How to Learn Photography Online: 5 Killer Resources

Learn Photography Online in Record Time

Five Top Resources

Buying your first SLR camera can be an amazing experience, and you can now easily learn photography online. There are many tools and techniques embedded in this camera, but the possibilities are not always obvious to the beginning photographer.

Online courses now offer complete training in photography, composition, post-production, workflow techniques and other related topics.

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These are the top five sites we have checked out for you and where you can learn photography online at your own pace:

1. Online Photography Training

In addition to photography courses, offers a wide range of video courses in other topics.

Members can learn about the fundamentals of photography, for example, or they could learn about the different methods of importing and manipulating photographs in other applications. Cross-platform editing is common, so photographers may also want to gain some insight on how to embed an alpha channel in the export document for use in a video editing program, for example.

There are almost 2,800 video courses available, and this site features an extensive array of organizational tools. Bookmark your favorite videos, and create markers within each video to easily review material.

Premium memberships allow users to download exercise files, so you will be able to follow along while watching the training tutorial. The site promotes top-level instructors, and these professionals are often active in their respective field of work.

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Consumer reviews are generally positive, and users report satisfaction with the ease of use of this platform. User suggestions also reflected the overall positive impression of the site. For example, one consumer reviewer wished that they could receive college credits for completing the courses. does offer completion certificates, but they are not accredited, so students cannot obtain credits or CEUs.

Most reviewers agree that the course material is more cost-effective than many traditional learning institutions.

2. offers a variety of courses related to photography, but they also provide entire courses on other subjects as well.

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Course offerings include landscape photography, wedding photography, commercial photography, fundamentals, iPhone photography, green screen photography and much more.

The prices of each course depends upon the complexity and depth of the particular topic. Some basic courses are free, for example. Prices changes with the various offerings, and most of them fall in the price range of $50 to $399. These courses are available on mobile devices, which can enhance the photography student’s learning experience when traveling. reviewers notice the advantages of paying per individual course. However, a potential downside also exists because there are many different kinds of instructors, and they may not all use a uniform teaching style. If you pay for a course and find out that the instructor’s style is not appropriate for you, it might be necessary to chase down a refund. In addition, some users have had problems with making their payments through the Udemy app. Users should be aware of the terms and conditions before proceeding to authorize a payment. however highly recommends the Beginners Photography Course by Bernie Raffe.

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Among other courses, this site offers video training in photography and digital photography. Courses cover a variety of topics, which include composition techniques, organization, camera features, popular tools and techniques, and other topics. This site also offers a community discussion forum, which is a popular way to connect, interact and share ideas with others who are learning the same material. In addition, lessons are broken down into 10-minute increments, and this facilitates learning.

Premium membership costs are $10 per month, and users have the flexibility to cancel at any time. This unlimited access is an attractive option for learners who need reliable, long-term access to the material. users report being happy with the ability to learn and interact with others from all over the globe. In addition, the project-oriented learning features are designed to enable collaboration, which is difficult to obtain on many other platforms. This interactivity allows students to receive feedback from peers, and users can even build an audience with existing tools. In addition, this site allows advanced users to apply to instruct courses. However, these applications are competitive, so every potential instructor must be prepared to bring something unique to their course.

Positive consumer reviews tend to focus on the flexibility offered by this platform. The contract can be canceled at any time, for example. Users also enjoy the ability to try out courses for free before making a commitment to a Premium membership plan. Business memberships are offered in the form of a team rate, but users must contact the site directly to find out how much these plans cost.

The low monthly price of $10 per month is sure to attract the attention of budget-conscious photographers.


This site was created by an enthusiastic couple. Their philosophy is simple: Everyone who is interested in photography is automatically a photographer. The site is designed to support all levels of activity, and this includes beginning photographers as well as professional training. Beginners can learn photography online and use this site to learn new skills and achieve specific outcomes. Visitors can get free photography resources by simply providing a name and an email address. This site offers a money-back guarantee for 60 days. Every tutorial is designed to remain compatible within both Mac and PC platforms.

The courses are divided into various subjects, but they all concentrate on photography. No other courses are offered, which may attract photographers who are only interested in focusing on one subject. Each course can be purchased individually, and the site accepts credit cards, Amazon payments, and PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, the user will receive a link to the material, which is instantly available via download. The site also offers an affiliate program, and the community commenting board allows people to share information. Platform rules must be observed at all times.

Users express satisfaction concerning the material related to photography, and this includes the site’s focus on SLR camera topics. Reviewers also commented on the importance of courses covering the issue of how to backup files in the case of an emergency. Other reviewer mentioned the friendly layout of the site, and the personalized service seemed to enhance customer satisfaction.

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5. ($20 Off at this link)

Related Post: KelbyOne Membership Review is an attractive resource for photographers who only want to browse through courses related to photography. Although supplemental courses are available for supporting applications, like Adobe’s Premiere Pro, every course is related directly to photography. Users indicate that this improves the browsing experience because unrelated options are simply not visible.

In addition to subscription options, users can learn photography online through other means. Customers have the option to buy a single course right away, and there is also a rental option available for flexibility. This purchasing platform accommodates single-use visitors as well as subscription customers. Kelbyone also offers free course materials where applicable, so students can download files and get to work right away.

In addition to the online training offerings, the gallery of student projects allows members to contribute and learn from each other. There is a free membership option, which covers basic classes. There is a free one-week trial period, so you can see if the courses will help you to learn photography online.

The monthly subscription cost is only $25 per month, and participants have the option to cancel anytime. Two other plans are also available. One is a quarterly plan, and the other is annual.

Consumer reviewers appreciate the resource center as well as the focus on individually paced learning and online support. The site also offers a blog, so users have another way to engage and participate.

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Members also get to enjoy the benefits that come with a subscription to Photoshop magazine, which can be delivered online, or it can be sent via traditional mail.

Selecting the right training course is just a matter of balancing various priorities.

Some photography students want to learn photography online any time of the day or night. Others may just want to focus on one or two topics at a time. Many of these online training sites are similar, but the differences could affect your personal workflow. Always look for the right combination of course offerings, price and support services.

This will help you find the right training program to help you become an advanced SLR camera user and photographic artist.

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