10 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone (in 2024)

There are times when sharing just one photo isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s just as good – or maybe better! – to display more than one image, especially if you’ve taken a handful of pictures from a recent vacation or a party on social media.

There are definitely lots of collage-making applications out there. But which is right for you? In this article, we share the 10 best collage apps for iPhone users – so you can create stunning collages for social media, friends, and family.

Collage App on iPhone

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1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express
Adobe Express
Best for social media collages

Express is an application made for Adobe enthusiasts who want to produce social media posts. It has a large collection of aesthetic templates to inspire you.

Adobe Express is available for:

Provides thousands of creative templates
Allows integration with an Adobe account
Need a premium membership to access certain features

Previously called Adobe Spark, Adobe Express is an application designed specifically for graphic design and perfect for the budding social media marketer. It provides over a thousand templates and assets to create different types of social media content like posters, stories, logos, and more.

Adobe Express app showing collage photos and functions
Adobe Express

This photo collage app gives you access to Adobe’s royalty-free photo collection and a number of Adobe Fonts. You get to freely create posts sized to specific ratios, including Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, Facebook covers, etc.

To create your collage, you must decide whether you want to start from scratch or edit a template. If you choose a template, you can tap on the existing photos one by one and replace them with your own using the “Replace” option.

You can then enhance your photos with filters, remove the backgrounds, or even add texts, stickers, and animations.

2. Diptic

Best for multimedia posts

Diptic provides customizable layouts with the option to add both videos and music from your own library.

Diptic is available for:

Very customizable
Lets you add videos and music to your collage
Also available for the iPad
Certain layouts require payment

Diptic is a photo collage app that boasts over 194 layout choices, all of which are designed to fit the needs of users. There is also another separate collection of layouts that are offered as in-app purchases.

Screenshots of the Diptic photo collage app.
Diptic App

Diptic lets you create collages with both photos and videos. It lets you customize the existing layouts as well as the borders within and outside the photos. The app provides 14 filters to choose from, and you can make additional photo adjustments to brightness, contrast, and more. You can even add textures to both your images and videos.

Another feature that stands out is the ability to add music from your own personal library; this nifty feature isn’t available in other collage-making apps!


Best for people fond of beauty cameras

MOLDIV is a photo collage application that has a number of customizable templates to choose from.

MOLDIV is available for:

Allows photo resizing
Has its own integrated beauty camera
Layouts and templates are somewhat basic

MOLDIV is an all-in-one, easy-to-use app that lets you edit both photos and videos, and it’s a great choice for beginners and professionals.

Moldiv App screenshots
Moldiv App Screenshots

MOLDIV allows users to edit photos with a selection of over 190 filters and a number of design tools. It has its own integrated camera, which lets you take your own photos and videos within the application.

To create a collage, simply tap on the Collage option and choose from the 120 free layouts. If you pay the subscription cost, you’ll gain access to the full collection of 312 layouts. After choosing a layout, select the photos you wish to use. You have the option to switch, rotate, and replace your chosen photos. You can even adjust the frame size and ratio.

4. PicCollage

Best for making quick collages

PicCollage has been around for a while and is a prime choice for many due to its easy-to-use interface and editing capabilities.

PicCollage is available for:

Seasonal templates
Can add up to 20 photos
Watermark can only be removed with a VIP membership

PicCollage was designed to make photo collages, and it’s full of amazing features.

Pic Collage App Screenshots
Pic Collage for iPhone

The free starter pack provides grid layouts that can display up to 20 photos in one collage. You can even adjust the photos to take up as much or as little space as you wish. And the app features a variety of seasonal templates.

The steps to creating a collage are easy to follow. First, choose from three options: “Grids,” “Freestyle,” or “Templates.” Choose a post size and a grid layout or template. Finally, select your photos, then pair them with some nice backgrounds, texts, drawings, animations, and more.

5. Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos
Best for quick collages

Google Photos allows you to free up space on your phone by keeping files safe and sound in the cloud. And it lets you create collages, too!

Google Photos is available for:

Can be connected to your Google account
Great for backup storage for photos
Simple collage function
Not designed for photo editing
Collage doesn’t offer much customization

Google Photos is a photo application that connects to your phone’s gallery and syncs it with your Google account. The app provides 15 GB of free storage, with the choice to automatically back up specific folders as soon as you open the application.

Screenshots of Google Photo for iPhone showing photo collage
Google Photo for iPhone

Google Photos also organizes your photos – and it lets you create animations, movies, and collages with your photos.

