Review of Free Online Photography Tutorials

Photography Tutorials

If you have just purchased an SLR camera, it is worth taking the time to do a few photography tutorials so that you know how to use the camera and understand what makes a good picture.

SLR Lounge – Learn the Basics

If you are more used to a non-digital device, you may need some help getting used to all of the new digital features. The Photography School at SLRLoung is a great place to look for help with digital camera features and tips and tricks for the post processing stage. There is a Photography 101 section where you can learn the basics of photography, as well as sections about photography gear and post processing softwares like Lightroom and Photoshop.  The information is easy to understand and provides helpful tips.

Free Video Tutorials

If you learn better from seeing and hearing than you do from reading, then choosing a video tutorial is a great way to get to grips with your camera. Back to Basics by Learning DSLR is a great way to learn how to do things manually on a digital camera. These multi-part video tutorials are a great way to see how and why to use all of the features which are available to you. The photography tutorials include everything from file type to exposure settings.

Free Photography Tutorial
Free Photography Tutorial on Youtube

Free Photography Tutorial for Beginners

If you are completely new to the world of photography, then Bernie’s Better Beginner’s Guide to Photography is a great choice. The tutorial is written from a beginner’s point of view, so you won’t be left wondering what all the complex terminology means.

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The author has included lots of questions and personal experiences that they had when they were first starting out. Most of the examples which are given are illustrated with photos, so that it is possible to see the difference between each setting clearly. As well as teaching you what to do, it helps to highlight what not to do.

Free Photography Tutorials: Focal Length
Bernie’s Better Beginner’s Guide to Photography

Best for those with technical minds

Professor Marc Lewis of Stanford University has posted his Digital Photography class notes online for everyone to use. Some of these notes may seem to be very technical, but they will be a great for help those with technical brains, who want to understand the inner workings of a digital camera in order to understand more about photography.

Although this course is actually aimed at university students, the content is actually very helpful for anyone with an interest in photography. The course contains topics as wide ranging as “Choosing the right camera” to “The History of Photography as Art”, as well as wider tips on photography and the workings of the camera.

There are many different types of online photography tutorials available online, so think about your personal needs before you choose one (e.g. if you are a beginner, check out this DSLR basic tutorial on – it is not free, but this photography tutorial gives you not only the theory, but also shows you many examples!)

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