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The Benro Theta tripod standing upright on a gray surface with its legs fully compacted. Introducing the Benro Theta Smart Tripod for Photo and Video Enthusiasts 2 weeks ago The Benro Theta is an innovative travel tripod that's currently available for preorder. Learn all about the Theta and its groundbreaking features!
Camera on a tripod on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean and a blue, pink, and orange sunset sky. The 9 Best Tripods Under $100 (in 2023) 1 month ago Find the best tripods under $100 for all camera types, including DSLRs, mirrorless models, point-and-shoot cameras, and more.
Tripod and camera silhouette overlooking the ocean at sunset. The Best Tripods Under $200 You Can Buy Right Now 4 months ago Comparing the nine best tripods under $200. Pick a high-quality budget tripod to keep your camera steady and your images sharp!
best beginner tripods.jpg?w=345&h=230&scale The Best Beginner Tripods You Can Buy in 2023 (Top 9 Picks) 4 months ago Discover the best beginner tripods in 2022. These nine excellent models will keep your camera steady and your photos sharp!
mobile phone on selfie stick Best Selfie Sticks for Vlogging (8 Top Picks for Action and Compact Cameras) 4 months ago 10 of the best selfie sticks for vlogging that you might want to check out to help create your most captivating content yet.
Best tripod for heavy lenses in 2021 Best Tripod for Heavy Lenses 11 months ago Do you have a heavy setup and need a tripod that can handle such a large load? Discover the best tripod for heavy lenses for both beginners and pros!
Best Manfrotto Tripods and Heads Best Manfrotto Tripods for Travel, Outdoor and Indoor Shooting 2 years ago The best Manfrotto tripod is the MT055CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber, a pro tripod for heavy duty cameras. Compare it with 6 other top Manfrotto tripods.
best tabletop tripod The 10 Best Tabletop Tripods You Can Buy (2022) 1 year ago Tabletop tripods come in handy when vlogging, doing product photography, and more. Here is our guide to the best tabletop tripods in 2022!
what is a gimbal What Is a Gimbal? A Guide to Gimbals in Videography 12 months ago What is a gimbal? How does a gimbal work? Do you really need one? Discover everything you need to know in this guide for videographers.
best video tripod 10 Best Video Tripods for a Wide Range of Video Applications 2 years ago We compared the 7 best video tripods. See 4 great budget options and the 3 of the very best video tripods with no budget limitation.
best gimbals compared Best Gimbals in 2023: Top 9 Picks for Smartphones, DSLRs, and More 4 months ago What are the best gimbals in 2023? We share our top 9 gimbal picks for smartphones, action cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless.
best tripod for real estate scaled.jpg?w=345&h=230&scale Breaking Down the Best Tripods for Real Estate Photography in 2022 2 years ago Do you want to start capturing stunning interior and exterior photos with ease? Discover the best tripods for real estate photography!
Best selfie tripods in 2021 The Best Selfie Tripods for Stunning Smartphone Self-Portraits 11 months ago Do you love taking selfies? Whether you're interested in solo or group shots, we've picked the best selfie tripods you can buy right now!
dslr tripods 7 Best DSLR Tripods for Photography Enthusiasts 2 years ago Are you struggling to choose a tripod? In this article, you'll discover the 7 best DSLR tripods for photography enthusiasts. Read on to determine the tripod that's best for your needs!
Best Monopods for Cameras in 2021 Best Monopods for Cameras: 8 Sturdy Picks in 2022 2 years ago What are the best monopods in 2022? We share our top 8 picks, including outstanding options for every budget.
Traveling Photographer with Tripod The Best Travel Tripods: 9 Top Choices for Every Traveler 5 months ago For travel photography, you need the best travel tripod you can get your hands on. Get stunning photos on your travels with these top tripods!
feisol tournament ct 3442 Review of the Feisol Tournament CT-3442: A Compact Option for Serious Photographers 2 years ago Is the Feisol Tournament CT-3442 right for your needs? Discover whether the CT-3442 lives up to the hype in this hands-on review.
KobraTech Apex A70 Review KobraTech Apex A70 Review: Is It the Best Budget Tripod in 2023? 1 month ago Is the Apex A70 tripod right for you? We do a hands-on review of this budget tripod for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
best backpacking tripod Best Backpacking Tripod (For All of Your Adventures Across the Globe) 2 years ago Wherever you travel in the world, having the best backpacking tripod will allow you to get stunning shots. Discover our top 10 picks for every photographer!

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