design that’s both visually appealing and highly functional. Its module add-ons allow users to easily switch between different configurations, making the tripod perfect for an array of shooting scenarios.

A man in the park holding the Benro Theta tripod in his hands while expanding its legs.

Auto-Leveling System: One of the most impressive features of the Theta is its auto-leveling, which ensures that your camera remains level even on uneven terrain. You can use it to achieve consistently straight horizons, making it particularly useful for landscape photographers and videographers.

App Control: The Theta interfaces with a dedicated smartphone app that enables you to control your camera settings from a distance. The app also lets you fine-tune the leveling angle of the tripod, which is particularly useful for macro photoshoots that require extreme precision.

Note: To control your camera via the app, you will need to purchase both a battery module and a camera control module (available as accessories).

A man in the park using a smartphone to control the Benro Theta tripod with a camera and telephoto lens mounted.

Roll Lock Mode: The tripod head can be locked so it only moves along the pan and tilt axes. That way, after using the auto-level function, you can make adjustments to your compositions without needing to re-level your setup.

The Theta’s Four Smart Modules

The Benro Theta tripod system boasts a range of smart modules, which are designed to enhance and customize your shooting experience. These modules can be easily attached and detached you can tailor the tripod to your specific needs.

The available smart modules are:

  • The battery module
  • The camera control module
  • The GoLive module
  • The optical matrix sensor module

Each module serves a unique purpose, making the Theta impressively versatile. Thanks to these module add-ons, the tripod can handle a variety of shooting scenarios with ease, from landscape photography to live streaming and beyond.

Benro Theta Four Smart Modules Specials accessory package.

We backed the project on Kickstarter, and while the campaign is now over, you can still grab the Benro Theta at a huge discount. We purchased all four smart modules (available as part of the “Four Smart Modules Specials” on the Benro website) so we don’t miss out on any of the tripod’s technology. The expected delivery for the tripod and the modules is October 2023.

The Battery Module

Graphic of the Benro Theta's battery module feature showing the tripod with the battery module as well as other modules and a camera.
The Theta battery module not only powers the self-leveling feature for up to 8,000 uses on a single charge, but it also allows you to charge other devices.

The Theta tripod system offers an integrated battery module that powers the built-in motor and gyroscopes. It enables the tripod to automatically extend and retract its legs to level the camera in various shooting conditions.

The Camera Control Module

The Theta camera control module enables you to manipulate your camera from up to 150 ft (46 m) away using your smartphone. After mounting the camera control module alongside the battery module, you can use the Theta app to adjust your camera settings, capture videos or photos, and even view a live camera feed.

The Theta camera control module is compatible with numerous popular DSLR and mirrorless camera models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Fujifilm. To determine if your camera is supported, check out the Benro Theta camera compatibility list.

The GoLive Module

Man wearing sunglasses recording in front of the Benro Theta with a river and buildings in the background.
You can create a portable streaming setup with the GoLive module!

The GoLive module is another exciting addition to the Theta system. This module facilitates live streaming for content creators and vloggers who need to broadcast their work in real-time.

The module connects your camera and your smartphone, offering an efficient way to share your creative work with the world.

The Optical Matrix Sensor Module

The optical matrix sensor module takes the Benro Theta tripod to the next level with cutting-edge technology that enhances image quality during time-lapse shooting.

This module plays a crucial role in scenarios where you’re capturing time-lapse sequences in changing light; it’ll automatically make camera settings adjustments to keep your exposures looking gorgeous.

Specs and Options

The Benro Theta tripod system offers exceptional stability and durability thanks to its carbon fiber construction. The lightweight material ensures that the tripod is easy to carry while providing the necessary strength to support heavy equipment.

The Theta tripod folded on a backpack and the expanded tripod standing on a rock with a camera mounted and the sea in the background.
The Theta tripod is available in two sizes.

While the standard Benro Theta is impressively sturdy and reasonably tall, you also have the option to purchase the Benro Theta Max, a taller version that’s capable of supporting larger camera setups.

The Theta Versus the Theta Max

Theta Max and Theta tripods standing on a pathway with docked boats and mountains in the background.

To help you choose the perfect travel tripod, we’ve created a comparison table highlighting the key features of the Theta and Theta Max models. Bear in mind that both tripods offer all the smart features discussed above.

FeatureThetaTheta Max
Weight1.25 kg1.65 kg
2.7 lb3.6 lb
Max. Height155 cm170 cm
61 in67 in
Max. Payload11 kg20 kg
24.3 lb44.1 lb
Graphic showing the Theta and the Theta Max when folded. The Max is 400 g heavier and can handle 9 kg more weight.
Comparing the size and weight of both models.

Ultimately, whether you should purchase the Theta or the Theta Max depends on your specific needs and preferences as a content creator.

