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Capturing bokeh example of a cluster of yellow lights surrounded by darkness. Bokeh Tutorial: How to Capture Stunning Bokeh in Your Photos 5 days ago Step-by-step process to capturing bokeh so you can create a beautiful background blur in your photos using any camera and lens!
Woman with short brown hair looking straight ahead with her mouth slightly open framed by a white background. White Background Portrait: How to Capture Portraits with a Pure White Backdrop 3 weeks ago We share easy techniques to capture perfect white background portraits. Create refined portraits, no matter your level of experience!
Head and shoulders of a man with glasses and a gray suit looking straight ahead. How to Take a Good Headshot (Simple DIY Steps for Non-Pros) 7 months ago Need a good, professional-looking headshot? Learn a simple process for capturing beautiful headshots (no experience necessary!).
Full body portrait of a woman in red clothing standing against a gray wall outdoors while smiling How to Shoot Full-Body Portrait Photography (+ Best Lenses) 7 months ago A step-by-step guide to full-body portrait photos. Learn how to use careful lighting, posing, and more to create stunning images.
how to backup lightroom photos How to Manage and Back Up Lightroom Photos (8 Simple Tips) 1 year ago Simple tips for easy image management in Lightroom. Learn how to back up your images, organize your folders, and more.
Joiner Photography image example Joiner Photography: How to Make a Joiner Photo Like David Hockney 1 year ago A step-by-step guide to Hockney-style joiner photos. Create artistic masterpieces with a few images and some Photoshop tricks!
how to create presets in Lightroom How to Create Presets in Lightroom (for Desktop and Mobile) 1 year ago Creating presets in Lightroom is simple. Make your own Lightroom and Lightroom Classic presets with this step-by-step guide.
how to develop film at home How to Develop Film at Home (and All of the Things You Need) 1 year ago If you're looking to get your prints developed, discover the easy way to do it from home. This article has everything you need to know!
Engagement Photography Tips How to Take Great Engagement Photos That Couples Will Love (10 Tips) 1 year ago Want to capture amazing engagement photos? These 10 tips by pro photographer mentor Jeff Brown will take your images to the next level, fast!
hard disk for photo storage The Best Way to Store Digital Photos: The Ultimate Guide 11 months ago Keeping your digital photos safe is a tricky task. Find out the best way to store digital photos so you don't have to worry about losing your photos.
How to store cameras and lenses at home How to Store Cameras and Lenses at Home (Top 10 Tips) 2 years ago From ensuring you don’t visit the repair shop to keeping the resale value, here is our guide on how to store cameras and lenses at home!
how to take real estate photos with iPhone How to Take Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone: 10 Easy Tips 4 months ago Discover 10 simple tips to capture beautiful iPhone real estate photography. Create jaw-dropping photos for your house listing!
Bright portrait with dark background How to Brighten a Part of Your Image in Photoshop 4 months ago If you want to brighten a part of your image Photoshop offers great tools to do so. The Gaussian Blur and the Polygonal Lasso Tool help you brighten a spot.
how to convert RAW to JPEG on a Mac How to Convert RAW to JPEG on Mac, Windows, and More 2 years ago Want to convert your RAW photos to JPEGs? We share several quick-and-easy methods for Mac and Windows users!
Paint Your Life sample painting showing the original photo of a dog on the left and the painting on the right. How to Turn Photos into Paintings: 5 Options for Creating Painted Masterpieces! 4 months ago Have you captured a photo you desperately want to showcase as a painting? Read on to discover 5 ways to turn a photo into a painting!
How to photograph paintings for print How to Photograph Paintings for Prints (Perfectly Digitizing Your Artwork!) 2 years ago Digitizing paintings is best done with a camera and a lens, so here is our nifty guide on how to photograph paintings for prints!
portrait of a women How to Get the Best Lighting for Your Portrait Photography 11 months ago Portrait photography lighting might seem hard, but it doesn't have to be. Discover how to create gorgeous portraits with these simple lighting tips!
How to set up umbrella lighting for photography How to Set Up Umbrella Lighting for Photography (The Must-Know Guide) 2 years ago Here is our ultimate guide on how to set up umbrella lighting for photography. Get all of the knowledge you need to take stunning photographs!
double exposure photoshop How to Merge Two Photos in Photoshop: A Step-By-Step Guide 2 years ago Want to make landscapes pop? Give your photos an artistic flare? Learn how to merge two photos in Photoshop to give you images that something extra!
overexposed photo How to Fix Overexposed Photos: The Ultimate Guide 2 years ago Do you want to know how to fix overexposed photos, fast? These step-by-step instructions will tell you everything you need to know!
zone system photography The Zone System: How to Nail Your Exposure Every Time 2 years ago What is the zone system, and how can you use it to get consistently perfect exposures? Learn all about this technique pioneered by the photography greats!
focus stacking final example How to Focus Stack in Lightroom and Photoshop 2 years ago Focus stacking can make an incredible difference in your best shots. Follow our guide and learn how to start utilizing this technique today!
DSLR Video Tips: How to Make Great Videos with Your DSLR 8 How to Make Great Videos (with Your DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras) 12 months ago Thinking of creating some videos with your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera? Then these DSLR Video Tips are for you: ✓ Focus, ✓ Stabilization, ✓ White Balance, ✓ Filter Tips and many more... Start shooting great vides now. Discover amazing picks created by our pro photographers.
long exposure image How to Take Long Exposure Photos: The Ultimate Guide for Day & Night 1 year ago Do you want to learn how to take stunning long exposure photographs? Read on for our tips on mastering long exposure photography.

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