Best Websites to Sell Photos and Make Money

Which are the Best Websites to Sell Photos?

For a stock photographer whose life depends on shooting and selling stock, the idea of that perfect microstock site, that very best website to sell photos with the highest share of royalty on offer and a guaranteed several grands a month of passive income is like the Holy Grail.

For any full-time photographer the elixir of a successful professional life is a steady stream of income; be it from selling stock, a few fat wedding contracts a year, some big ticket commercial shoots and of course the occasional exhibition for both personal and professional gratification. You throw in the odd recognition a year and there you have it. You can’t ask for more.

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But this seems to be a dream very few photographers achieve in their lifetime. More and more photographers end up toiling for days on end on sites that ultimately fail to materialize their ambitions.

As a stock photographer you will need to establish the best websites to sell photos very early in your career. This has a tremendous bearing on the ultimate success or failure of your stock photography career. This is like setting your target audience and deciding to cater to buyers exclusively on these ‘best stock photography sites’ or microstock sites.

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Most of these microstock sites would have a clause for exclusivity. It means any images you upload on these sites shouldn’t be uploaded elsewhere for sale. It’s optional of course. But if you opt for it you stand a chance to make a higher amount of money. Microstock Millionaire Yuri Arcurs for example decided few years back to sell exclusively on iStock.

Stock is one of the best ways to make money when you don’t have a big portfolio or recommendations or money to spend on stock photography equipment. Regardless of what some stock photographers say, you can still make money from stock.

Watch this video of Yuri Arcurs who made A LOT of money selling stocks:

It takes only reasonable quality equipment to get started, a lot of time and appetite for tenacious hard work. However, just as an investor would be better off diversifying his portfolio investing in multiple promising avenues, a photographer should also divert his energies in multiple avenues to stay safe.

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So which are the Best Websites to Sell Photos in 2016?

Best Stock Photo Sites
MicrostockGroup recommends the best stock sites
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Only recently has come with this list of top 20 of the best stock photography sites to sell your photos. They have divided the list into three tiers. These are based on the amount of money one makes.

The top tier consists of the sites:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. iStock (Best if you want to stay exclusive with one agency)
  3. Fotolia and
  4. Pond5

These are your four best websites to sell photos.

These are followed by the middle tier consisting of sites like:

Finally, it is the low earners and interestingly GettyImages and 500px are some of the sites that come in this list. So, without further ado, I give you the best websites to sell photos in 2016. Check out this link for the full list and poll results.

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So go ahead! Start making money with Stock Photos by uploading your photos to Shutterstock, the number one stock photography sites.

This video shows you how upload photos to

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Free Stock Photos
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