The Theta and the Theta Max tripods fully compacted standing side by side on a gray surface with a gray background.
The Theta and the Theta Max tripods.

The Theta is perfect for those who prioritize portability and travel frequently. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and suitable for photographers who need to pack light without compromising on stability.

Man using a camera on the Benro Theta tripod with a road and trees in the background.

On the other hand, the Theta Max is better suited for those who require a taller unit for comfortable shooting in an upright position. It’s also a good tripod if you use heavier equipment (note the difference between the maximum payloads listed in the chart above).

Therefore, the Max version is ideal for taller photographers who wish to avoid hunching over while working, as well as folks who frequently use hefty telephoto lenses.

Person using the Theta Max tripod and a telephoto setup on a pathway by water with boats and buildings in the distance.
The Theta Max allows you to shoot comfortably from an upright position!
A man wearing a blue shirt holding the Theta and the Theta Max folded up.
The Theta (left) and the Theta Max (right) when folded.
The Theta and the Theta Max fully extended against a white background with text indicating their maximum heights.
The Theta versus the Theta Max: a quick size comparison.

Why PhotoWorkout Purchased the Benro Theta Tripod

The Benro Theta was originally offered as part of the company’s Kickstarter campaign. After considering all of the specs of the Theta system, we decided to back the project by ordering the Theta Max, which is now available for a $449 presale price (discounted significantly compared to the standard $699 sale price).

The Theta Max option includes:

  • The Theta Max tripod
  • The dual-use ball head
  • A quick-release plate
  • A non-deployable central column
  • 3x feet spikes
  • A protective case
  • A 4 mm + 2.5 hex wrench

We also decided to order all the smart modules so we can fully experience the benefits of the Theta tripod system.

We can’t wait to get our hands on this tripod, and we will provide a comprehensive review after putting it to the test!

FAQs to Consider Before Backing the Project

Can I use the tripod in the sand?

Using the tripod on sand

Yes, you can shoot in the sand with the Theta tripod. Benro has optimized the leg lock structure to improve sand resistance. The sealed aluminum rings prevent sand from entering, and any sand on the legs will be scraped off upon retraction, ensuring crystals don’t slip into the gaps between the leg tubes.

Can I use the tripod in water?

benro theta water sand 3.jpg?w=150&h=150&scale

The tripod’s electronic expansion ports are waterproof, though we do recommend wiping off any wet areas after use. Furthermore, you can always submerge the tripod body in water and still make manual leg adjustments as needed.

Is the tripod compatible with Arca-Swiss plates and L-brackets?

Acra Swiss and L-bracket Support with the Theta tripod.

Yes! The Theta tripod has been designed with Arca-Swiss compatibility in mind, ensuring seamless use with a wide range of camera mounts, plates, and L-brackets. To utilize Arca-Swiss plates and L-brackets with the Theta tripod, simply remove the pins from the ball head.

Is Benro a reliable company?

Yes, Benro is a reliable company with a solid reputation in the photography industry. Founded in 1996, Benro specializes in manufacturing tripods, monopods, tripod heads, and other camera support equipment. Known for its innovative designs and high-quality products, the company has earned the trust of professional photographers and videographers worldwide.

What is the warranty period?

The Theta tripod system comes with a three-year warranty (though products shipped as part of the Kickstarter campaign come with a six-year warranty). Note that you can extend your warranty to five years by registering the product on the Benro website.

Does Benro ship to my country?

Yes, the Theta tripod system can be shipped globally.

What does the optical matrix sensor model do?

The optical matrix sensor module is designed to enhance time-lapse photography by detecting ambient light in real-time and dynamically adjusting exposure settings. This allows for smooth transitions between daylight and nighttime conditions during time-lapse shooting, ensuring a more consistent and visually appealing result.

How do I order the Theta with smart modules?

Start by heading to the Theta product page on the Benro website. Beneath the tripod images, under “Combinations,” you’ll need to click the “Plus” icon beneath the relevant smart modules. Then select your tripod (the Theta, the Theta Max, or the Theta/Theta Max bundle) and choose “Add to Cart.”

Add-Ons Currently Offered by Benro

Add-ons available for the Benro Theta, including a quick-release plate, the auto-leveling feature, and the camera control module set.
The Benro Theta comes with plenty of add-ons to choose from!

Don’t Miss Out on the Benro Theta!

The Theta is a revolutionary tripod that you can use to create beautiful photos and gorgeous videos. The four smart modules make it impressively versatile, and the compact design ensures outstanding portability for travel photographers and vloggers.

However, the presale discount won’t last forever! So preorder the Benro Theta to elevate your photography game! You won’t find a better deal on a professional, lightweight travel tripod packed with such an abundance of features.

The groundbreaking self-leveling Theta tripod amassed an impressive $2,452,958 USD in Kickstarter pledges, far outstripping Benro’s original $50,000 goal.

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