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Blogging for Photographers

What Drives Photographers to Blog?

The word blogging has a different connotation to different people. There are two sperate views when it comes to “blogging for photographers”:

  • For some, it is a creative opportunity, a way to showcase the ‘personal’ side of one’s own self, beyond what he/she could do on a more professional channel such as his / her website.
  • For others, the concept of blogging for photographers is a lot of avoidable hard work for little or no value.

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A Mixed Feeling

Blogging for Photographers
Trey’s Blog Stuck in Customs is a good example of a successful photography blog. Photo credit: Stuck in Customs

For a creative professional, especially someone who is in the profession of photography, blogging definitely is an opportunity, but one that comes wearing an overhaul.

Photographers freaking out at the suggestion of starting a blog is all too common.

It’s kind of a mixed feeling for someone who likes the concept of free publicity but can’t stand the idea of having to spend countless hours in front of the big screen, beyond those that he normally spends doing the post-processing.

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Blogging, thus, does not often get the same patronage from photographers as it does from writers. But let’s shift focus and instead find out what we can do with a blog. Maybe in the process, some of you will pick up blogging.

Give Back Something to the Community

For starters, a photographer can share interesting anecdotes about a picture. He/she could add details about the moment just prior and after the picture was taken.

Budding photographers, those who are still learning photography, love every opportunity to pick the brains of more established photographers. These provide them with an interesting insight into the thought process of professionals they look up to.

Generating Interest among Potential Clients

Blogging for Photographers
Showcase the best work on your Blog to find new clients. Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

But apart from teaching the tricks of blogging for photographers has much wider implications.

One of the main advantages of a photo blog is to connect with potential clients.

A photo blog can thus work hand in hand with the photographer’s Facebook profile.

The blog could sum up his:

  • professionalism,
  • his meticulous attention to detail,
  • his disciplined approach to the task at hand
  • and also his adaptability when things go wrong.

A lot of magazine editors, buyers of art take the time to read what the photographer has to say.

You never know who is reading your blog!

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What to Post?

It depends on what you wish to share. You could:

  • simply post random photos, the ones that often don’t end up on your website with anecdotes,
  • publish tips, tricks, and how-tos,
  • publish your take on new technology or
  • do all of that and more.

You are limited only by your imagination 🙂

So have fun starting your blog!

Already blogging?

Please share your photo blog in the comment section below and let us know why you think blogging for photographers is a good thing.

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