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Best Monopods for Cameras: 8 Sturdy Picks in 2021

What are the best monopods for cameras in 2021?

Choosing the perfect monopod can be overwhelming, but in this article, we lay it all out for you. We’ll give you a rundown of our favorite monopods – including plenty of picks at every price point for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, compact cameras, and more.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know the best option for your needs, and you’ll be ready to capture steady shots like a pro.

Let’s get started.

1. Benro Aluminum 4 Series Monopod

Our Pick
Great for use with DSLR cameras

The 4 Series Monopod has a versatile pan head and a durable 4-section pole.

Has a 3-leg locking base for ground stability
The pan head can rotate 360 degrees
Decent load capacity of 13.2 lbs/6 kg
Can be tricky to mount your camera quickly

If you’re after a sturdy monopod that can get the job done, check out our top pick: the Benro Aluminum 4 Series Monopod. Benro has an excellent range of monopods, and this one is a premium choice; if you want top-notch quality and durability, the 4 Series Monopod is a great option.

The pole features four different sections that are easily extended using three durable locking clips. This takes the monopod to a maximum height of 69.1 in/175 cm, and as a result, the monopod works for a range of compositions and video types.

It also offers a maximum load capacity of 13.2 lbs/6 kg, which should be more than enough for larger DSLR cameras sporting a medium-sized kit lens.

Benro Aluminum 4 Series Flip-Lock Video Monopod Kit w/ 3-Foot Articulating Base and...

You get a 3-leg locking base in case you want to stabilize the monopod against the ground; this essentially turns it into a mini tripod, though admittedly with less stability. We also like the advanced S6 head which allows for 360-degree panning and tilting.

Overall, this premium monopod is great for use with DSLR cameras and has a versatile set of features.

2. Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod

Also Great
Great for a range of cinematography styles

The Sirui P-204SR is the perfect monopod to enhance your cinematography.

Can tilt the monopod 20 degrees in any direction using the feet
Adjustable to a maximum height of 63 in/160 cm
Lightweight aluminum frame
Does not have an advanced ball head

Next, we have the durable Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod, another high-quality monopod with some excellent features. For one, we love its versatility; the Sirui P-204SR P can be used as a standard monopod, a tabletop tripod, or a monopod with support feet.

This is thanks to its compact, foldable design and its foldable aluminum feet. The feet are folded into the handle when not in use, but are easily folded outward to provide a stable base for the monopod. When extended, you can then tilt the monopod 20-degrees in any direction. And if you prefer to work without the feet, don’t worry – they’re fully removable.

Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod

The monopod itself is made from durable but lightweight aluminum, and it can be extended to a maximum height of 63 in/160 cm. Note that the monopod only has a simple camera mount rather than an advanced head. However, if you want greater versatility in your camera movements, you can always attach a dedicated head.

3. Benro Adventure 3 Series Monopod

Great for heavy DSLR cameras

The Adventure 3 Series can easily cope with large DSLR cameras and heavy lenses.

Excellent load capacity of 35.3 lb/16 kg
4 extendable sections for height versatility
Durable carbon fiber frame
A ball head must be bought separately.

The Benro Adventure 3 Series Monopod is another brilliant product from Benro, one meant for outdoor use and offering durable carbon fiber construction. It’s incredibly strong but also light to carry.

The monopod features four different extending sections. This makes it versatile for filming or shooting at different heights and angles. Each section has a simple flip lever lock for quick extensions. This monopod also extends to a maximum height of 62.4 in/158.5 cm.

The Benro Adventure 3 supports a maximum load capacity of 35.3 lbs/16 kg, so it should easily cope with heavy professional DSLRs, even those equipped with heavy telephoto lenses.

The mounting plate has a reversible thread mount. As a result, you can attach an advanced video or ball head.

Benro Adventure 4 Series Carbon Fiber Monopod (MAD49C)

This monopod does not have any legs. However, it does have a simple rubber suction cup at the bottom, and this provides some stability if you want to place this monopod on the ground.

4. Sirui P-326 6 Section Monopod

Great for longer adventures

The lightweight carbon fiber frame makes this monopod ideal for travel photography and on-the-go videography.

Quality 8X carbon fiber frame
Simple twist-lock extension mechanisms
Great maximum load capacity
Does not extend as tall as other monopods

The SIRUI P-326 6 Section Monopod is another durable carbon fiber option. It weighs just 14.1 oz/ 400 g, yet it can cope with a maximum load capacity of 22 lbs/10 kg, making the P-326 one of the best monopods for heavy DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

The Sirui P-326 is also easy to use thanks to its twist-lock mechanism; with a simple twist, you can immediately extend the sections in seconds.

We also like the addition of a wrist strap for extra safety. As for height, this monopod has a maximum height of 60 in/154 cm. While a little shorter than some other monopods, the Sirui P-326 still offers decent flexibility for your photography and video recording.

SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

The bottom of the monopod also has a small spike, which can dig into soft ground for extra stability. The only downside is that the Sirui P-326 only has a basic camera mount; there’s no ball head (you’ll need to purchase this separately).

5. Manfrotto 290 MM290C4US

Great for heavier DSLRs and mirrorless cameras

This durable monopod can easily cope with heavy professional camera rigs.

Lightweight carbon fiber frame
Great load capacity of 10 kg/22 lbs
Simple aluminum leg locks
No ball head

Manfrotto are known for their tripods – but they have a great selection of monopods, too! And the Manfrotto 290 MM290C4US is one of their best, featuring a carbon fiber build and an impressive maximum height of 62 in/157 cm.

We like the stylish design and the simple aluminum leg locks, which are sturdy but still allow for quick extension and locking of the monopod sections. As for load capacity, the Manfrotto 290 can cope with a maximum weight of 22 lbs/10 kg. This should cover anything from small compact cameras up to large DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and beyond.

Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber 4-Section Monopod (MM290C4US)

For safety, this monopod also has a comfortable angled wrist strap, and this ensures you won’t drop the monopod or your camera when shooting.

Though this monopod does not have a ball head, it does include both 6.35mm and 9.5mm attachments – so you can easily attach a Manfrotto head.

6. Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR

Great for smartphone vlogging

The Vanguard VEO is a versatile monopod featuring a separate smartphone holder.

Attachable smartphone holder
Adjustable tripod feet for added stability
Lightweight aluminum frame
Not suitable for heavier DSLRs and telephoto lenses

Next, we have the VANGUARD VEO 2S AM-234TR, a high-quality monopod that can be used with many devices. You’ll primarily find it attached to DSLR, mirrorless, and compact cameras, but it also has an attachable smartphone holder perfect for budding smartphone shooters.

We also like the Bluetooth remote, which lets you remotely operate your camera or smartphone, and we’re fans of the compact and durable aluminum frame that extends into four sections. This gives the Vanguard VEO a maximum height of 61 in/155 cm.

VANGUARD VEO 2S AM-234TR Monopod with Smart Phone Holder and Bluetooth Remote...

For extra stability, the Vanguard VEO sports three foldable tripod feet. The feet provide great stability, plus they’re detachable with a simple screw mechanism. In terms of load capacity, the monopod can cope with a max weight of 11 lbs/5kg – not the most impressive on this list, but enough to handle small- to medium-sized DSLRs.

7. Manfrotto Element MII 5-Section Monopod

Great for light traveling adventures

The Element MII is a versatile and compact device perfect for travel vlogging.

Quick twist-lock leg mechanisms
Durable aluminum frame
Great maximum extension height
Does not have an advanced ball head

In addition to more premium monopods, Manfrotto also has a couple of budget options, including the Manfrotto Element MII 5-Section Monopod. It’s a simple but effective monopod, one that’s made from quality materials and features a great design.

The Element MII is great for use if you don’t have much storage space on your travels; it folds up to a minimum size, yet it also has five leg sections for a maximum height of 63 in/159 cm. Also, you get a decent maximum load capacity of 33 lbs/15 kg, so the monopod can easily be used with DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Manfrotto Element MII 5-Section Monopod (Black)

This Manfrotto monopod also uses its modern twist-lock mechanism for the legs. As a result, you can extend and secure the different legs sections in seconds. We also like the ergonomic rubber grip and the comfortable wrist strap.

8. Manfrotto MMC3-01 5-Section Monopod

Budget Pick
Great for first-time users

Looking for your first monopod? The MMC3-01 is a great choice.

Simple leg lock mechanisms
Decent maximum height adjustment
Durable aluminum design
Only suitable for smaller cameras

Not sure if a monopod is right for you? Grab a budget option like the Manfrotto MMC3-01 5-Section Monopod, which will allow you to experiment without spending a fortune.

It has a simple design and can support a maximum weight of 3 lbs/1.3 kg. As a result, it is not suitable for DSLR cameras. However, it may be suitable for smaller mirrorless cameras, and compact cameras. It is also great for use with smartphones.

Manfrotto MMC3-01 Compact 5 Section Aluminum Monopod for Cameras (Black)

The MMC3-01 also has five leg sections that are extended to a maximum height of 57 in/145 cm. The head has a universal tripod adaptor, and there is also a convenient wrist strap for added security.

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Which Monopod Is Right for You?

This list of the best monopods available in 2021 should give you inspiration. But which monopod is the right choice for you?

To decide, first look at the camera you are using. What are its dimensions? How heavy is it? What lens do you commonly use with it? Understanding these factors allows you to choose a suitable monopod that can carry the weight of your camera comfortably.

For ultimate quality and durability, a monopod like the Benro Aluminum 4 Series or Manfrotto 290 MM290C4US make a great choice. Alternatively, if you want a budget option, consider the Manfrotto MMC3-01, or Manfrotto Element MII.

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