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Best Video Tripods 2020

7 Amazing Tripod Picks for Video Making

The best video tripods are a combination of an excellent fluid head and telescopic legs. And, they’re absolutely essential for shooting professional quality video. Which is likely why you’re here after all…

So, you already know you need one, but which one is the best video tripod? We’re about to find out!

What Makes Up The Best Video Tripods

A number of things go into making a tripod system perfect for video work. For example…

  • The fluid head needs a decent payload capacity.
  • The counterweight system has to be geared so you can change the tension.
  • The panning handles must be telescopic and preferably two in number.

Not to mention the legs!
The best video tripods are usually crafted out of carbon fiber. This makes them lightweight and sturdy.

best video tripods
What makes a great tripod? There are a few standard things, but it also depends on your personal needs.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that make for a great tripod. In this discussion, we look at the best video tripods that you can buy right now.

Best Video Tripods On A Budget

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly video tripod to use for shooting video, we’ve got that covered too. These tripods may not have all the bells and whistles, but they’re still great tripods (that won’t break the bank!)

1. Manfrotto MVH502A 546GB-1 Professional Fluid Video System

The Manfrotto MVH502A 546GB-1 is a Professional Fluid Video System. It consists of the aluminum tripod legs, a ground spreader, and the fluid video head mechanism. All bundled into one.

This makes it a sought after tool for beginner videographers. Especially, those looking for an all-in-one system that they can unpack and use.

best video tripod comparison
The Manfrotto MVH502A is reasonably priced and high-quality.

The tripod legs are capable of supporting up to 44 pounds. The legs come with spiked feet for shooting on uneven ground.

The tripod is made of die-cast aluminum. The system comes with a counterbalance design which is preset to 8.8 pounds. But it can support up to 15.4 pounds.

This hefty tripod has no problem supporting external field monitors, video lights, and microphones. As a matter of fact, there are two Easy Link connectors on the head. This allows you to connect an external monitor and one more accessory to the fluid head.

Finally, the telescopic ground-level spreader provides extra stability.

Manfrotto MVH502A,546GB-1 Professional Fluid Video System with Aluminum Tripod and...
  • 75mm Ball Mount for quick adjustment
  • Ground level spreader for stability
  • Video head gives silky smooth pans and tilts

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2. Benro Aero 7 Carbon Fiber Travel Video Tripod Kit

This is a classic travel tripod for the video enthusiast.

The Benro Aero 7 is a carbon fiber unit. It’s lightweight and sturdy. The legs are capable of folding in reverse, which is a handy option to have. This allows the tripod to be packed in a small, compact form when traveling.

affordable video tripod
This is a great option for video enthusiasts who want a solid video tripod without spending a fortune.

The tripod legs are capable of being locked in three different angles independently of each other.

The Benro Aero 7 comes with a leveling base which is attached to the center column. This allows your camera to be leveled very easily. The system has a 4-step counterbalance system for supporting video cameras and HDSLRs.

Special mention about the flat base head…

This flat surface can be removed and then used on other tools. Tools such as sliders, half balls, and jibs. This extends the utility of the device. The central column has a hook at the bottom from which you can hang additional weight for greater stability.

The maximum weight supported by the tripod is 15 pounds.

Benro Aero 7 Carbon Fiber Travel Video Tripod Kit with S7 Video Head (C3883TS7)
  • Reverse folding design - The legs reverse fold creating a compact travel Friendly tripod
  • Leveling center column - a leveling base is attached to the top of the center column making it easy to quickly level the head...
  • Removable flat base head - The video head can be removed and used on other flat surfaces such as certain slider jibs half...
  • 2-In-1 column - The center column can be Used as a long column for additional height and short Column for low to the ground...
  • 4-Step counterbalance - The S7 head has 4 stages of counterbalance (0-3) which helps to properly balance your camera rig

3. Magnus VT-400 Aluminum Tripod System

In comparison to the other video tripod systems discussed here, the Magnus VT-400 supports less weight. Only 15 lb. when some of the other video tripods can support more than 50 lb. quite easily.

videography tripod
The Magnus tripod is a great mid-level tripod and head for shooting video.

The 2-way fluid pan head mechanism gives much-needed fluidity. Of course, this is essential for planning and tilting shots. The pan head has two independent locks for the two movements. You also get a quick release plate for fast mounting and dismounting of your camera.

The maximum height of the tripod legs is 64” and the is 22”. The tripod system is built out of anodized aluminum. However, the build quality is not in the same league as the Sachtler or the O’Connor systems we’re about to discuss…

4. Manfrotto MVH502A Fluid Head and MVT502AM Tripod System

The Manfrotto MVH502A with the MVT502AM is somewhat in the lower segment of the market. Especially, when compared to some of the higher priced professional systems here.

That said there is nothing ‘cheap’ about the Manfrotto.

budget tripod for video
Exceptional quality for a mid-range tripod.

The overall weight capacity of the tripod system is just 15.43 lb. The spring-loaded counterweight system supports 8.8 pounds. Whereas, the overall support capacity of the fluid head is 15.4 lb. It fits on a 75mm half-ball tripod mount.

The ball head has a mounting plate of range 3.27”. It allows you to balance the weight of the camera system that you mount on to the plate.

