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How to Take Engagement Photos

When taking a good engagement photo, there are several factors you need to take note. For one, a camera and camera equipment are important to obtain quality photos. Another is choosing a picturesque location and wardrobe the couple may want to use. Having a great engagement photo means knowing how to position each person and having a good composition to getting the perfect shot.

couple holding hands with a field as their background and their upper faces are unseen
You can try to experiment with your pictures to create drama or a story.

Here, we share some tips and visuals on how you can get the perfect engagement shoot picture. In getting a good picture, camera and equipment are important tools, but ultimately, having a good eye for art is also a key factor.

Taking a good picture can be quite challenging, but once you take note of the tips, you will find that taking engagement photos can be fulfilling once you are able to fully engage with your subjects and start eyeing down the details needed.

6 Tips for Taking Great Engagement Photos:

1. Build Good Client Relationships

Before you even begin your photo session, you will need to build trust with your clients or subjects, as it will be easier for you to take pictures if your subjects are comfortable with you.

Having a good relationship will also give them more confidence to project poses as well. By getting to know more about them, you can also easily formulate concepts or themes for your shoot.

2. Pick a Good Location

landscape of a rice field going downhill with the ocean in the horizon
An important factor in getting a good shot is considering the location of your shoot.

Having a good location will give you different details in the picture, as well as enhance your subjects depending on how you take them. You may need you to consider on what time of the day you want to do the shoot, considering the kinds of backgrounds you would want to have as well.

couple picture with Singapore buildings as their background
A good location will give you a good background to help separate your subjects.

3. Creating a Story

By being able to create a storyline for your photo shoot. A storyline will make it easier to form poses it will also help you choose the correct outfits the subjects may wear during the shoot.

Picture taken from the inside of a couple outside sitting down and holding hands
Let the couple interact with each other in their own way to get a natural looking picture

4. Using the Correct Lenses

close-up picture of two hands holding each other with a visible engagement ring
Using a prime lens, for instance, can give you a huge F/Stop to focus on your subject

To obtain creative pictures, you must also have the necessary lenses to take shots with a different focal length lens or use an aperture with a wide depth of field (e.g. F/1.2).

For a photo shoot such as this one, it would be advisable to use some prime lenses as you will be focusing on getting close-up shots. It would also be preferred to have some wide angle lenses in case you want to include a nice background in your shot, or if you want to include a wide angle shot.

couple leaning close to each other with mountains as their background
Using the right lens will let you take creative shots and maximize aperture.

5. Appropriate Lighting

You will need some lighting to create the perfect picture. You can either use controlled lighting, which is your equipment, or you can use natural light to make the picture look natural instead of having that controlled lighting feels.

Lighting is important as it helps build drama and a story to your pictures. You can position your lights where your subjects may have a lot of shadows to make them moody, or you can add more lights to brighten them up.

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Full body picture of couple leaning to each other and facing the camera
With proper lighting and the right location, you can take shots that will look sharp, as well as have a good location to make your picture look good overall.

6. Knowing Body Language

You should know how to position your subject that would make them look good in the photo, as well as poses that won’t make them feel awkward. A solution to avoid making your subjects feel awkward is to let them be themselves or to let the two people interact with each other naturally. By letting them act naturally, you can have a natural looking photo.

Another simple and common way to make a picture look natural is to ask them if they have prepared their own set of poses and ask them if they have a specific angle they would like you to take.

couple sitting in the ground leaning to each other with guy playing a guitar
Unscripted poses will give you a natural looking picture, so let them do poses they are comfortable with.
guy posing
Let the groom do a simple pose, as men already have a dominant looking posture

A tip for this is to memorize a few poses for men and women or keep a set of pictures containing poses you would want them to do, or what you think would best fit them.

For men, you would want to keep images showing muscularity in men or dominant poses. For women, it would be advisable to take pictures on certain angles that would make them look feminine. An example of a feminine pose would be exposing more curves.

spiraling staircase with girl in gown in the middle
Even a simple feminine pose and proper angle will give you a good picture.

For more tips on how to take engagement photos. Feel free to check out some videos below. These videos should be able to give you a good grasp on taking engagement pictures and the scenarios you may be facing when you are doing a shoot. These tips don’t just apply to engagement photoshoots, but you can apply them to any photoshoot.

Engagement Photography Tips: Videos to Watch

Check out this video where the photographer communicates with the couple in order to obtain great pictures. Communication is truly important when taking pictures.

Engagement Photography Tips and Posing

Below is also another video where a photographer also applies the same concept of communication and telling the couple to interact with each other naturally. From time to time, you can always coordinate poses with your subjects but no to the extent of forcefully posing.

3 Tips For Photographing Real Couples | Working With Clients Who Are Not Models

The video below shows how you can interact with your subjects and tips on what to do when shooting engagement photo sessions:

How to Get Your Subject to Feel Comfortable for a Shoot -- Ask SLR Lounge Season 1 Ep 2

To conclude, natural looking poses will give you amazing engagement photos. It would also be helpful to interact more with your subjects/clients to make them feel more comfortable with you, as it can affect the output you can create. You can also check out our topic on the best photo editing software you can use to post-process your pictures.

How to Take Engagement Photos: Infographic Summary

How to Take Engagement Photos (Infographic Summary)

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