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Our Lighting & Studio category covers the latest and best lights and studio equipment you can buy in 2023.


Lightbox lit up with toy motorcycle inside while photographer takes picture. Best Light Boxes for Photography: Top 10 Picks in 2023 2 weeks ago Our top 10 best light boxes for photography in 2023. Plenty of great options for pros and beginners on a budget.
Red studio strobe firing into mounted white umbrella. Best Strobe Lights for Photography: Our Top Picks for Well-Lit Photos! February 11, 2023 Finding the perfect strobe light for photography can be tough. We offer a rundown of the best strobes on the market.
Photographer shooting food photos over a table with light setup above. Best Lights for Food Photography: 7 Great Strobes, Light Boxes, and Kits February 1, 2023 We share our favorite lighting options – from strobes to light boxes – to take incredible food photos, plus a few food photography tips!
Best RGB Light for Photography Best RGB Light for Photography 4 months ago If your work commands color, then you may be interested in the world of RGB lights! Take a look at the best RGB light for photography - whatever your needs!
People standing in dark blue room with continuous lighting setup The Best Portable Lighting Kit for Photography (8 Picks in 2023) 4 months ago Illuminate your photography subjects with the best portable lighting kit. We share our top strobe and continuous lighting options for all budgets.
best continuous light for photography Best Continuous Lights for Photography (Top 10 Picks in 2023) 4 months ago Need a light that doesn't flash? Check out the 10 best continuous lights for photography. Enhance your portraits, product shots, and more!
Man holding a light meter in a photography studio The Best Light Meters in 2023: The Ultimate Guide (5 Great Picks!) 4 months ago What are the best light meters in 2023? Discover the top five light meters on the market for any budget. Increase your exposure accuracy!
Picture lights on wall lightening photos on a wall Best Battery Operated Picture Lights to Highlight Your Photo Prints and Wall Art 4 months ago Your photo prints and wall art deserve to be in the spotlight, too. The best battery operated picture lights can help make that happen.
best rotating stand for photography 10 Best Rotating Stands for Photography 1 year ago Find the perfect rotating stand for photography. We share 360-degree turntables for all budgets (and we include some tips to get started!).
Ring light with a hand in the dark 9 Best Ring Lights for Product Photography in 2023 4 months ago The best ring lights for photographing products. Options for all budgets. Includes both studio and on-camera models.
Slave Flash - What is it | Bestsellers How Slave Flashes Work (And Which Are the 8 Best) 11 months ago Find out How Slave Flashes Work and Which are the Best Slave Flashes You can Buy. We compared the 8 Best Flashes (Nikon, Canon, Yongnuo).
best flashgun for nikon cameras Best Flashgun for Nikon Cameras: Our 7 Top Picks 2 years ago If you're looking for the best flashgun for Nikon or the best third-party flash for Nikon, our guide features a range of great options.
Genaray LED 6200T best on camera light The Best On Camera Lights 11 months ago In this discussion, we run through a few the best on-camera lights for shooting video. On-camera lights are imperative for videography.
best speedlight softboxes The Best Softbox for Speedlights: Our Top Choices for Every Photographer 11 months ago Are you looking to get stunning images with your speedlight? Discover our pick of the best softbox for speedlights to boost your setup now!
glass perfume bottle on reflective board Best Reflective Boards for Photography (Top 9 Picks) 1 year ago Looking for the best reflective boards for product photography? Here's our list of acrylic boards for product images (and a few tips, too!).
photographer in a photography studio The Best Home Photography Studio Equipment on a Budget 2 years ago How to start a photography studio under $1,000? Set up a great studio for your portrait shots with a quality DSLR, prime lens, and backdrop.
best photography backdrops The Best Photography Backdrops for Your Photo and Video Projects 2 years ago Are you looking for the best photography backdrops for your upcoming project? Discover how to pick the right backdrop and our top picks in this article!
best flashgun for canon best third party flash for canon Best Flashgun for Canon: 8 Picks for Beautiful Lighting 11 months ago Looking for the best flashgun for Canon? We share our top 8 picks - including options for all budgets and skill levels.
Jackery Solar Generator 300 Kit Jackery 300 Review: A Must-Have for Outdoor Photographers? 1 year ago Is the Jackery Solar Generator 300 worth buying? Learn all about its pros and cons in our hands-on Jackery 300 review!
Review of Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light A Hands-On Review of the Neewer 5600K USB LED Video Light 2 years ago We put the Neewer 5600K light to the test in this hands-on review. Discover if this lighting solution is perfect for you today.

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