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It goes without saying that we live in an increasingly visual world. Statistics support the notion that with each passing day, we become drawn more and more so towards imagery over text.

One source estimates that posts containing images or video receive nearly 650% more engagement from followers. Researchers hypothesize that this is because it takes very little time for our brain to process images. Ipso facto, social media experts agree that one of the most effective ways to engage an audience is to increase one’s output of image-based content.

If you frequent PhotoWorkout, chances are high that you know a thing or two about working with a camera. Unfortunately, even the world’s most talented photographers sometimes need help creating social media ready content.

That’s precisely where DesignWizard comes in. Claiming to be able to “create high-quality images in minutes”, we wanted to test the service out for ourselves. And, to the say the least, the results we found were promising.

About DesignWizard Graphic Designer:

Established in 2015, the Irish-based image editing program has made some enormous strides in the past three years. From its earliest days, DesignWizard’s graphic design software has held tight to the notion that everyone should be able to access the tools and resources necessary to make great-looking content.

Since its launch, DesignWizard has acquired the rights to over 1.2 million images, 15,000 templates, and 120 fonts. New additions are uploaded daily, and all of them are fully licensed for reuse. Aside from photography, the library includes access to vector files, icons, and transparent PNGs for whatever you’re aiming to build.

The professional-grade content is suitable for businesses and personal purposes alike. Templates are made to support everything to websites to greeting cards to posters. Whether you are creating content headed to the printer or ready-made to post on social media, DesignWizard graphics can take on the challenge.

Our DesignWizard Experience:

In print, the driving concepts behind DesignWizard’s graphic design software sounded fantastic. But we were curious to see just how well everything functioned in practice.

When working on a new project, the site begins by guiding new users toward a template that might suit their needs. Firstly, a prompt questions what orientation the final piece will need to be. From there, a search bar fixed above a never-ending list of samples helps narrow down options. Once you’ve chosen a theme and a size, the design is applied to the drawing board, making it open to any and all edits.

However, the personalization options available are precisely what allows DesignWizard to shine amongst competitors.  Of course, we expected certain aspects of DesignWizard’s templates such as text boxes to be editable. However, the program goes above and beyond by allowing just about every aspect of a template to be changed, from element sizing to entirely custom color palettes.

By far, DesignWizard’s greatest asset is its range of personalization. In addition to its massive library of resources, the site allows users to upload their own content. In short, that means that users have the ability to bring in their own personalized graphics, photographs, and fonts.

Free Image Storage

To keep things organized, the site also provides its users with free image storage and the ability to create favorite folders, so that you can hang onto content that you may want to use in the future. For those attempting to build their own brand and seeking something that strays away from run-of-the-mill, this sort of flexibility is hard to pass up.

DesignWizard Graphic Design Sample

DesignWizard also does an excellent job of making their tools accessible to individuals that may not have much of a background in design. Even in the most limited iterations of the software, all of the editing options remain the same and are very intuitive. Artists that have worked with Photoshop are sure to recognize the program’s method of “layering” elements behind or in front of one another.

The software makes inserting everything from simple shapes to full-blown video clips easy to insert without any unnecessary hassle. Once they are in place, a dialogue box featuring a number of editing options will pop up. You can jazz photos up with an attractive filter, or rendered semi-transparent akin to a watermark. Components such as brightness, saturation, and sharpness can be adjusted without breaking a sweat.

DesignWizard photo editor

To top it all off, DesignWizard’s UI is impeccable. Built for visually oriented individuals, making changes is as easy as dragging and dropping content into place. Changes are viewable live as you switch out color swatches or adjust a slider. An undo button makes it easy to rectify mistakes made along the way, further encouraging users to tweak and experiment. And should something not turn out perfectly, it’s possible to start from scratch with any one of thousands of beautifully designed templates.

DesignWizard Payment Options:


Monthly Fee: $0

They say that the best things in life are free, and much of what DesignWizard has to offer comes at no cost at all. Just for creating an account, users are provided with 15MB of space for uploading images and other personal content. Once you’ve signed up, it’s possible to start gaining access to the site’s library. From there, premium images and templates can be purchased for as little $1 each.


Monthly Fee: $9.99

As great as the free version of DesignWizard is, a little bit of cash can take a person a long way. Pro members are provided 500MB of storage space, a massive upgrade compared to the 15MB courtesy with an Apprentice membership. Even more appealing is the Pro Plan’s library access – it allows users access to up $60 worth of images and templates per month before demanding individual a la carte prices. For those anticipating using the site frequently, going Pro is certainly worth it. This option also allows customers to access DesignWizard’s customer support team.


Monthly Fee: $16.95

For those looking to go all out, look no further than DesignWizard’s Expert Plan. Each month, customers receive free reign of up to $150 worth of images and templates. What’s more, they’re provided with an impressive 1 GB of storage space to work with. To top the deal off, Expert members receive priority support as well as a dedicated account manager.

A Tool to Depend On.

Whether you’re a growing business trying to bring in followers or looking to grow your platform for personal reasons, the need for high-quality visual content is rising.

Hiring a designer simply isn’t in everyone’s budget, and frankly, who knows your brand better than yourself? DesignWizard provides its users the ability to create gorgeous, custom-made content of their own that’s sure to make an impression on an audience.

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