3 Tips for Free Online Photography Courses

Best Free Online Photography Courses

The power of images can be immense and the power of using images to connect with people is indisputable.

It has been said that a picture is worth one thousand words, but where does this leave people who think they have no talent when it comes to photography?

Given time and the right equipment, everyone is able to learn how to take great shots!

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3 Free online Photography Courses

1. Lift.to

Become a better Photographer in one week! It’s all about developing the right habits when you want to learn something new. Go and check out this free 7-steps-a-day online photography course (it works with iPhone, Android, and the Web).

Free Online Photography Course
Free Online Photography Course

Visit Lift’s easy and free online photography course to find out more.

2. Photoflex Lighting School

The team at the Photoflex Lighting School have put together a free online photography course for new photographers. These courses include videos and written reflections to help learners to get the most out of the lessons which are online.

Free Online Photography Course
Free Photoflex Lighting School

The course is a quite wide-ranging online course and there are lessons from basic lighting (indoors and outdoors) to snapping perfect still life shots. Lessons are actually created by photographers from all over the world, so the content is very varied and showcases a lot of different styles. Click here to go to the free online photography course of Photoflex.

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3. PhotographyCourse.net

PhotographyCourse.net has put together a really wide range of free online photography courses. The website includes a whole range of different courses, aimed at people who have different levels of photography skill.

There are beginner’s courses, intermediate courses, and advanced courses. Each course is divided into a number of easily understandable lessons which are then broken into sub-topics so that the learner can break down their learning into manageable chunks.

The way the course is set out will allow the learner to continue learning at their own pace. Once one level has been completed the learner is given the option to continue on to the next level of the course. Take this free online photography course at PhotographyCourse.net.

Payed Online Photography Courses

Do you know of any great free online photography course? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

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