Best Monopods for Cameras: Top Picks for Stability and Portability in 2024

In photography, the monopod stands as a crucial tool, offering a middle ground between the handheld agility and the steadiness of a tripod. Ideal for fast-paced, space-constrained environments, monopods provide both stability and portability, making them a favorite for sports, wildlife, and event photographers. Key considerations in choosing a monopod include its height, weight, build quality, and the type of mounting mechanism.

Here’s a summary table of the top monopods for cameras in 2024, as selected by PhotoWorkout, ensuring you find the perfect match for your photography needs.

BenefitsBest For
IFOOTAGE Cobra 3$193.99Innovative pedal system, enhanced stability, versatile designProfessional videographers and photographers who need quick, stable, and adaptable gear
SIRUI P-424FS Carbon Fiber$179.00Quick-release system, multipurpose, high weight capacityProfessional photographers needing versatility and heavy gear support
GEEHOPE D370C$45.00Fast flip locks, versatile, lightweightPhotographers in dynamic shooting environments requiring swift height adjustments
Leofoto Travel$149.00High height range, durable and light, generous load capacityTravel photographers needing compact, sturdy support with extended height range
Altura Photo 62-Inch$19.99Lightweight, compact, versatile thread mountHobbyists and rising professionals looking for a lightweight, affordable option
Amazon Basics 67-Inch$21.97Lightweight, retractable spikes, comfortable gripCasual photographers and videographers needing a simple, effective stabilizer
ULANZI LightweightBuyExtremely lightweight, adaptable height, dual functionTravel and on-the-go photographers seeking an ultra-lightweight solution
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1. IFOOTAGE Cobra 3 Monopod

Pro Pick
IFOOTAGE Cobra 3 Monopod
Advanced features for quick, versatile shooting

We believe this monopod is a solid choice for photographers and videographers seeking sturdy support and convenient features.

Innovative pedal locking system enables easy 360° rotation
Enhanced stability and safety with extended base and wrist straps
Versatile 3-in-1 design for varied shooting situations
Relatively higher priced compared to basic models
Complex for beginners due to advanced features
Additional adapters required for mobile phones and GoPro, not included

When selecting camera supports, stability and versatility frequently top our list. The IFOOTAGE Cobra 3 surprised us positively with its unique pedal locking system. This forward-thinking feature allows for quick adjustments without the need to bend over, simplifying the workflow.

With stability as a priority, the monopod’s extended base promotes steady shots. We were also pleased to see the inclusion of wrist straps, which further ensures the safety of your equipment – a thoughtful touch we appreciate.

The adaptability is another strong suit. This isn’t just a monopod; it doubles as a trekking pole and transforms into a low-angle tripod. This level of flexibility is something we value highly as it caters to various shooting scenarios without requiring multiple pieces of equipment.

In summary, the IFOOTAGE Cobra 3 Carbon Fiber Monopod offers a compelling blend of innovative features designed to enhance the shooting experience for photographers and videographers who value quick, stable, and adaptable gear. Despite its premium pricing, its durability and versatile design could justify the investment for professionals seeking a reliable tool that meets diverse needs.

2. SIRUI P-424FS Carbon Fiber Monopod

Also Great
SIRUI P-424FS Carbon Fiber Monopod
High capacity, versatile for professionals

In purchasing the SIRUI P-424FS Carbon Fiber Monopod, you’re investing in a versatile and sturdy piece of equipment that might just be the right fit for your photography setup.

Innovative quick-release system for swift transitions
Multipurpose design combining monopod, extension rod, and mini tripod
High weight capacity for heavy gear support
Learning curve for those new to the modular system
Table top tripod feature may not replace full-sized tripods for some users
Only three leg sections, which might limit height adjustment for some preferences

In our search for a reliable and adaptable monopod, we came across a promising candidate: the SIRUI P-424FS Monopod. Its quick-release system stands out – it can transform a frustrating fiddle into a seamless switch. You’ll love the multipurpose nature of the monopod as it can double as an extension pole and even a mini tripod, an advantageous feature for creators who appreciate equipment that can adapt to various situations.