The MVT502AM is a twin tube two-stage design made out of aluminum. This is one of the best video tripods on a budget.

Manfrotto MVK502AM-1 Professional Fluid Video System Aluminum Tripod with Telescop...
  • Professional twin leg design
  • Silky smooth fluid head
  • 75mm half ball
  • Head features easy link connectors
  • Mid level spreader.Leg Angles: 19°

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The Best Video Tripods For When Quality Is King

If you have a budget to invest in one of these tripod systems, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best of the best tripods for video. Hands down.

These tripods will have a higher build quality, ability to support more weight, and have a host of other features you won’t find on the budget models.

5. Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head & Speed Lock CF Dual-Stage Tripod

The Sachtler Video 18 S2 fluid head & tripod system is very well engineered. This bad boy can support a whopping 44 pounds.

best budget tripod for video

The fluid head sits on a two-stage carbon fiber 100mm bowl tripod. The head comes with a 16 step weight compensation mechanism. Needless to say on a tripod of this quality, the weight compensation mechanism is very precise and easy to operate.

Additionally, there’s a boost button to help adjust the counterbalance.

Another important feature is the sliding balance platform mechanism. This is what accepts the release plate mechanism. You also get three replacement screws. Just in case you lose one from the mounting plate.

The Speed Lock CF is the supporting system of the Sachtler Video 18 S2. The legs and head have a combined weight of 19 pounds

Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head & Speed Lock CF Dual-Stage Tripod System
  • ENG 2 Padded Bag
  • Speed-Lock CF Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
  • Video 18 S2 Fluid Head
  • Carbon Fiber construction
  • Quick clamping system, locks tripod legs in seconds

6. OConnorUltimate 2575D Head & Cine HD Mitchell Top Plate Tripod System

Let’s assume that you want nothing but the absolute best…

The O’ConnorUltimate 2575D Head & Cine HD Mitchell top plate tripod system is what you need.

fluid tripod head for video
Looking at the tripod head, you can tell its nothing but quality.

The 2575D fluid head is designed to support a weight of up to 133 lb.

Whoa, that’s impressive.

The tripod base has the ability to support up to 309 lb. With weight limits like that, you can mount any camera and any lens systems without issues. That being said, it might be overkill for many of us. This system is best suited for professional shooters.

The height adjustment of the legs gives you the ability to set it anywhere between 33.6” to 69.2”. The fluid head gives you a tilting range of ± 90 ◦. The head comes with a sinusoidal counterbalance mechanism as well. It is capable of balancing a camera system weighing up to 90 lb.

best tripod for video
Sure, it’s on the pricey side, but if you want the best, this is it.

There’s a 12” handle attached to the fluid head. This handle allows you to pan and tilt when required. The system comes with a Mitchell flat base.

Oconnor Ultimate 2575D Head & Cine HD Mitchell Top Plate Tripod System with Floor...
  • Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head Package
  • C12210001 Cine HD Aluminum Alloy Tripod
  • C1221-00015 Ground-Level Spreader for Cine HD Tripod

7. Sachtler System 60 Plus EFP Tripod System

Sachtler is a respected brand in the world of cine production. They make some of the best video tripods and fluid head systems available in the market.

best tripod for video
Sachtler is well known for churning out top-notch tripods and this is no exception.

The Sachtler System 60 is one of them. This complete system includes the 150 EFP 2 CF carbon fiber legs, the mounting plate, and the Video 60 Plus EFP fluid head.

The height of the tripod legs will extend from 21” to 62”. The legs are made out of carbon fiber. The weight that the legs can support is up to 209 pounds. The Video 60 Plus fluid head itself has a weight of 18.5 lb.

It has a counterbalancing mechanism which every professional videographer needs.

This counterbalancing system can support up to a weight of 145 lb. There are a total of 9 levels of drag. The system also offers a total of 18 steps of counterbalancing in 9 stages. You can fine tune at each stage by a half step function.

Sachtler System 60 Plus EFP Tripod System
  • Frictionless leak proof fluid damping with Nine levels of drag A prerequisite for perfect pictures is a panning movement...
  • Touch & Go Quick Release / Automatic Locking System Stop wasting time by fumbling around with clumsy attachments, or bother...
  • Sliding Balance Plate The sliding camera mount and plate with a 4.5-inch (150mm Ball Base) or 4.7-inch (Flatbase) sliding...
  • 18 Step dynamic counterbalancing system Built with torsion springs the dynamic counterbalancing system compensates for...
  • Safe at any temperature Pressure or temperature does not influence the damping system, it has an operating range from -40°F...

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What’s The Best Video Tripod Out There?

video tripods
First, decide your budget, then decided how you will use it. Use that info to choose the best tripod for you.

If you’re struggling to find the best tripod for video, look no farther than this list. We’ve listed the best options at a variety of price points. So, there’s bound to be the perfect tripod for your needs here.

Start with your budget, then list out what specs are most important to you. Do you need something portable and tough enough to withstand some abuse? From there, narrow down the options here and find the best tripod for your video needs.

Let us know which you’ve chosen in the comments. And if you think we missed one, let us know about your favorite video tripod as well!

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