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200+ Personal Photography Names (& Ways to Come Up with Your Own)

What’s in a name? Actually, quite a lot when it comes to finding the ideal professional photography names for your business! If you’re just starting out, it may seem like all the best names are already taken, but we’ve put together this guide to help you find the right one for you.

Whether you are looking for a name for your photography business, a studio, or for Instagram branding, we’ve got to work to brainstorm over 200 names.

What Makes a Perfect Personal Photography Name?

When it comes to naming your photography business, simpler is usually better. The best idea is to have a name that makes it immediately clear to potential customers what it is you’re selling. With that in mind, let’s look at how to pick the best name for your brand.

Keep It Short

Long names aren’t always easy to remember, which is why trying to keep your name fairly short and snappy is the way to go. Also, consider what it will look like on a domain name for your website. For instance, allthingsbrightandbeautiful.com is long and takes much longer to type in a search bar than brightphoto.com.

So, although you may want a long, creative name, it’s best to stick to names that are from 1-3 words maximum.

How Does It Look and Sound?

Visual appeal doesn’t just apply to your photography. Your business name needs to look good and be easy to read when it’s on an invoice, website header, or business card.

It also needs to be easy to pronounce, and not sound weird or strange! Write or type out your potential brand name in different fonts and sizes to see how it looks. Next, try saying it out loud to make sure no one can misinterpret the name!

Appeal to Your Target Audience

If you know for sure you want to concentrate solely on food photography, for example, then having a niche name is a good idea. It will stand out to a specific target audience – in this case, the food and beverage industry.

However, if you’re not sure yet exactly what type of photography you want to specialize in, or you’re more of a general photographer, then don’t tie yourself to a niche. Instead, keep the name more focused on photography as a whole than a specific genre.

So, let’s get down to business! We’ve grouped names into specific categories according to the type of photography they apply to.

Photography and Portrait Studios

Cornerstone Take Two
Dash PortraitIdols Photo
LensKing (or Queen)Pristine Portrait
Photo ArtistryImpression
PhotoProVisual Arts
Aesthetic PhotoImagic
Luxe LensPhoto Co
Close Up PhotoCreativeClick
Lightcatcher Superb Shots
Sharp Shot Light Painter
Wow ImagesPsychedelic Photo
Flawless Click Collective
Superstar PortraitsPretty Perfect
Moment MakerStillShots
EleganceMemory Maker
BlissElectric Lens
Lucky LensFirst Impressions

Landscape/Cityscape Photography

VistaUrban Jungle
Viewpoint PhotographyGranite City
Natural ShotsSkyline Photography
Living LandscapeUrbanFlip
Scenic VisionStone and Steel
PhotoscapesCityscape Photo
Golden HourStreetView Photography
Sunrise SnapperUrbanFoto
Big Sky PhotographyBig City Photo
Coastal CameraRadical Landscapes
Treeline PhotographyNeonCity Photo
SceneStealerCity Shooter
ClearView PhotoCity Sky Photo
Poetic LensCity Slicker
StormcatcherNightLights Photography
Hill and Dale Photos
Panoramic Photos
Landscape Lover


Amore PhotographySpecial Day Studios
Big Day PhotoBeautiful Bride Photos
I Do StudiosCouple’s Camera
Simply Stunning PhotosTakes 2 Studios
Love Hearts StudioMe2You Photos
Forever PhotosTop Tier Photos
PassionPhotosBrilliant Brides
Dream Day StudiosVibrant Veil Studio
Together ImagesEnchanting Images
Lucky LensWonderful Weddings
Confetti CapturesLoveable Lens
Sweetheart StudioPhenomenal Photo
Amorous CameraWow Wedding Studio
Magic MomentsThe Memory Maker
Forever AfterWith Love Photos
Black Tie StudiosAdore Images
Diamond Bright StudiosPerfect Day Photos
Let’sCelebrateBadass Brides Studio
Lovestruck PhotographyTrueLove Photo
Big Fun PhotosHarmony Studios


Pawsome PhotosThe Pet Pic Pro
Cool Kitty StudiosCreature Comforts
Best Friend PhotosCamera Critters
Furbaby FotoPets in the City
Just4Paws PhotoPixelPets
Perfect Pet PicsFidoPhoto
Faithful Friend PhotosPretty Kitty Studios
Fearless Feline StudiosPawsitive Pet Photos
Debonair DoggiesFluffy’s Fotos
Candid CatsCreative Critters Studios
Gorgeous Guinea PigsAmazing Animal Photos
Equine SublimePower Pet Photos
Precious PetsPawsibilities Photography
Barking Mad StudiosPawsAndClaws Photos
Feline Fine PhotosAnimal Ark Photography
Posh Pet PortraitsYour Pet Photos
MachoMutt StudioPawty Pics
HappyPetPicsDiva Dogs Studio
Top Dog StudiosCreepyCrawlyCamera
PurrfectPhotoPet Patrol Photo