The P-424FS also boasts of sturdy construction with its 10-layer carbon fiber composition and can bear a significant amount of weight. This makes it suitable for a broad range of cameras and accessories. Stability and flexibility are given due attention with the 360° panorama function and 38° tilting capability, further amplifying your angle choices. For on-the-go photographers, these features enhance the functionality of the monopod beyond just providing support.

Given its advanced features, it does come with a drawback for those unaccustomed to such a modular approach. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s nothing that a passionate photographer can’t handle in pursuit of the perfect shot. While the mini tripod feature is a nifty addition, do note that for some scenarios, especially where a longer reach is required, you might still want a full-sized tripod to complement your equipment arsenal.

Overall, we find the SIRUI P-424FS Carbon Fiber Monopod to be an excellent asset for photographers looking for a robust, versatile, and capable monopod. Its design innovations and sturdy build quality certainly make it a considerable option for those wanting to enhance their photography experience.

3. GEEHOPE D370C Monopod

GEEHOPE D370C Monopod
Swift adjustment, lightweight for dynamic shooting

We find the GEEHOPE D370C Monopod to be a strong choice for photographers who need dependable and swift height adjustment for dynamic shooting environments.

Speedy adjustments possible with fast flip locks
Versatile with interchangeable screw for various equipment
Lightweight carbon fiber build enhances portability
Spike replacement process could be more convenient
Absence of a built-in tripod base may limit some uses
Clamp tightness may need adjusting out of the box

Photographers often require gear that offers stability without sacrificing flexibility. The GEEHOPE D370C Monopod promises both with its rapid flip lock system, which allows for fast adjustments on the go. This feature could be particularly useful when working in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence and quick recomposition is necessary.

Versatility is another aspect we consider crucial. This monopod caters to various shooting requirements with its interchangeable screw. Whether attaching a camera directly or using additional equipment such as a ballhead or fluid head, this monopod adapts to suit the user’s needs.

While built for robust performance, the design includes consideration for the traveling photographer. The product’s carbon fiber composition ensures it remains light, making it an excellent travel companion. The reduction in weight doesn’t equate to a compromise in strength; it can support substantial gear weights with ease.

However, the necessity to manually swap out spikes depending on the environment could deter some. An integrated retractable spike might have made this process more seamless. Moreover, while some might overlook the missing tripod base, others may find themselves in need of extra support that a built-in base would offer.

Lastly, some users might encounter the inconvenience of having to tighten the clamps shortly after purchase to ensure the monopod maintains its extension. A small issue, true, but it may be a hiccup in an otherwise smooth user experience.

To sum up, when we consider the GEEHOPE D370C Monopod, we’re presented with a tool that strikes an admirable balance between stability, adaptability, and ease of transport. Despite minor shortcomings, this sturdy and efficient support is designed to meet the rigorous demands of both amateur and professional photographers alike.

4. Leofoto Travel Monopod

Leofoto Travel Monopod
Compact yet extends tall, ideal for travelers

We consider this monopod a wise selection for photographers seeking a compact and sturdy support, ideal for on-the-go shooting scenarios.

Impressive height range for varied shooting conditions
Robust carbon fiber construction for durability and lightness
Generous load capacity to support heavy camera setups
Higher price point compared to entry-level options
Some users may find the folding size less compact than desired
Twist locks may require getting used to for some photographers

A good monopod serves as a reliable companion for photographers prioritizing mobility and speed. The Leofoto Travel Monopod rises to the occasion with its six-section carbon fiber build, ensuring both strength and portability, a crucial blend for on-the-move shoots.

The versatility of this monopod also shines when adapting to varied terrains—its extended length allows for considerable reach, which can be especially useful when seeking unique angles or shooting over obstacles. Conversely, its retracted form maintains a relatively discrete profile.

While the price tag might cause some hesitation, investing in a higher-quality accessory like the Leofoto Monopod often translates into better longevity and performance. The overall user consensus supports the monopod’s reliable nature, making it a clear frontrunner in its category.

5. Altura Photo 62-Inch Monopod

Altura Photo 62-Inch Monopod
Affordable, lightweight for hobbyists

We believe this monopod is a solid choice for those seeking a balance of portability and stability in their photography gear.

