20 Photoshoot Ideas for Men

Do you frequently draw a blank whenever you think of things to do when standing in front of a camera?

Fret no more because you won’t have this problem again after going through this quick guide on 20 photoshoot ideas for men

Men generally find it difficult to pose in front of a camera. They might force out an awkward, fake smile and won’t know what to do with their hands.

Emanate confidence through each picture by following these easy-to-execute ideas. And within no time, you will have pictures worthy of social media that will look both professional and charming.

20 Photoshoot Ideas for Men

1. Leaning

The first idea is to lean against something, especially if you’re feeling a little stiff. This will help you put up a more relaxed look. It’s a simple position and effortless to pull off.

While leaning, take multiple shots of you looking at the camera and away from it. Doing so will give you an idea of what your best profile is for future photos.

Also try putting your hands in your pockets or folding them across your chest if you are not sure what to do with them. These variations will make your photoshoot more dynamic.

2. Crossed Arms

This next photoshoot idea is good for people who are awkward with their arms and tend to keep them dangling in every image. Crossing your arms gives off a more confident look.

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Hold an upright posture and fold your arms across your chest. This will make it seem like you’re controlling the situation. You can also try looking at the camera from different angles or experiment with the camera height to find that sweet spot where you look your absolute best.

A pro tip: if you are wearing a long-sleeve shirt, fold up your sleeves to reveal your forearms. This will add to your confidence and composure.

3. Jacket over the Shoulder

A jacket over the shoulder is a classic, masculine photoshoot pose. Using a jacket adds an exciting element to your pictures and enables you to try out various angles casually.

Try holding your jacket with one hand while resting the other by your side or slipping it inside your pocket. This pose will look more natural and fit the frame better. You can even do a closeup of you looking faraway, with your jacket over your shoulder and a great view beyond.

Don’t like your background? You can use the best apps to blur backgrounds to keep the picture’s focus solely on you. 

And if you are using a denim or leather jacket, let the camera have a clear view of them. These jackets are fashion statements, after all!

4. Hands in Pockets

As mentioned earlier, when shooting solo pictures or portraits, you can put your hands in your pockets if you are unsure about what to do with them.

Once your hands are in, relax your shoulders, smile, and look straight into the camera. You can look confident, professional, yet casual all at once. It’s a simple pose with gratifying results!

5. The Thinker

Want to try an out-of-the-box photoshoot idea for men? The Thinker is a great option.

Start by standing a little close to the camera. Then, place your chin on your hand and act like you’re thinking about something. You can try other variations of this pose by changing your hand position.

If you want to give off an intellectual vibe through your pictures, this photoshoot idea is a must-try! It will give off the impression that you’re deeply engrossed in intellectual thought.

6. Crossed Legs

Another way to make your pictures look interesting is by crossing your legs. This method can be executed in two ways:
putting one leg in front of the other while standing up, or
crossing your legs while seated.

Either way, it will make your front profile look outstanding.

This position will also make you look like you control the room. So try it out, experiment with different angles, and find your go-to position.

7. Backward Chair

The backward chair pose is another classic photoshoot idea for men. This pose has been used by many Hollywood celebrities and models to give a unique touch to their photos.

All you’ll need is a good chair to sit on. Turn it around and sit in the backward position while facing the camera. Then, rest your arms on the chair in a composed manner while you look head on towards the camera. You can also choose to rest your head on both arms, or just one arm. Or run your hand through your hair!

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This unorthodox posing idea allows you to cover more of the frame. Employ different lighting patterns to get brilliant pictures with this pose. 

8. Stairs

If you want to play around with the field of view of your photos, you can try conducting your photoshoots on stairs. There are various poses you can try out here.

You can take a shot of you sitting or standing on the stairs. Then apply one or two of the other ideas on this list, like leaning against the wall or putting your hands in your pockets to radiate a strong vibe.

The narrowed field of vision increases the focus on you in every image, and the setting gives plenty of opportunity to try out different camera angles.

9. One Leg against the Wall

Like hands, legs can also look awkward in pictures if you don’t know what to do with them. For our next photoshoot idea for men, stand in front of a wall and try putting one leg up against it. Then, lean back and shoot!

You can cross your arms, put your hands in your pockets, sling a jacket over your shoulder, look at the camera or far away. This pose provides so many possibilities, and you can experiment with the effects of hard and soft lighting on your pictures as well. 

Doors are another good background to do this pose with, as they add a natural frame to your pictures while providing a nice depth of field.