The SnackShotThe Kitchen Camera
Hungry Mama (or Papa)Dream Dishes
Saucy StudiosSpicy Stuff Photography
Edible ImagerySavory Snaps
MyKitchenPhotosScrumptious Studio
Foodie Heaven Smokin’ Shots
The Starving ChefFeastYourEyes
Spicy ShotsFood Quest Photos
Fab Food FotosFoodstagram Studio
Elegant Eats StudioMealtime Vision
Lenses and LentilsSnackZilla Studio
Food Photo FreaksSnack Hack Snaps
Delish StudioEatHappy Studio
SweetSnapsVegan Vision
Cookies ‘n’ CamerasStreetSnax Images
Snappy Snacks StudioFood Fantasy
Visual VictualsGrilled Images
EyromaticsSweet Success Photos
Daring EatsClick Cuisine
Snack SnapsFoodLover Fotos

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Dream BigGo See Studio
Oceans Apart StudioHorizon Photos
Destination StudioVoyager Photos
Oceanic PhotoExpeditionArt
Traveler’s Tales StudioJetSet Studio
Wanderlust ImagesPlanetArt Studio
SacredEarth StudioWandering Studio
TripPhotoBigRiver Photos
AdventurePhotosSnapWorld Studio
Travel CameraEarthImages
ViewFrom StudioVisionExplore
LoveLifeLensRoadTrip Photos
PhotoGo StudioEarth Aesthetics
TravelographyTotalTravel Photo
Wordly LensAdventure Studio
TrackAndTrail PhotoHikeSwimSnap
TravelArtVastVista Studio
Lifepath StudioGoSee Photo
FrontierPhotoNomadic Vision
TravelDiaryTravelous Photos


Waterlogged StudioTidal Studios
UnderwaterShotsTideline Photography
Blue Ocean VistaDeepBlue Photos
SnorkelSnapsSeaVision Studio
Undersea View
Driftwood Studio

Maternity, Family, and Kids

BabyBliss StudioFabFamilyFotos
Baby BumpzNew Life Images
Newborn StudioPrecious Gift Photos
FunFamilySnapsCool Kids Studios
Kids ‘n’ CamerasRainbow Images
Poppa Bear StudiosFamilyLens
FamilyFeaturesFamily Focus Studio
Footsteps StudioMemory Maker
BigBump StudioNewbornProPhoto
MamaAndMe StudioMagic Moments Studio


Lensman FashionRunway Rebel Images
FashionistaFotosStyle Stills Studio
Apparel ImagesAttired Images
StyleSnapperDressItUp Studio
Stylistic StudioTrendsetter Studio
OnTrend ImagesHighFashion Photo
Fashion Fever StudioOn Trend Images
Undercover ImagesHighFashionPro
CoutureCameraStylePro Photos
Catwalk CameraTrendy Lenslady


PlanetaryPicsSeeing Stars Studio
Orion ImagesSpaceVision Studio
StarSnapperNorth Star Studio
Interstellar ImagesMoonMoments Studio
Cosmic CameramanLunar Lens
Galactic VisionStarStills
StarShine StudioVenus Vision

Street and Documentary Photography

Urban VisionUrban Window Studio
UrbanEye StudioLifeAndStyle Photos
StreetSmart PhotosDocuPhotoPro
RealityBites ImagesAlleyCat Images
FactFinderFotosPavement Pics
CameraWitnessCity Storyteller
Noteworthy ImagesEyeSee Images
StreetStyle StudioCity Life Studio
Infrared EyeThe Crosswalk Camera

How to Come Up with More Great Personal Photography Names

There you have it! The names in the list above were made partly with business name generators, a great starting point for crafting your own name. It is worth noting though, that a name generator’s name will probably require tweaking as they’re usually too long, strange, or clunky.

Another method is using an online thesaurus to find different words that mean the same thing and applying that to your name creation. Here are a few more tips to help you come up with a stellar photography name:

  • Use rhyming words as a way to help people remember. Using the same letter at the start of each word is also a good way of creating a catchy-sounding name, such as Clay’s Camera Collective
  • Try to find a way to inject some humor into your business name – humorous names are memorable and often raise a smile!
  • If you plan to shoot in a specific photography niche, like weddings or food, then use words in the name to make this clear. Hopefully the examples above will help inspire you!
  • Use words that refer to the tools of your trade – lenses, tripods, camera, flashgun, etc. This will help people to realize immediately what sort of business you run
  • Get your friends and family to help. Have a naming party where everyone gets to float their ideas.
  • Last but not least – if you’re stuck and want to keep it simple – just use your own name. You want everyone to know who you are, after all!

200+ Personal Photography Name Ideas: Conclusion

We know that sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a good photography name, especially with the hundreds and thousands of photographers out there already.

However, don’t get disheartened if you really can’t decide. Keep at it, and take your time. Don’t settle for just any old name – you want to stand out and be recognized. Hopefully, our lists above will help you narrow down your options.

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