Extremely lightweight and collapses to a compact size
Versatile thread mount compatible with many cameras and accessories
Includes a comfortable grip and safety features for secure handling
Not ideal for very heavy camera setups due to its light build
May not provide the same stability as higher-end models
The last section can be less sturdy when fully extended

Photographers often crave the stability of a tripod without the associated bulk, and the Altura Photo Monopod presents a credible solution. Its aluminum design ensures that it remains both lightweight and easy to carry, especially with the included pouch. When every second counts, the easiness with which this monopod extends sets you up to capture the decisive moment.

For the hobbyist or the rising professional, compatibility can be a major concern. This monopod assuages those fears with a universal thread mount that attaches to an array of devices. Its adaptability makes it a versatile piece in any photographer’s toolkit.

While supporting equipment, user comfort is paramount; this monopod comes equipped with a soft foam grip. Long shoots become less daunting, as the safety wrist strap and non-skid rubber foot keep your gear secure and your mind at ease.

In summary, we find the Altura Photo 62-Inch Monopod appealing for those who prioritize lightweight convenience without sacrificing too much on the performance end.

6. Amazon Basics 67-Inch Monopod

Amazon Basics 67-Inch Monopod
Simple, effective, budget-friendly stabilizer

We believe this monopod offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for casual photographers and videographers looking for better stability.

Lightweight and easily portable
Retractable spikes offer stability on various terrains
Includes a comfortable grip and wrist strap for security
Not as versatile as a tripod for some scenarios
The non-removable foot may limit compatibility with other equipment
May not be tall enough for all users when fully extended

Capturing the perfect shot or video can often require a steady hand, something not everyone possesses. This is where the Amazon Basics Monopod can come into play. Its lightweight design means you’re less likely to tire out on long shoots or when you’re on the move.

At times, a tripod can be cumbersome, especially in crowded or tight spaces. A monopod like this can offer the needed support without the extra bulk, making it ideal for capturing sports, wildlife, or any active scene without missing a beat.

Terms like durable and versatile often get bandied about, but they genuinely apply here. The monopod finds the right balance, providing the necessary support in various environments and conditions. Its retractable spikes dig into the ground for outdoor stability, while the rubber foot is perfect for indoor use.

7. ULANZI Lightweight Monopod

ULANZI Lightweight Monopod
Ultra-light, adaptable for on-the-go photography

We find this monopod to be an excellent choice for photographers seeking a lightweight, versatile support system.

Exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry
Adaptable height options cater to various scenarios
Can function as a walking stick, adding to its versatility
May not be as robust as heavier duty models
Limited to cameras up to 11.02 pounds
Some users might prefer more sections for height adjustments

Photography enthusiasts know the value of a stable shot, and ULANZI’s monopod delivers just that, with the added bonus of portability. Its aluminum construction finds the sweet spot between durability and ease of transport.

For travel photographers, our toolkit is never complete without gear that adapts to our needs on the fly. This monopod collapses to a compact size, slipping into your carry-on without a hitch, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go shooting.

Versatility is a photographer’s ally, and the adjustable height levels of this monopod offer just that. Whether capturing the night sky or a bustling street, the varied height settings make it a breeze to adjust your shooting angle.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best monopod for your camera, there are several features to consider that will ensure you find a product that caters to your needs.

Stability and Construction

We look for durable materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum, which provide a balance between lightweight portability and robustness. The feet should be reliable and offer a secure grip, even on uneven terrain.

Key Construction Features:

  • Material: Carbon fiber or aluminum
  • Feet: Non-slip, sturdy

Height and Load Capacity

The monopod must cater to your height requirements and be capable of supporting the weight of your camera setup without any issues.

Specifications to Check:

  • Max Height: Suitable for your height
  • Load Capacity: Supports your camera


A key aspect is portability. A compact, foldable monopod is easier to carry around, especially for travel photographers.

Portability Features:

  • Folded Size: Compact enough for travel
  • Weight: Light enough for easy transport

Adjustability and Ease of Use

Quickly adjusting the monopod’s height is crucial for on-the-fly shooting situations. Check for intuitive locking mechanisms that are both secure and easy to operate.

  • Locking Mechanisms: Quick and reliable
  • Sections: The number and ease of extension


Ensure that the head attachment is compatible with your camera or that it can be adapted to fit various devices.

  • Head Attachment: Standardized or adaptable

By considering these features, you can confidently choose a monopod that will enhance your photography experience.

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