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Our latest photography software reviews.

photomyne photo scanning app review

Photomyne Review (Scan Your Old Photos in Seconds)

We reviewed Photomyne and we love it! Photomyne is a fast and easy way to scan your photographs into digital records, and to share them with others. Find out why you should give this a app a try!
inpixio review

InPixio Review – InPixio Photo Studio 10

InPixio Photo Studio is a great set of editing tools. Using this software, you can edit photos fully, but also retouch them and remove unwanted objects using the Photo Eraser and Photo Cutter tools.
ACDSee software

ACDSee Photo Studio Software Review — Great Results & Easy To Use

Looking for a Lightroom alternative to sort and save your favorite photographs? ACDSee Photo Studio Software may be capable of meeting your creative needs. Especially if you want to organize,
Luminar 4 Review – AI Features, Sky Enhancement, and Smooth Editing

Luminar 4 Review – AI Features, Sky Enhancement, and Smooth Editing

Should you purchase Luminar 4, the powerful AI-based photo editor? Discover everything you need to know in this hands-on Luminar 4 review.
aurora hdr 2019 review

Aurora HDR Review

In the latest Aurora HDR 2019 review (November 2019), we examine this HDR editor in detail, as well as the latest features, including new filters and presets.
Fotor - another great online photo editor!

Fotor Review

Fotor is an alternative for the more fancied photo editing applications. It is both an online photo editor and collage maker as well as a proper desktop application for photo editing with RAW conversion support. Plus, it also has a mobile version that is compatible with both android and iOS.
photodirector 10 review

PhotoDirector 12 Review: More than a Photo Editor

Is PhotoDirector 12 the right program for you? In this PhotoDirector 12 Review, we put this software to the test. Read on to find out more!
Photolemur Review

Photolemur 3 Review: AI to Replace Professional Editing?

In this Photolemur 3 review we test the quality of this auto photo editor and compare it to Photoshop. Can AI replace professional editing?
portrait pro comparison

Our Review of PortraitPro 18 – Is This Software Worth It?

Portrait photography can be a pretty demanding genre of photography. With clients that have high expectations, it can be hard to produce images that please. Thankfully, specialist editing software for
Affinity Photo review - details toolbar

Affinity Photo Review

Affinity Photo is a superb photo editing program. In our Affinity Photo review, we dissect this editing software and see what you can expect in terms of post-processing and re-touching. We try out the program and also create some image samples of our own using its editing tools.
Photomatix Pro 6 Review

Photomatix Pro 6 Review (Detailed Analysis) – Get 15% Off

Photomatix Pro 6.1 Review: We tested this High Dynamic Range (HDR) Software. It's ideal for photographers (beginner to pro) who want to combine multiples exposure shots. Use it to apply stunning presets and fine-tune important image settings. Find out why we love it, see sample images, and get 15% off!
on1 resize software

ON1 Resize Review: An Incredible Tool for Enlarging Photos (and More!)

In our ON1 Resize review, we discuss the benefits of this amazing resizing tool. Discover the power of ON1 Resize 2018.
Luminar AI Review: A Powerful Editor That's Great for Beginners

Luminar AI Review: A Powerful Editor That’s Great for Beginners

Luminar AI is powerful, but is it the right photo editor for your needs? Discover everything you need to know in this Luminar AI review!
picktorial software

Picktorial 3.0 Review

Picktorial 3.0 for Mac. Is it just another photo editing software or more? We believe it is right up there at the level of Lightroom, Luminar and On1 Photo Editor. Check out what makes this new photo software developed by and Israeli startup special.
Eclipse HDR Pro Screenshot

Eclipse HDR Pro Review – A Simple But Effective HDR Processing Program

Eclipse HDR Pro is HDR processing software created by InPixio. The program is great for batch processing, and quickly creating multiple HDR images for editing in other post processing software.

PicMonkey Online Photo Editor and Collage Maker

PicMonkey Review: I tested the online photo editor PicMonkey and was surprised by the ease of use and functionality. Try it 7 for free now!
Pixelmator Review

Pixelmator Pro Review

Pixelmator Pro Review: This new advanced photo-editing app built for Mac is a more sophisticated version and worth your one time investment.
HDR Projects 7 Review

HDR Projects 7 Review – a Detailed HDR Program With Raw Processing

HDR Projects 7 is a superb and powerful automatic HDR processing program. It has advanced RAW editing and allows for detail HDR composites.
Capture one pro edit comparison

Capture One Pro Review: How Does The Latest Software Check Out?

In our Capture One Pro review, we put the latest software to the test. Seeing how it fares as an editing and organizational tool for beginners and pros.
easyHDR screenshot

EasyHDR Review – a Simple but Powerful HDR Program

In this EasyHDR review we test its automated HDR processing features. We also look at its post-processing options.
Animoto Video Editor Review

Animoto Review: Probably the Best Online Video Editor

Animoto Review: best online video editor in 2021! We rated Animoto 5/5 on ease-of-use, template choice, and video quality. Get a free trial.
Luminance HDR Review

Luminance HDR Review – An Efficient and Powerful HDR Processor

Luminance HDR is a great HDR program aimed at allowing users to create high-quality HDR composites efficiently. It has a smooth process and also allows users to batch-produce HDR images. In this Luminance HDR review we show exactly what this program has to offer.
PaintShop Pro 2020 Review

PaintShop Pro 2020 Review

PaintShop Pro 2020 is the latest iteration of the popular graphics software. This updated version features a dedicated photography workspace and a host of other cool features for RAW editing and raster graphics creation.
mac x logo

Macx Video Converter Review (an Intuitive Free Video Editing Software)

Review of the free maxXVideo software. This basic video editor and transformer is the new standard for 4K video processing. It's simple, fast, and quality-oriented. Plus, you can resize and encode 4K/5K/8K and HD/SD videos easily.
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