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To make a collage, you must first navigate to the “Library” tab. Tap on “Utilities” and choose to create a new collage. Select up to nine photos in your library; the application will provide you with a collage in just a few seconds. And while you can’t make significant adjustments, you’ll be able to make a few minor alterations before you finish.

6. Layout

Best for Instagram posts

Layout was designed to make quick and easy collages you can post to your Instagram account.

Layout is available for:

Completely free
Instagram integration
Can flip and mirror images
Can only select up to 9 photos
Limited customization and layouts

Layout allows you to select photos from your camera roll – or use the built-in Photo Booth to take shots – then instantly turn them into a fun collage for Instagram sharing.

Layout App Screenshots
Layout App Screenshots

It allows you to easily move your selected photos around the layout, make adjustments by zooming in and out, and even mirror them. And the app has a handy feature called “Faces,” which lets you quickly find photos of people in your camera roll.

7. Canva

Best for creative collages

Canva is one of the best graphic design programs for beginners; it allows you to create gorgeous collages with a few clicks.

Canva is available for:

A large number of creative editing features
Has thousands of free stock photos, background music, and frames
Can be buggy

Canva is a popular graphic design platform, and it’s easy to see why. The app is packed with thousands of templates to choose from, and it even gives you the opportunity to create unique, aesthetically pleasing designs.

Screenshots of the Canva iPhone app
Canva App for iPhone

This app is a comprehensive multimedia editor that lets you edit photos and create posters, slideshows, and collages. It’s also great for team-based designs as it allows for real-time collaboration on projects with just the tap of a finger.

To create a Canva collage, navigate to “Photo Collages” and pick from the numerous available templates. Like Adobe Express, you can simply click on the existing photos and replace them with your own. You can then add text and stickers for extra pizzazz.

8. Unfold

Best for Instagram Stories

Unfold was developed to create gorgeous social media content, and its Instagram designs are especially impressive.

Unfold is available for:

Allows post scheduling
Beautiful templates
Large collection of customizable layouts
Posts are the size of your phone and cannot be changed
The number of photos you can add is limited

Unfold is an easy-to-use application, one that’s focused specifically on social media posts. It has over 400 templates to choose from, ranging from simple options in the Clasico collection to more complex picks in the Zodiac or Film collection.

Screenshots of the Unfold App
Unfold App

Unfold lets you add both photos and videos, and you can enhance them using filters or effects. You can also create “Bio Sites” to share your numerous links online, and you can schedule your posts ahead in the “Plan” tab. This makes Unfold the perfect companion for social media creators!

9. FrameMagic

Best for creative collages

FrameMagic enables its users to create truly amazing photo collages and slideshows via a bevy of unique collage options.

FrameMagic is available for:

Can edit with multiple styles
Can create polygonal layouts
Can add and arrange your photos freely
Plenty of options for customization
Cannot actually save photos unless you subscribe

FrameMagic boasts a selection of uncommon collages and allows its users to be highly creative in their collage designs. You can choose from unique collage types such as Vertical Stitch, Auto (which automatically creates a layout with an unlimited selection of photos), 3D Mesh, and Montage.

Framemagic App Screenshots
Framemagic claims to be the best photo and video collage maker.

The application lets you load multiple photos at once, and you can add in unique decorations, backgrounds, and even gradients.

Making a FrameMagic collage is easy. For example, with the “Grid” option, you can simply select the “Photo” tab and load as many images as you want. This will produce an automated collage that you can easily customize to your preference.

10. PhotoGrid

Best for basic collages

PhotoGrid does a solid job; it provides a range of grid templates and lets you easily edit your results.

PhotoGrid is available for:

Has unique and seasonal templates
You can make video grids
Over 20,000 different collage templates
Option to create and add your own logo and watermark
Watermark can’t be removed without a subscription

PhotoGrid is an application developed to make collages, and it lets you create high-resolution designs that can easily be posted to different social media sites.

PhotoGrid App Screenshots
PhotoGrid App Screenshots

PhotoGrid can create both photo and video collages; it even integrates with a stock photo website so you can make use of their royalty-free collection. 

To design a collage with PhotoGrid, you can choose from the existing collection of templates or tap “Grid” to create your own design. Once you select your photos, you’ll see a set of layouts to choose from. Don’t worry, though; you can still change the collage layout later on.

Pick the Perfect Photo Collage App!

Whether you want to arrange your photos in an artistic way or you want to create a simple grid to show off your best memories, collages are the way forward. There’s no need to pick just one photo; put them into a collage, and you’ll be good to go!

We hope you found a good app to make your collage. Choose the one that suits you best!

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