A tripod is a three-legged contraption that comes with or without a standard head for supporting a camera system. Most entry-level tripods come with a tripod head built in. But the more expensive ones allow you to buy a separate tripod head as per your choice. Fundamentally, this is a supporting rig for your camera. The legs are telescopic.

Additionally, the legs on some tripod systems can be set independent of each other. This is ideal for uneven surfaces or where you need additional purchase out of the ground for stability. The central column to which the tripod head attaches to and therefore supports the camera system is also telescopic.

Some tripods come with the ability to oscillate the central column by 180 so that it can point the camera system towards the ground. Additionally, tripods are manufactured in a wide variety of materials. The best ones are usually made of carbon-fiber.

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Landscape zoom lenses professional photography equipment

The Best Professional Photography Equipment You Can Buy (in 2020)

What’s the best professional photography equipment? What equipment do you need to consistently capture stunning pictures–even at once-in-a-lifetime moments or in low-light conditions? In this article, you’ll discover the equipment that every professional photographer needs for gorgeous photos. Let’s dive right in. Professional Photography Equipment List: The Best Photography Equipment for Professionals Cameras Lenses Tripod

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Best Video Tripods 2020

We compared the 7 best video tripods. See 4 great budget options and the 3 of the very best video tripods with no budget limitation.

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Essential Travel Photography Gear

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7 Best DSLR Tripods for Photography Enthusiasts

Are you struggling to choose a tripod? In this article, you’ll discover the 7 best DSLR tripods for photography enthusiasts. Read on to determine the tripod that’s best for your needs!

Sirui SR tripods

Announcing the SIRUI SR Series

The New Sirui SR Tripod Models (Sirui SUSR 3203, SUSR 3204 and the Sirui SUSR-3004) are now available at, Amazon and B&H. They were specially designed for the photographer/videographer who needs maximum stability and versatility. Read what’s new with this premium line of tripods.

Best Tripods for Real Estate Photography (Top7)

Breaking Down the Best Tripods for Real Estate Photography

We compared the best tripods for real estate photography. We picked these 7 (stable, tall, and durable) tripods for 2018: ✓ Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB, ✓ Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH, ✓ VILTROX VX-18M, ✓ MeFOTO Globetrotter, ✓ Orion 5378, ✓ Induro CLT204, ✓ SLIK Pro-700;

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Best Real Estate Lenses for Full Frame DSLRs

Our readers asked us to recommend a specific lens for real estate photography which works best for Canon and Nikon full frame cameras. So that’s what we did. We also recommended some tripods for real estate photography, so you can find the best accessories for real estate photography in 2018!

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How to Make Great Videos (with Your DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras)

Thinking of creating some videos with your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera? Then these DSLR Video Tips are for you: ✓ Focus, ✓ Stabilization, ✓ White Balance, ✓ Filter Tips and many more… Start shooting great vides now. Discover amazing picks created by our pro photographers.

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Manfrotto 405 Geared Head (Tech Specs)

The Manfrotto 405 Geared Head is not a cheap piece of photography equipment. It is, however, worth the investment and better than the Manfrotto 410 Junior or even more price Swiss Made Arca options.

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Comparing the Best Tabletop Tripods

With a table tripod ball head, you can aim your camera at any angle and lock it into position. The best tabletop tripods are the ones that have a ball head.

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Auto ISO Mode: What, How & When?

What is Auto ISO? The Auto ISO Mode is a feature on some cameras where the camera decides what should be the optimum ISO for the exposure.  The camera reads the aperture and the shutter speed in use and then depending on the scene and the metering mode, dials in the ISO number it feels

Manfrotto 535 Carbon Fiber 2-Stage

Manfrotto 535 Tripod + 504HD Video Head = Amazing DSLR Videos

The Manfrotto 535 Video Tripod The Manfrotto 535 Video Tripod is crafted out of carbon fiber. It is lightweight, durable and ideal for those long haul shoots where every session of shooting is punctuated with a re-jig of the entire set-up. The Manfrotto 535 has a weight of 2.3 kilos. Thus, carrying it is a

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Easy Guide to DIY Product Photography

Business owners who own an e-commerce site might cringe if they are to hear the cost that they will have to pay to hire a professional photographer to take photos of their inventory products. Professional and qualified photographers usually own a studio that comes with a whole set of high-end cameras, lighting equipment and a

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