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ON1 Resize Review: An Incredible Tool for Enlarging Photos (and More!)

Do you want to resize and enlarge photos quickly and efficiently?

If so, ON1 Resize may be the program for you.

In this ON1 Resize review, we’ll cover all aspects of ON1 Resize. You’ll discover the excellent benefits the program offers.

And ultimately, you’ll find out if ON1 Resize is right for your needs.


Let’s dive right in!

ON1 Resize: Overview

ON1 Resize Review
  • Layout and usability
  • Tools
  • Presets
  • Quality
  • Performance


ON1 Size 2020 is a great program. It has a user-friendly layout that is easy to navigate. In addition to this, it has a set of basic tools that you can use to move and crop your photos. If you regularly use third-party websites or print digital media, you can make use of the excellent manufacturer presets. Finally, the quality of photos and the performance of the program is more than acceptable.

ON1 Resize is a fantastic program–one that’s specifically designed for resizing (and especially enlarging) photos.

Having a dedicated resizing program can be hugely beneficial. For instance, if you have a batch of images that need to be blown up for a print or for canvases, a resize program can help you do this in an efficient manner.

ON1 Resize for enlarging photos
ON1 Photo Resize is perfect for resizing photos

A program like Photoshop or Lightroom does offer resizing options. But the algorithms aren’t optimized for enlarging.

Enter ON1 Resize 2020–where you can easily increase the resolution of the image to use for display (without causing significant quality issues).

ON1 Resize Review: System Requirements, Compatibility, and Availability

In this review, we look at the ON1 Resize system requirements. You’ll find out exactly what you need to run the program smoothly. Then we discuss ON1 Resize availability and price.

Minimum System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements to run ON1 Resize:

  • Operating System: Minimum of macOS 10.11 or Windows 7
  • Processor: Minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo or Xeon
  • RAM: Minimum of 4GB
  • HDD: 1.5GB storage space for installation
  • Display: 256MB RAM / Open GL 3.3 or later

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ON1 also give recommended requirements for running the program smoothly:

  • Operating System: Minimum of macOS 10.12 or Windows 10
  • Processor: Minimum of Intel Core i5
  • RAM: Minimum of 16GB
  • HDD: 1.5GB storage space for installation / SSD HDD
  • Display: 1GB RAM / Open GL 4.2 or later

When using ON1 Resize 2020, we suggest you use the recommended requirements (the resizing and loading of thumbnails, etc. will work quicker).

ON1 Resize browse file management
Make sure you use the suggested system requirements


ON1 Resize 2020 can be used as a standalone product. But it is also available as a plugin with other well-known photo editing products. The following are current programs that ON1 Resize can be used with:

  • Photoshop CS6 and later versions
  • Photoshop Elements 14 and later versions
  • Lightroom Classic 6 and later versions
  • Apple Photos

The plugin is easy to use and works well with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Apple Photos.

ON1 Resize 2020 can be purchased as a standalone product/plugin (though it also comes as a module in ON1 Photo RAW).

  • Standard Cost: $79.99
  • Current Cost: $59.99
  • To upgrade from ON1 Resize 2017: $49.99

Additionally, look at the ON1 store for various bundles available with ON1 products, including ON1 Resize 2020.

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ON1 Resize 2020 Review: Resizing Tools and Capabilities

First, we review the general layout and settings of ON1 Resize 2020.

Then we look at the tools and different resizing presets, focusing on the usefulness of the program.

Finally, we consider the quality of resized photos that ON1 Resize produces.

General Layout

ON1 Resize 2020 has a simple layout–one that’s very easy to use.

It’s easy to locate the different tools and settings. On the left-hand side, there are basic tools such as Crop and View. Next, to this, we have different presets available.

In the center, there is the main viewing and editing pane.

Finally, the right-hand panel contains all the settings and parameters.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review General Layout
The ON1 Resize 2020 program has a general layout that is easy to use


As stated above, the right-hand section contains all the settings and parameters. This is where you will do most of the editing to your photos. The settings are broken down into 6 different categories:

  • Pixel Dimensions
  • Document Size
  • Sharpening
  • Film Grain
  • Tiling
  • Gallery Wrap

Pixel Dimensions and Document Size are the most important settings–this is where you change the physical size of your image. You can use different units of measurement, including pixels, inches, and percentage (which can be useful if you need to alter images to fit a certain ratio or size).

The other settings such as Sharpening, Film Grain, and tiling are useful if you want to improve the quality of your photos. You can, for example, add artificial film grain or create a tiling effect to suit different print mediums.

