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A laptop is a personal computer system that is essentially a clamshell design. A laptop has two distinct sections. The top one houses the display monitor and the bottom houses all the other components, including the processor, motherboard, RAM, hard drive inside an aluminum casing. The top part of the bottom section also contains the keyboard and the touchpad.

A laptop is essentially designed for portability and convenience. But modern laptop designs and architecture has evolved so much that many of these qualify as desktop replacements. The new i9 8th generation Intel chip matched with MSI’s latest graphics card and meaty RAM could outperform any desktop. Add to that the fact that this is still a ‘portable design means you can basically carry your workstation wherever you are headed to. The terms notebooks and laptops are used interchangeably. There used to be a difference between the two, but not anymore.

Overview of the Best Laptops for Photographers and Video Editors:

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