30 Newborn Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Editor’s Key Takeaways: Newborn Photoshoot Ideas: Capture Magic at Home

Baby sleeping with a book photo prop.

Newborn photoshoots can be memorable, especially when done from home. Here are some creative ideas for capturing those precious moments:

  • All the Little Things: Focus on the tiny details like feet and hands with close-up shots.
  • A Beloved Toy: Use the baby’s favorite toy as a prop for meaningful images.
  • Interacting with Toys: Capture playtime from a high vantage for dramatic effects.
  • Matching Outfits: Dress up the family in matching outfits for adorable photos.
  • With Family: Include the newborn surrounded by family members.
  • In Front of a Sunset Window: Utilize natural light for a warm, glowing effect.
  • Hand in Hand: Capture the baby’s tiny hand being held by caregivers.
  • On a Blanket: Lay the baby on a soft blanket for cozy and cute shots.
  • Swaddled on the Bed: Wrap the baby in a swaddle for a serene and snug shot.

These ideas allow you to create lasting memories without needing a professional studio, capturing the essence of this beautiful time in a comfortable, familiar setting.


Bringing home a newborn is an exciting time in any family’s life – and in the whirlwind surrounding this life-changing event, it may not always be possible to run over to a photo studio to capture that newest bundle of joy.

However, all is not lost; here are 30 newborn photoshoot ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home! Note that you can use these ideas as a new parent, though they’re also useful for newborn photographers.

1. All the Little Things

One of the first things we all notice about babies is how little they are! Capture those little feet, little hands, and little everything! They won’t stay small for long. Focus on getting close-up shots of these wonderful details so you can remember them forever.

2. A Beloved Toy

As adults, most of us still remember our favorite childhood toy. You can use the baby’s toy as a great prop. The beloved toy can make for ultra-meaningful images because it’s a best friend that the baby loves and relies on! 

3. Interacting with Toys

Capturing photographs of your little one interacting with toys makes for a great photo session. Focus on photographing them from a high vantage point for an even more dramatic effect. 

4. Matching Outfits

Nothing is cuter than family photos that feature matching outfits! There are so many wonderful (and funny) clothing options on the market, so why not have plenty of fun?

5. With Family

Some of the most important images you can capture during a baby’s welcoming into the family include, well, family! If you have a photographer, this can be achieved pretty easily. If it’s just you and the baby, put your camera on a good tripod and use a self-timer (or a wireless remote).

6. In Front of a Sunset Window

The golden hours are magical for a slew of reasons. They fill the world with a warm, comforting, golden light; they also create very dramatic backdrops. You can take advantage of this beautiful time of day by photographing your newborn near the window. Try taking a silhouette shot of a parent holding the little one! 

7. Hand in Hand

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You can really emphasize the tininess of a newborn’s hand by placing the little hands into a (big) adult hand! Plus, this classic image offers plenty of metaphorical meanings.

8. Nose to Nose 

Give your little one some Eskimo kisses! The nose-to-nose pose can make for an incredibly adorable shot. Warning: Any viewer will automatically say, “Aww!”

9. On a Blanket

If you want to capture monthly growth, try this newborn photoshoot idea: Place your baby on a blanket and photograph from above.

Then take another photo each month on the same blanket from the same vantage point. By the time your little one turns a year old, you’ll have a beautiful 12-image series! 

10. Swaddled on the Bed 

You can document the sweet swaddle right on your bed. This is a common scene parents encounter when they first take the baby home. Make sure it’s permanently recorded with a photograph!

11. In Adorable Jammies

Before your little one knows how to refuse cute clothing, go ahead and dress them up in the cutest pajamas you can find! And if you have multiple pajama pairs, you can turn this into an entire photo session. (Bonus: You’ll get a great image to share at your newborn’s future wedding!)

12. On a Nursing Chair

A mother rocking her baby in a nursing chair or comforting the little one on a comfortable recliner is a powerful image that evokes a lot of strong emotions. This can be even more true for the mother herself – when those sweet moments in the chair are nothing but a memory.

13. Being a Bookworm

It’s good to get kids interested in reading from a young age. So why not use books as a lovely prop? Just use your common sense to make sure that the setup is safe.

14. With a Sibling

If your newborn has an older sibling, capture the two of them getting to know each other. You don’t even have to direct the shot or be heavily involved; just let them interact organically with one another. 

15. Monochromatic Fabrics

Monochromatic images are all the rage. Monochrome is often associated with black and white, but monochrome really just refers to an image with a single color! You can achieve this by wrapping your baby in a specific color and putting them on a similarly colored blanket.

16. Feeding Time

Images that document breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be pretty meaningful. Play around with different angles and perspectives and see what you feel represents the moment the best. 

17. Resting on the Shoulder

A common way to soothe a little one is to rest them on the shoulder. And this pose can also make for a wonderfully composed photograph! Experiment by capturing the pose from different angles. 

18. Hanging Out 

When you have a newborn, a chunk of the day is often spent just hanging out and getting to know them! The time spent bonding between parents and child can make for a wonderful image. 

19. Enjoying the Outdoors

Although you should be careful when taking a child outdoors (protect that little immune system!), photographing in your back or front yard can work great. Aim to shoot when the light is very soft (e.g., close to sunset).

20. Bathtime

Bubbles, duckies, and soap! For newborns, bathtime can become an everyday event, one that’s filled with laughter and fun! So choose a bathtime day, dress up the set with flowers and pretty props, then capture the evening fun.

21. Surprise!

Once the baby is able to really focus on what’s going on, a surprised face tends to prompt some fun facial expressions or smiles. 

22. Get Those Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul; this is especially true for newborns! Once they open those little peepers, go ahead and capture them seeing the world for the first time. 

23. Holding a Finger

I was definitely surprised the first time I met a newborn. Their grip is tight! I think this is something a lot of people notice, so why not get it on camera? 

24. In Laughter

Nothing sounds sweeter than a baby’s laugh! Go ahead and make your little one chuckle. Create a photograph that conveys pure joy!

25. In Tears

Newborns cry all the time (just ask any mom or dad!), so maybe it’s worth documenting that side of things. After all, crying is the only way a baby can communicate before learning to speak words! 

26. Two Sets of Hands

This shot is a bit daring, so be careful. If you don’t have a photographer, set the camera on a self-timer. Both sets of parents can cradle the baby from either side. The resulting photo will look amazing!

27. In a Basket

When your newborn gets “milk drunk” and sleepy, you can lay them down (safely) in a basket. This makes a very cute little set that is easy to do at home. Just be sure to use lots of blankets! 

28. Flying Baby

Babies are easy to hold in a variety of positions, especially for parents with big hands and strong arms! It can be fun to capture the different ways to hold a baby, and the flying shot is a classic!

29. The Triangle 

This isn’t the official name for this particular shot, but I think of it as a triangle shape. Both parents hold the baby in the middle, and they put their foreheads together to make a triangle.

30. Everyday Moments 

While specific ideas for newborn photos can be helpful, it’s also important you think in broader terms, and I recommend focusing on the everyday moments. The newborn stage is fleeting, so capture all those small scenes that you want to remember forever.

Have Fun at Your Newborn Photoshoot!

At-home sessions are comfortable, warm, and yield really memorable results. Many years later, you’ll be able to practically smell and feel everything in the photo. I hope you enjoy these ideas, and that they inspire plenty more!

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