We found all settings easy to work with–you can use sliders to alter the parameters, and there are plenty of options.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Settings
ON1 offers easy-to-use settings


Aside from its settings, ON1 Resize 2020 also has a set of basic tools. These are the simple tools you will use to move, edit, and crop your photos. The tools are listed below:

  • Crop
  • Pan
  • View

We really like the Crop tool. It’s not just a basic cropper–it has advanced functionality and control. For example, you can choose from a list of preset ratios such as 16×9 and 4×3. Furthermore, you can rotate the image and specify specific crop parameters by size.

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The Pan and View tools are also easy to work with. These are used to view your image, zoom in on different areas, and work within the viewing pane.

Overall, ON1 Resize offers a strong set of tools that make photo resizing very easy.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Crop Tool
ON1 Resize offers an impressive cropping tool


Here’s one aspect of ON1 Resize 2020 that excels beyond all others: the presets.

ON1 Resize presets allow you to convert images to the right sizes for different print media. You can look through the various presets and easily choose one that fits your printing needs.

Basically, ON1 Resize 2020 has a myriad of presets from well-known printer manufacturers, including Epson and Canon. The following is a list of the categories of presets available:

  • Canon Canvas
  • Canon Matte
  • Canon Resin Coated
  • Epson Canvas
  • Epson Matte
  • Epson Resin Coated
  • HP Canvas
  • HP Matte
  • HP Resin Coated
  • Photo Lab
  • Video
  • Web & Email

Within each of these categories, you can find many different print sizes.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Preset list
List of different print sizes

You can also create custom presets. And you can enter information such as the creator and description of the preset. This can greatly speed up your workflow if you have a large number of photos to deal with.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Custom presets
Custom presets are very useful for printing


Now that we’ve looked at the features of ON1 Resize, it’s time to ask: What’s the actual quality of the end product like? This is an important factor.

(Obviously, there is little point enlarging an image if the resulting photo looks terrible!)

Fortunately, our tests indicate that ON1 Resize 2020 does a fine job of enlarging images–while retaining the quality of the original.

Now, the quality of the resize relies heavily on the quality of the original photo. If you enlarge a poor quality image, the quality will remain poor. This is not something ON1 Resize can change (nor can any image editing tool, for that matter).

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Exporting
The quality of the program’s resizing is excellent!

But we found the program to be excellent. It allows you to work in an efficient and simple manner to enlarge your photos.

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File Management System

As part of the ON1 Resize 2020 program, you also gain access to the “Browse” file management system.

This allows you to easily organize and catalog your work. It has a series of advanced features that make photo management a breeze.

For instance, it allows you to easily manage your photo folders and move your photos around. It is possible to create new folders, rename them, and move their location.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Basic Browser layout
Browse file management layout

Plus, a rating system allows you to manage your photos and make it easier to find and catalog images for editing. It’s possible to assign the following ratings to your photos:

  • Star rating (values of 1 to 5)
  • Color assignment (primary colors, plus a few others)

We found this rating system really useful. If you have large volumes of photos to evaluate, utilizing colors and ratings can really speed up your work.

ON1 Resize 2018 Review - Rating system
The file management system comes with useful rating features

Finally, the file management system also allows you to input keywords and search for your photos using different parameters. Furthermore, you can add metadata such as author and description.

To find photos easier, you can then search for them using keywords. You can also filter your photos by the color and star rating system. We found this extremely useful for quickly finding photos that you need to work on.

Overall, the file management system is a fantastic addition to the ON1 Resize program.

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On1 Resize Review: Verdict

The ON1 Resize is a fantastic program.

It allows you to resize photos quickly and efficiently–while maintaining the original quality of the photos. It also offers a wonderful file management system for organizing your photos.

If you regularly resize your images for different print media, ON1 Resize is a great choice.

Try ON1 Resize for Free (30 days)

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  1. This software does not work with Mac Catalina 10.15.7 with the new Mac Pro. It crashes and when and if you do get a file is is the wrong size.
    Contacted support and they expect the customer to fix the bug in the software. I been using previous versions for over 10 years and the new version is a step backwards!

  2. What I and I imagine every other image editor wants to know is, is it worth my while moving my image from Photoshop or other to ON1 resize for the image quality. I bought a package of 4 programmes for 50 Euro, I really only need 2 and believe just the Effects was worth the money.

  3. I have found ON1 Resize 2021 to be very buggy, to the point of being unusable. Before using it, be sure to save everything, because you may get the black screen of death, and have to restart you computer. I installed this yesterday on my Dell XPS with 16GB memory, WIN 10 Pro, I7-6700 CPU, and have successfully resized 3 images in as many hours. It continually shuts down and has to be restarted. When it works, it is okay, but it is not worth the frustrations of numerous error messages, randomly closing, and locking up my computer.

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