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If you want to make money with photography, you should have a look at how to submit your photos to a magazine or how to sell stock photos. Also, check out the best-paid photography jobs. We also cover resources you may need to run your photography business.

SEO for Photography

6 Must-Know SEO Tips for Photographers, Plus: 4 Image Optimization Tips

Read our 6 SEO Tips for Photographers that will help you boost your online presence and ultimately sell more of your photos or get more photography gigs.
Why you should hire a Professional Model for your Social Media Campaign

Why You Need Professional Models for Your Social Media Campaigns

5 reasons why brands and companies need to hire professional, agency models versus stock imagery models for their social media campaigns and project imagery. A detailed look at creative direction, vision and connecting with your consumer.
What Can Shutterstock Photography Do For You? - A Shutterstock Review

What Can Shutterstock Photography Do For You? – A Shutterstock Review

If you're even remotely familiar with the world of stock photography, you've no doubt heard of Shutterstock. As one of the largest microstock sources around, they sell vector illustrations, video
Are Wix Photography Templates Any Good? Our Thoughts on Wix

Are Wix Photography Templates Any Good? Our Thoughts on Wix

Wix is an excellent solution for anyone seeking to make a website on a budget. But are Wix photography templates worthy of your portfolio?
Photographer on Instagram

Social Media Tips for Photographers

Maintaining a social media presence is vital for a photographer. Social media is a great way to engage with your users, promote your brand, and also market your photos. This article looks at how you can improve your social media presence by 8 easy to follow tips for photographers.
sirv media

Sirv Review – Advanced Image Management and Delivery

Sirv Review Image management and optimization are vital in modern digital businesses. In this Sirv review, we look at why this platform is useful, and how it could help your
laptop with analytical info on

The Best Website Hosting Services for Photographers Using WordPress in 2020

You've got your sights set on a URL, you've made the decision to use WordPress, and now you're at the tricky, and confusing, stage of choosing which service to use
Blogging Photographer

Blogging for Photographers: 5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Blogs

Blogging for photographers can be a difficult topic. How do you create amazing, standout content? Discover everything you need to know!
commercial photography

Getting to Grips with Commercial Photography: How to Get Started

If you want to make some cash, commercial photography is a great field to get into. Discover the secrets of becoming a successful commercial photographer!
PxBee Review

PxBee Review: The Industry’s New Stock Photography Website

A comprehensive review of PxBee, the industry's new stock photography website. We examine the quality of images, categories available, comparison of pricing to other stock image websites as well as the potential revenue for contributors.
how to start a photography blog

How to Start a Photography Blog

A photography blog is a fantastic way to showcase your artwork with the world – it is a great hobby, but could also lead to additional opportunities and earnings. We look at how to start a photography blog and the different aspects involved.
Learn Phtogography

How to Become a Freelance Photographer

If you've dreamed of becoming a freelance photographer, this guide will share everything you need to know on how to become a freelance photographer!
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