Master Professional Video Editing with iPhone Photography School’s New Course

iPhone Video Editing Academy
iPhone Photography School just introduced a brand new video editing course.

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iPhone Video Editing Academy: A Comprehensive Review

Creating professional-looking videos has never been easier, especially with the power of apps like CapCut and the versatility of the iPhone. The iPhone Video Editing Academy, led by Simone, offers an in-depth exploration of these tools, guiding users from basic editing to advanced techniques. Here’s a detailed review of what the course entails, based on two comprehensive summaries.


The iPhone Video Editing Academy provides a thorough guide to mastering video editing using CapCut on an iPhone. The course is structured in a series of detailed chapters, each focusing on different aspects of video editing. From basic trimming and color adjustments to advanced techniques like masking and using the AutoCut feature, the course is designed to equip users with the skills needed to create engaging and professional videos.

Course Structure and Content

iphone video editing course 4 modules
The 4 modules of the iPhone Video Editing Academy

Introduction to Video Editing Academy

Simone introduces the course, emphasizing how it will transform your video editing skills using just an iPhone. He highlights the potential of iPhone footage to create compelling stories.

Trimming and Basic Editing in Photos App

Getting started with iPhone video editing: Trimming you videos
Get started with iPhone video editing: Trimming you videos

The basics of video editing start with the Photos app, where Simone demonstrates trimming, volume adjustments, and saving edited clips. These fundamental skills set the foundation for more complex projects.

Cropping, Aspect Ratios, and Perspective Correction

ips cropping
Essential Video Composition in Photos App: Cropping and Perspective Corrections

This chapter focuses on cropping videos, adjusting aspect ratios, and correcting perspective distortions to shape the visual impact of videos effectively.

Color and Exposure Adjustments

ips color adjustments
Mastering Color & Exposure Adjustments in Photos App

Simone explains how to enhance video quality by adjusting color and exposure settings in the Photos app. He covers auto-adjustments, manual adjustments, and filters to maintain color consistency across different scenes.

Introduction to CapCut

Simone introduces CapCut, detailing its features and capabilities. He previews topics like sequence creation, music integration, live photos, and advanced editing projects.

Advanced Editing Techniques

Module 2 of the iPhone Video Editing Academy
Module 2 of the iPhone Video Editing Academy

Sequence Creation in CapCut

Simone demonstrates creating a video sequence by importing clips, trimming unnecessary footage, and arranging them logically. He also covers adding music and matching edits with the beat.

Photo Montage and Live Photos in CapCut

Learn how to create photo montages with motion effects and incorporate Live Photos into video sequences to capture life in still images.

Music Integration and Beat Matching

Simone highlights the importance of music in video editing, showing how to integrate tracks and use the auto-beat function for rhythmically engaging videos.

Instagram Reel Editing

This chapter covers editing Instagram Reels, including adding text, graphics, transitions, and syncing music drops with specific video moments.

Travel Video Editing

ips video editing travel
Building sequences of your travel videos is part of module 2.

Simone takes viewers through a multi-part lesson on editing travel videos. From importing and organizing clips to adding text, graphics, color grading, and incorporating transitions and effects, this segment ensures a polished final product.

Overlays and Masking

Simone teaches how to use overlays and masking in CapCut to blend video layers seamlessly, creating split-screen comparisons and highlighting specific elements.

Time Manipulation: Time-lapses, Hyperlapse, Slow Motion, and Speed Ramping

Explore time-lapses, hyperlapse, slow-motion, and speed ramping techniques to add drama and flair to videos.

Creative Transitions

Blend in-camera transitions with digital transitions to maintain video flow and engagement.

Interview Editing

From assembling interview footage to adding music, B-roll, color grading, refining audio, and adding subtitles, Simone provides a comprehensive guide to editing interviews.

Green Screen and Chroma Key

Learn to use chroma key and remove background tools to achieve green screen effects and replace backgrounds.

Advanced Masking

Simone delves deeper into masking techniques, showing how to isolate and manipulate video frame elements to create dynamic compositions.

Cloning and Creating Impossible Scenes

Discover how to clone yourself multiple times in a single frame and create impossible scenes by replacing backgrounds and adding elements like mountains and stars.

Exploring the AutoCut Feature

The AutoCut feature automatically selects the best footage, syncs it with music, and applies trending templates, making editing more efficient.

Elevating Your Storytelling

The final chapter emphasizes creativity and storytelling, encouraging users to push the boundaries of their skills and express unique perspectives through their videos.


The iPhone Video Editing Academy is a robust course that covers every aspect of video editing using CapCut on an iPhone. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced editor seeking advanced techniques, Simone’s step-by-step instructions, practical examples, and creative tips provide a comprehensive guide to mastering video editing. By the end of the course, users are equipped with the skills to create visually stunning and engaging videos, making the most of their iPhone’s capabilities.

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James Keagy

“An unbelievable course! The impact was much greater than expected. Thanks, Simone, for generously sharing your knowledge!”

Rudy Wolff

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