Try out these tips for indoor photography if you intend to do this pose indoors. But if you find a nice wall outside, then these outdoor portrait photography tips or outdoor photoshoot ideas can help.

10. Candid Poses

Another way to make your images look more natural is by making them look candid. A candid photo is one where the subject isn’t actively posing for the camera. 

To incorporate this photoshoot idea, you’ll have to act naturally, as though you’re unaware of the camera taking your picture. For this reason, this photoshoot idea is great for people who are camera shy.

To make candid shots seem as realistic as possible, you can do natural movements. Point at something far away, stir your coffee, laugh at a friend’s joke, switch TV channels, tie your shoelaces. Any simple action can be made great with the right settings for stunning portrait photos.

11. A Hair Swipe

Here’s one for all of you blessed with a great head of hair!

The “hair swipe” is an evergreen pose that makes every male look cool in pictures.

Start by posing at your favorite angle, and then simply run your fingers through your hair. You can direct your gaze wherever you want and still look effortlessly great.

12. Hands on the Chest

Next up is a sweet photoshoot idea for men. Putting your hands on your chest implies a sweet and caring personality. As a result, you will be able to radiate a charming vibe through your photos.

With your hand across your chest, lean to one side of the frame and act like you’re having a great laugh. This pose will surely make you appear more attractive.

13. Hands on the Hips

Want your pictures to scream “confidence”? Try out the hands on hips idea.

Start by having your chest out to fix your posture. Then place your hands on your hips and tilt your head up a bit. Afterward, pose for the camera from an elevated angle.

This photoshoot idea is a great option for solo or portrait photos. You could also try it out in different lighting conditions to see what suits you best.

14. Gesture Using Your Hands

Another way to prepare yourself for an exceptional photoshoot is to try out different gestures using your hands. Hand gestures can make your pictures look more dynamic. They also give you more posing options to experiment with.

You can point to the camera, or turn your body slightly away and do a rubbing gesture with your hands.

Capture your photos with various lighting patterns to see which one fits best for the message you’re trying to deliver.

15. Walking

Walking can be a great natural pose for pictures, especially in outdoor settings. Try walking up a road and use the bokeh effect to make yourself stand out.

If you are walking, turn on the autofocus mode on your camera so that your profile looks crisp. Or, you could place one foot in front of the other in a walking stance for still shots.

16. Looking Backward

Another must-try photoshoot idea is looking backward at the camera. This is a great pose for Instagram posts.

A good location for these pictures is outdoors with natural backgrounds, where you can experiment with these natural light photography tips.

To take it up a notch, you can add camera filters. This will make your images ready for social media.

17. Adjusting an Outfit

Next up, you can pretend to adjust your outfit while posing for the camera to get professional looking photos.

This is best for professionals in formal clothing, as there are plenty of ways you can pose. You can adjust your shirt cuffs or watch for some candid looking pictures. You can also fix your tie or button up your suit. 

This idea is good for both solo and group photoshoots for men. 

18. Posing with a Prop

Thinking about adding extra elements to your photos? Try posing with a prop. You can tell stories with them, like what you do for a living or what your hobbies are.

For this photoshoot idea, stand a little close to the camera so that the prop is visible. You can experiment with different types of backgrounds to check which one complements your prop the best.

19. Making the Jawline Stand Out

Everyone wants to look as crisp as possible in pictures. To make your features look more defined, you could make your jawline stand out.

By slightly flexing your jawline, you will be able to portray a strong vibe in your pictures.

Jawlines look the best when you take pictures from the side. And if you want to make it look more chiseled, stick your tongue to the top of your mouth and tilt your head slightly upwards.

20. Leaning on an Arm Rest

One of the best photoshoot ideas that will help you bring out the inner Instagram model in you is leaning on an armrest. It’s a simple and classic pose that makes you look comfortable and relaxed.

You could rest your elbow on an armrest and put your fingers to your temple to look more focused. This will enable you to look in control and casual at the same time. Wear a watch or other accessories to further elevate your style in these photoshoots.

Use These Ideas in Your Next Photoshoot!

It is normal to get overwhelmed while taking pictures. But like every other task, this feeling will go away with enough practice. You could start with these 20 simple photoshoot ideas for men to help you get started on capturing some stunning pictures. And after you post them on social media, get ready to rack in the reactions and comments.

Make the most out of all these poses and experiment to find what makes you look the best. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to look good in pictures?

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